Wednesday, May 27, 2009

True Hero

This is Navy Petty Officer Mike Monsoor.
He was an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician, or EOD for short.

He was recently awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously for unbelievable conduct above and beyond the call of duty, at least to most. But luckily for the men whose lives were saved by Officer Monsoor he considered his conduct spot on!

While he was not a Navy Seal he did in fact give his life saving Navy Seals and for that The seals came out in full force to honor him at his funeral.

The funeral took place in San Diego and as his coffin was moving from the hearse to the grave site at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery the Seals lined up on both sides of the pallbearers' route - two deep. As Mike's coffin passed each and every Seal removed the Gold Trident from their uniform and slapped it down on the passing hero's wooden resting place, thus embedding them as a token of honor and thanks.

The slaps were heard from all parts of the cemetery and by the time the coffin reached the grave site it looked as though it had a gold inlay. In fact it did! It was decorated in Gold Trident remembrances.

Thus was a hero buried but while the sounds of the Tridents being impaled upon his grave were heard throughout the cemetery the story behind it was not because our media does not find this news-worthy. Luckily there are people out there who have morals and refuse to allow good men like Officer Mike Monsoor to pass unnoticed.

May you Rest In Peace sir!

Proposition Hate

When it comes time for people of faith as they like to be called to meet their maker I truly hope he or she smacks them upside their faces for their continued disregard of the, "Do unto others" line.

From that wonderful State that brought you such campaign slogans as, "Vote Yes on Proposition No" comes the latest setback to peace and harmony in the home and slap in the face of so many of their own law-abiding citizens. In typical California fashion California's Supreme bunch of wussies voted to uphold a ban on same sex marriage earlier this week. It appears that the bunch of sun-tanned twinkies still have a way to go before they reach the intelligence, morality, decency and compassion of those wonderful people in Iowa. (There are 8 or 9 more states entering the modern world at this time.)

Perhaps it is time to simplify the issue so that even the brain-dead can understand it - I know that was a low blow but it was not only aimed at you, Miss California. Let's do away with marriage by definition as far as the government is concerned and go to a more logical "Civil Union" plan. Leave marriages to the churches and temples and farms and cruise ships and start recognizing the Civil Union as the key to benefits for couples in America.

Church and State were supposed to be separated a long time ago but one side cannot seem to get the meaning of the term into it's head and continues to stick it's Holy nose into places it belongeth not! (Keep doing it and you should lose your tax exempt status! That will stop you hypocrites faster than the Walls of Jericho.)

The Gay and Lesbian Communities are gearing up for a fight and in true California terms have VOWED as one saying, "I'll Be Back."

But why should the joy and absolute Hell of marriage (by any name) be the sole privilege of the hetero community? Just as misery loves company I believe it is time for America to allow Civil Unions between any two loving individuals who can sign a consent form and are deemed intelligent enough to do so. Frankly if they are gluttons enough to want what the rest of us have then I say go for it! They'll learn that the grass is not always greener...

And speaking of grass - Did you know that that's legal in California? Go figure!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Couldn't Get It Up?

Actually make that couldn't keep it up! I am referring to the story appearing 2 posts down about China's "Love Land."

China is just slightly more repressed than many parts of America and just days after finishing the country's first ever sexually energized theme park they shut it down. Or to be more exact tore it down! They demolished the place lest there be any misinterpretation of their intent.

Pubic outrage, make that public outrage was just too much for Chinese officials to handle. In a country where the population numbers are astounding I guess they feel it is best to keep things like where babies come from a state secret. So for now teens will have to get their sex education as before by visiting on-line porn sites many of which originate in, you got it, CHINA!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In Their Own Words

I am typing with a couple of fingers of my left hand since my right arm is in a cast. That is not important to this post except to say that the subject was so important that I had to get this down even though it is hard to do so.

I would like to start an occasional column entitled, "In Their Own Words" because many times you read stuff about people and you say, "Whoa, that can't be true! There's no way they said or did that!"

Here is the first edition of the column. This one honors one of the 'Fox' celebrities. He is an absolute mean moron who is listened to and watched by people who don't realize what he really is. While this could describe almost every Fox commentator today's winner is Glenn Beck.

