Thursday, September 14, 2017


At this time the Repubs are in power.

At this time trump and his family control D.C.

At this time the Democrats are in the minority.

At this time there is more divisiveness in America since the 1960s.

At this time white supremacy is represented in the White House.

At this time foreign nations have a say in how America is governed and who does the governing.

Those are just some of the things that are happening at this time.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg of things we should be discussing at this time.

According to the Repub Party what should we NOT be talking about at this time?

I’m glad you asked!

Here is a partial list of things we should not talk about at this time per the controlling Repub party:

Climate Change

Global Warming

Gun Control

Women’s Rights

Minority Rights

Civil Rights


Environmental Protection

Consumers rights

Minimum Wage Increases

Ever Widening Wealth Gap

Infrastructure Repair

Single Payer Healthcare

Voters Rights

It seems that the current administration elected by a minority of the voters in the country only wants to talk about lies and nonsense such as Hillary Clinton's personal email accounts or how the free press should be muzzled.

The Repubs are perfectly happy to have fake news, alternate facts and diversions be the law of the land while they decide what should be talked about and what must be kept hidden from view.

And because of their self-serving tactics we have become the laughing stock of the World.

The main thing Americans should be discussing at this time is how can we get the Repubs out of government and return America to its once Great Status!