Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This Potaytoe-Head Must Fall

Remember Dan Quayle?
It doesn't exactly have the same ring as Remember the Alamo but it is just as important for America.
Because that former Vice Presidential mistake has a child, and that child is attempting to get elected in Arizona.
His platform is to call President Obama bad.
But not just bad, the worst President ever!
The child's name is Ben and he is already famous for his "Family Values" ad showing him with somebody else's kids.  You see thankfully the child does not yet have any of his own so it is still possible the Quayle line ends with him.
Remarkable how daddy Dan was VP under daddy Bush whose idiot son was promoted to the White House by a series of events suspect to this day.  It is this type of inbreeding that makes the Republican Party of No so appealing to comedians and so dangerous to humans.
Let's hope this particular potaytoe head gets fried on the streets of Arizona!

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