Get ready to cringe, send Whoopie Goldberg a thank you note and click below for an excerpt from "The View."

Ladies and gentlemen, in his own words I give you Glenn Beck.

Monday, May 18, 2009

With Sex You Get Egg Roll

Now that I have your attention is anyone up for a trip to the far east?

With the economy in the dumps and businesses trying anything to jump start their bank accounts new ideas crop up everywhere. Today's new entrepreneurial spirit comes not from the United States, although we certainly have our share of radical ideas but rather from China.

The Dragon of the east has announced their Newest Theme Park and this one is guaranteed to turn some heads, or give some, uh well you'll see. It is called "Love Land" and as the name suggests it is a suggestive place. I am not sure if they named any of the rides yet but I have a suggestion - Beulah.

The entrance to the park is entrancing but visitors are reminded to also look down as they pass beneath the ladies open legs lest they step in anything unpleasant.

This educational theme park will also attempt to send visitors on the right path when it comes to safe sex and while it is getting a bad rap in the neighborhood I am willing to bet that a local store selling wigs and other disguises will be doing a good business this season.

I wonder if Wal*Mart will offer a discount.

For those of you in the States who are on a budget you might want to start a bit smaller and visit the Museum of Sex located just off Fifth Avenue on 27th Street in Manhattan. And from there you can take in great Chinese food at many local restaurants (let me know - I have some favs.)

So when the 'Time is Right' just say 'Viva Via' China and head on over to Love Land.

All in all it is nice to see business, among other things pointing up in Asia.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Majority Rule?

According to all statistics women outnumber men in the world. So how come it's a man's world?

Admittedly in countries that are considered democratically run there is a majority rule mentality so why aren't those countries being run by women? For one reason those in power are loathe to relinquish it and for so many years the glass ceiling has been in place.

Our own history shows that minority groups were held out of power by false impressions being quietly propagated by innuendo and derisive jokes aimed at keeping those groups down. That worked for so many years that even after the Civil War it took almost 2 decades for the 15th amendment to the Constitution to be ratified and for Black Americans to get the right to vote! Unfortunately even with the law in place there are some communities run by small minded leaders who attempt to block the black vote.

Women had no such obvious war to help them become first class citizens and had to wait until the 19th amendment in 1920 to receive the same right as Black Americans. The phrase, "Behind every great man is a great woman" has been around for ages. Abigail Adams famously told her husband, I think his name was John, that he should not forget the women that helped this country become independent from Great Britain. She said that if women were not represented by the laws then they would not follow them and could even foment rebellion. (sic)

We have always been afraid of that which we don't understand. Anything alien is by definition unknown to us and therefore to be feared. But there are different levels of fear. There is the fear that totally stops rational thought and tends to leave us as deer in the headlights but there is also the fear that makes us want to understand.

It is this rational thought process that brings about understanding and moves us ahead as a species. The longer we fear the unknown without actively seeking to make it known the longer we will remain a small minded planet. The current juxtaposition between our astronauts fixing the Hubble telescope while 'space walking' and terrorists hiding in the caves of Pakistan and Afghanistan shows a remarkably wide range of intelligence vs. stupidity in this world.

The other side of the coin is that those we fear due to a lack of understanding become more and more frustrated by their exclusion and turn to violence as an outlet. Right now in Afghanistan, naturally not the best example of a well run modern nation, there are vicious attacks on women who have the nerve to desire an education. These attacks on so-called girl schools are being perpetrated by cowardly militants who must fear that women with an education will see them for what they really are, useless; worthless; scared morons. They are using poison gas to scare away students and so far are responsible for physically sickening almost 100 females.

It is never easy for a minority to move forward but when a majority is held back it's news. Apartheid was overturned in South Africa and the few no longer rule the many.

When will the women of the world start working together and demand an end to this irrational discrimination that keeps them from fully realizing their potential? And when will men stop fearing that eventuality?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Star is Born?

Today I had the pleasure of meeting some people at Newsday's Melville offices. Unfortunately it was not for a job interview but rather a discussion about the Summer of '69 .

