Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Tan Man is Priceless!

According to House Republican leader John Boehner, “… the Democrats refuse to acknowledge the challenges faced by Social Security in coming years.”
This obviously false statement of the facts is a continuing mantra of the ‘Party of No.’
Unfortunately however it is a key part of their as yet unstated legislative agenda.  That agenda is to be revealed some time in September or when they can finally figure out exactly what it is.
Mr. Boehner goes on to repeat another one of the Republicans’ intelligent sounding but brainless sound bite, “It’s time to have an adult discussion about the future of this critical program.
Hey Johnny we’re all ready for that discussion so why don’t you run along and find some adults for us to speak with!
The Speaker and his party have acted like children ever since losing the Presidency and the majority in Congress.  They seem to place their fingers in their ears and moan and groan about how they cannot get their way while making sure no one else does either.
This controlled controlling tantrum has weighed heavily on the citizens of this country and especially on those who are not considered to be Republican supporters, namely anyone earning less than a quarter of a million dollars per year.
For the party that represents people who do not need nor ever will miss Social Security if it goes away shouldn’t they leave the discussion about saving it to the grown ups?


Anonymous said...

Aren't you the guy who likes to say, 'You no play the game you no make the rules?'
John Boehner and his cronies don't pay into Social Security and sure as hell don't have to worry about getting anything out of it when they leave the work force so naturally they want to get rid of it - or actually hand it over to their millionaire frinds on Wall Street.
He IS priceless.

Cousin Bruce said...

Funny that the Democrats also have nothing to worry about as far as retirement monies are concerned and yet they always seem to want to help those of us who do! Think of wealthy families such as the Kennedy's.
The difference between the Party of NO and the Party of the people is quite striking. Why they even have chance to get a majority of any general election vote is truly beyond me.