Friday, August 20, 2010

Ignore This Tweety Bird

Help! I'm choking on my words!
According to a tweet from flip-flopping Senator John McCain, and I quote, "Last American combat troops leave Iraq. I think George W Bush deserves some credit for the victory."
Excuse me????
Well for one thing if the war-mongering moron and his trusty side-kick Darth Cheney hadn't started the illegal immoral war in the first place there wouldn't have been combat troops to bring home so I guess he is right in that respect.
But he loses all respect upon further examination.  (Whatever respect he had left that is.)
If we use the deranged thinking of the man who gave you Sarah Palin then Adam and Eve should be commended for the Apollo mission to the moon!
Clearly cause and effect must have some limitation.  And just as surely as we cannot hold the good Senator from Arizona responsible for the emergence of the Wasilla nit-wit nut job we should also not give anyone credit for righting the Iraqi wrong.
President Obama did what was necessary as he promised to do during his campaign days.  For that he deserves our thanks, not "W."
How we move forward from this point is what counts and switching horses in midstream is a dangerous move even if your horse is not the swiftest in the fleet.  If your mount is trustworthy and you know its heart is in the right place you must stay on for the duration.
I would offer that one Obama in the hand is worth any two Bush’s in the White House.
And this is proven true by reading tweets from people who should know better!

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