Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Anything I can do I can blame you for.
I can blame you for the shit that I do!

No U can't.
Yes I can.
No U can't.
Yes I can.
No U can't, No U can't, No U can't! 

Look at the polls and you'll see our base loves us.
All of those jerks love us no matter what!

No they don't.
Yeah they do.
They should not.
But they do.
No they don’t. No they don’t. No they don’t.

All you do is pander
And you gerrymander

But we say with candor
At White House take a gander
You will see that our guy’s there

With that orange hair?
You sure make a pair!

Any bills you guys passed we can now undo
We can undo all the good that you did 

No U can't.
Yes we can.
No U can't.
Yet we do.
No U can't, No U can't, No U can't! 

If we find we must sir
We’ll simply filibuster 

Our side you can’t fluster
You’re just like General Custer

This will be your final stand 
Is that what you’ve planned?
Yup, down to a man
No girls? You creep!

Why do you hate Middle Class and the poor folk?
Why must you always the wealthy guys stroke? 

No we don’t.
Yeah you do.
No we don’t!
Yes you do!
No we don’t. No we don’t. No we don’t.

You canceled out kids’ healthcare
And then made taxes unfair
But we did it with flair
And plenty of fake fanfare

You guys just don’t have a clue
To be evil like you?
Please, you play games too!

If there’s a bill you want passed, we’ll ignore it
We can ignore anything you guys want. 

You should not.
But we do.
You cannot.
Yeah we can
You must not not not!
Yes we do do do!
You should not!

Monday, January 15, 2018


There were terrible wildfires in California this year that killed many people and ruined the lives of countless others.

And once the fires had consumed thousands of acres and burnt down an incredible number of trees officials started warning residents of the imminent danger of floods and mudslides.

The mudslides did indeed come, and more lives were lost.

How did they know?

What crystal ball did they use to forecast this next deadly round of nature’s wrath?


They used good old-fashioned logic.

If you lose trees you also lose a natural defense against floods.

There is no way to prevent ALL fires, especially wildfires from happening but we can prepare for the inevitability of the next one and possibly even lessen its severity.

California had suffered under a drought that lasted half a decade. Then they enjoyed a very wet winter with plenty of snow in the mountains. The snow melted and together with the increased rainfall created a lush new growth of greenery.

Then the drought returned with a vengeance.

California’s trees and underbrush dried drastically and became dangerous fodder for fires.

The Santa Ana winds picked up as they do every year and sparked a tremendous windblown disaster.

This is nothing new for our 31st State but with our knowledge, know-how and capabilities we should have been able to dampen its damage!

The World’s climate is definitely changing despite what the nay-sayers and flat Earth people claim, and we must change with it or go the way of the dinosaur.

No drought should consume large areas of the country while floods threaten the lives of those in other regions.

Had we been able to irrigate the dangerously arid lands on the west coast throughout the periods of drought the vegetation would not have dried and added fuel to the fires and not as many trees would’ve been destroyed clearing the way for floods and mudslides and death and destruction!

I continue to beat this dead horse (terrible analogy but occasionally useful) but if America had a national system of water mains to move the precious liquid from flooded areas to places suffering extreme drought we could limit the damage caused by either extreme.

Below are links that provide lists of deadly floods as well as awful droughts this country has endured over the past few decades.

How much pain and suffering could have been avoided if all we had to do was flip a few switches to stem the tide?

And one important by product of the plan to produce this system is the number of non-outsourceable jobs it would create. And once the project was completed in 20 or 30 years there would be ongoing permanent jobs maintaining the mains and helping Americans live safer lives.

A subtler benefit would be the continued lives of trees that not only protect us from floods but also purify our air and provide a safe habitat for many important animal species.

The World already cuts down too many trees to make room for so-called progress.  This deforestation has consequences that is clearly man-made. 

And while the debate over other man-made problems such as climate change inexplicably rages on one thing is clear, doing nothing is not an option.

Mother Nature is not fooled by pig headed ignorance.  She and will continue to test us. And trust me, that is not a fight we can win!