Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Big Apple (& the Tree)

Some say it's sad when the apple falls far from the tree but of course that all depends on the tree.
This week former Mayor of the Big Apple, Rudolph Giuliani learned that his youngest child, daughter Caroline  was arrested for shoplifting at an uptown Sephora outlet.
Sephora corporate headquarters said, upon learning her identity that they do not wish to press charges.  But since the former first daughter of the city was taken away by the police the matter is now public and the damage has been done.
No statement was issued by the former Mayor's people and no requests for comment have been returned.
The young Harvard University student, Caroline is 20 went quietly with the police.
So a young lady of a well to do family goes astray and attempts to steal inexpensive items.
She feels she is above the law and entitled merely because of her name.
She is arrogant and by her actions contemptuous of societal mores.
She tries to game the system and hide her true self.
Hey wait, maybe this apple didn't fall all that far from the tree after all.


Cousin Bruce said...

It is so true! I read this article this morning in the post and I was telling my husband, it is not the money it's the thrill (to get away without paying.) HOWEVER this "thrill" is not worth any money in the world if you have to exchange this foolish behavior for a police record and worse getting out of your wrong doing with hand cuffs not to talk about your parents and family embarrassment. And all this for $100-$150.
It is a shame that people are not thinking that it wrong to steal and about the consequences. Stupid !!!

Thanks to my friend Dalit P. for that.

Cousin Bruce said...

I just had a thought - Suppose this was all just "Field Work" for a criminal justice class she is taking at Harvard?
She may end up with an "A!"
(And in two months Harvard will receive a large donation from an anonymous source who used to be high up in the Republican Party.)
What? It could happen1