While it was no Summer of 42 the interviewer was also no Jennifer O'Neill and I am certainly not Hermie. I better not get started - I loved that movie. I also know some things about the lovely star, Ms. O'Neill but I refuse to tarnish her reputation here on the web so you'll have to ask me in person or confidence if interested.

Anyway I was at Newsday today for a short but enjoyable talk about my experiences for that summer and in particular how they related to the Mets. The interview lasted a whopping 15 minutes at most and was done with three video cameras running. Afterward they took a series of still photos. I wish I had put on more make-up but...

The written article about that summer will be in Newsday some time late June I believe and the videos, there were many others scheduled, will be available on the web around the same time or aired on News 12.

I don't expect too much of my stuff to appear on either place so I will have my own piece ready for prime time and post it then.

Next stop Hollywood, or with my luck Bollywood.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Memories - Good & Not So Much

With a little extra time on my hands and about to lose the ability to use one of them for a while I have been clearing and cleaning the attic of old unnecessary papers. I have a feeling Uncle Sam will not be auditing my 1982 tax return anymore. My shredder is finally getting some heavy duty use.

But not everything up there is destined for the garbage. In fact
there are quite a few memories to be relived.

For example I found, naturally many items from my kids' early days. I will not embarrass them by listing these here but you know what they are. We all have or had them.

I also found several magazines and newspapers from historic times both good and bad carefully stored and sealed in plastic bags. If plastic really does have the life expectancy the environmentalists tell us then those papers are here for the l
ong haul.

Also hiding in a box in a corner was a plastic bag of sports memorabilia. Along with many old Mets ticket stubs I found one for the third and clinching game against the Atlanta Braves on October 6th 1969. The win sent them into the World Series and baseball history.

But that was not the most interesting piece of paper or cardb
oard that emerged into daylight from the musty surroundings of my attic.

on my arms and perhaps a few thoughts about E-Bay or dare I say Sotheby's came to mind as I pulled from the plastic bag the 50 page; 50 cent "Official Program" from game 5 of the 1956 World Series between Dem Bums from Brooklyn, the Dodgers and the hated Bombers of the Bronx, the Yankees complete with the 'penciled in' score card and the ticket stub.

In case you are not a baseball fan or a historian the filled in scorecard for the Dodger side of the game shows twenty seven men coming to bat and twenty seven
men being retired in order by pitcher Don Larsen. The last man to come to the plate was outfielder Dale Mitchell pinch hitting (that's a joke) for pitcher Sal Maglie. This feat is known as a perfect game and to date it is the only one ever pitched in a World Series.

(If you would like a better view of any of these photos click on them and enjoy.)

As I said earlier some memories are not that great. You see I was a Dodger fan but luckily I decided not to burn the items and spread
their ashes over the Bronx. I believe these things could someday be worth more than my kids' art work! We'll see.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rules of Brittania

It is safe to say that there are many laws on our books that are strange. Most of them are old and our lawmakers just never got around to changing them or even just taking them off the books.

Many other laws are just so ridiculous and hard to enforce that no one really worries about breaking them. For example it is against the law to feed the pigeons in NYC presumably unless you are feeding them to someone.

And how many of you jay walk? No names please because it is illegal. I know I grew up with some dumb phrase about crossing at the green...

Through the years many strange laws and customs find themselves onto the internet and unless they are from our culture we find them hard to believe. This is not to bring up that kind of law but rather the fun ones.

So in that spirit click the following link and read a short list of some of
England's most nonsensical.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love May Be Hazardous

The first celebrity to succumb to the Swine flu has been reported.

It is believed that this beloved individual was infected during a liaison with his some-time mixed species lover.

Officials fear that his death will be used by certain uncaring groups to promote same species marriage and further deteriorate relations between loving and caring individuals in non-traditional relationships around the world.

Here is the first exclusive photo of the unfortunate victim.

While funeral services will be private you may show your respect and love for this fallen celebrity by hopping over to your loved one and snuggling.

There will now be one less song about rainbows.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Time to Sell your Suffolk Cell?

