Friday, August 27, 2010

News Part II

Part II:
Billionaire Donald Bren was forced to defend a lawsuit seeking child support for his two bastard children.  Not much news except the slut who was his mistress and gave birth to both children wants the money retroactive to 1988!  The kids received up to $18,000 per month during their childhood but she claims they should have been given $400,000 per month!  Excuse me?  Holy shit lady, no hooker I ever heard about was worth that much!  Talk about laying a golden egg!  Bren may be a pig (sorry for the mixed metaphor) but even pigs have rights.  She lost the case.  But now Bren should be be given a full IRS audit - Maybe the government is owed a few hundred thou per month back taxes?
Glenn Beck wants to take back America or is it take America back?  Beck actually wants fame and fortune and more money as he riles up the racist hate he fans daily on his Fox and Arab funded shows.  Holding a rally at the same place and on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.s "I have a dream speech" shows Beck for what he really is.  Enough said.
BP's Tony Hayward refuses to testify about the deal most likely made to free the Lockerbie terrorist in exchange for oil rights and a sweetheart deal.  What a surprise!  Why testify when the only thing that will come out of your lying filthy mouth will be, as you might say rubbish?  The last time big oil and BP in particular said anything truthful was back in, uh, back, let me see, uh, wait I'll find something...
Government reports rejoice that the flu deaths associated with last year's epidemic were lower than estimated.  Good news for everyone other than those who died.
Johnson & Johnson has voluntarily placed a recall on a hip replacement system that seems to have problems in design.  So if you've had a hip replacement please return it to your nearest JNJ location and crawl on home.
And finally on the obit pages it was sadly reported that George D. Weiss passed away yesterday at the age of 89.  It was sort of fitting that the man famous for writing the song sung by the late great Louis Armstrong, "What a Wonderful World" should leave us now seeing as how the world is anything but!

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Anonymous said...

First off Glenn Beck's an idiot so don't waste time on him. The jackass is out for himself and should drop dead already.
Actually the same could be said about Tony Hayward.
JNJ is a joke right? Pathetic though.
Sorry to hear anyone who was a good person died.