Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rude Awakening

Most of us were brought up to be respectful of others.  We have an aversion to being rude in public
Do you tell someone you are having lunch with they have food stuck in their teeth?  Many of us will anguish over hurting their feelings before doing so.
The subtle problem with this genteel approach is we tend to carry it too far.
When someone in authority says something that is wrong it is our duty to point out their error.
Politicians are using our gentility to their advantage.  They side-step questions or pose other ones thus avoiding the issue at hand completely.
This makes it important to listen not only to the words being used but the order in which they are voiced.
This morning Don Peebles CEO/Chairman of, surprise The Peebles Corp an admittedly wealthy investor speaking on Squawk Box stated that he wants the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to continue.
His reason, "...If I spend more money in taxes then I'll have less money to invest and have less money to employ workers..."
Those words are true but naturally he is using them to lie!
Naturally if you spend more money on coffee then you have less money for a donut!
But if the cost of coffee goes up one dollar and you still have enough money to comfortably spend on that torus shaped deep fried piece of dough will you do so?
In most if not all cases for those wealthy investors who may be affected by the end of the skewed Bush tax break the answer is a resounding yes!
And trust me if this man or any of his friends thought they would make even one more dollar by investing another penny they would run to do so regardless of the tax rate!
But the way in which he answered the question makes the listener think that if Mr. Peebles could only keep his fortune free from taxes we would all benefit with more jobs and higher income!
Listen to the clip and pay attention to Timothy Geithner's opening line about the 2% people.
Squawk Box's Joe Kiernan was being far too kind to his guest by letting him get away with the, 'pity me' crap used by most of the Republicans and the business people who own them.

On MSNBC at the same time Joe Scarborough was being too kind to a former colleague of his, Peter King when he said that he had locked horns with Mr. King in the Senate but never questioned his motivation for his views (sic.)
Why the hell not?
When someone in government says something I think it is very important to know what he is thinking and why.  We get our best understanding of where our our politicians stand when we see how they vote and hear their explanations for those votes.
If you can stomach watching Mika try to 'mother' Joe view this video about many things but in particular about the 9-11 aid to volunteers House vote that comes in around the 10 minute mark.
Scarborough is obviously against Mr. Weiner and the Democrats to begin with and while he says he will have Mr. Weiner back on to discuss the matter further he vilifies the entire Democratic Party without them being there to refute his lies!
John Heilman asked Peter King how many Republicans voted for the bill to aid the 9-11 volunteers.
Peter King gives the answer quickly, 12 and moves on to attack the Democrats!
ONLY 12?
12 OUT OF 178!
And it's the Democrats who killed the bill???
Who are we kidding?
The use of words to confuse and deflect has never been more obvious than when Scarborough rants about supposed sabotage by Democrats.
The clip ends with his lie and it is up to the viewer to find out the truth.
That's just plain rude.

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