Suffolk County announced that they are addressing their $151 million sales tax revenue short fall by proposing a 30¢ monthly surcharge on cell phone usage.

Let us examine the logic behind this latest strategy by our elected officials who produce no product and are paid for their services out of the taxes that they levy upon the rest of us.

The voting citizens of the county, many of whom have lost their jobs or at least a good portion of their income are spending less money in order to cope with the economic downturn. This decrease in spending causes less sales tax to be collected by the retailers and therefore less tax money flowing into the county's coffers. Obviously the retailers are also hurting and in order to stay in business they lower prices hoping to generate more business.

The consumer may see these lower prices and come back to the stores thus helping the businesses and jump-starting the economy.

However the Suffolk County legislature cannot wait for the normal turn of capitalism and rather than lower their needs they must raise taxes somewhere. But no matter where they raise the taxes the money they will be taking will be coming from the same consumers who were just about to start spending again.

The unemployment in America is close to 9% now and people are hurting in every sector we examine except for two glaring exceptions. One exception is the group of CEOs at the top of businesses many of whom caused this economic disaster in the first place. We are looking to these recipients of our Billions in bailout funds to guide us back to prosperity.

The other exception is our lawmakers who are set for life and need no disposable income since everything they want is theirs for the appropriation. They have generally taken no cut in pay and in many cases have voted themselves raises. As I said earlier they produce no product. They are elected to make our lives better and in return they are afforded the luxury of freedom from want. Their healthcare and the healthcare of their families is taken care of by our taxes. Their pensions are set for life and their futures are as secure as can possibly be in this world.

In return for all this is it too much to ask that for just one year they stop the bullshit?
Is it too much to ask that for just one year they take a cut in pay equal to the average salary lost by the American worker?
Is it too much to ask that they be held accountable for the horrendous economy that has cost so many of us our retirement funds and futures?
When these pillars of the political scene point to their predecessors and place the blame there we must see through the lies.

If bailouts for the banks and certain large corporations are necessary then sobeit. But along with the bailouts must come reponsibility, clarity, and accountability.

You cannot fix the economy that is killing the lower and middle classes by bleeding the lower and middle classes out of whatever little money they have left! If this large group of voting Americans is not spending it is because they cannot afford to let one more dollar slip out of their pocket. This is not the time to take 30¢ a month to fill yours!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dick Head

Well maybe I should have entitled this, "Head shot of Dick!" (Hey, that sounds like a good idea, a head shot! Just like he took of his so-called friend during his infamous hunting expedition.)
Somehow it doesn't matter because no matter how you say it this guy is reprehensible.

But I feel Webster's should consider using his image over the phrase, "Dick Head."

Who better to be the poster child for the phrase than our own former VP and hate mongering piece of turd than DC's own and G W Bush's Dick - Dick Cheney? (Do not confuse him with Karl Rove merely because I used the word, "Turd." Bush's nickname for that S.O.B. was "Turd Blossom.")

I wonder what secrets this person has in that thing he calls a mind? Perhaps a few hours of water-boarding would loosen his lips. After all, it's not really torture, right Dick?

Crazy like a FOX?

We have a wonderful freedom written into our Constitution and it is known as the Freedom of Speech. Of course as with any freedom there comes an incumbent responsibility and a small caveat. In this case we do not allow radical speech aimed at starting riots or what is commonly known as "Hate Speak."

Unfortunately there is a blight on that part of the law and it is the pervasive television and cable channel known as Fox. Fox news has been spewing its brand of hate for years but around 100 days ago they went into an all out war against truth justice and the American way when they decided to attack President Obama on everything from his name to his hopes for the future.

There are no words that I can use to tell the story of their stupidity and frankly un-American behavior better than to merely let you listen to the hate mongers themselves and in their own words. Click on the 'FOX HATE' link below to watch and listen in awe as the puppets of Fox's Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch try to turn everyone against the President from day one!

The Republican party of NO has no other ideas to help us out of our trouble so they spend their time trying to blame anyone and everyone else.

It is a fascinating video and it will take only 5 and a half minutes of your life.