Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Amazing Amazon

There are many beautiful, awe inspiring areas of the world that have been protected from development by caring and forward thinking individuals and groups.  These pristine spots are essential to the future not only of the various species living there but to humans as well.  If we continue to spoil and develop the entire planet we run the risk of unintended consequences causing unimaginable catastrophes.
One such area is the amazing Amazon region of Ecuador.
Underneath this lush region that is home to countless creatures lies oil.  And with the price of that sloppy black sludge guaranteed to continue its rise stopping companies from drilling is a 24/7 struggle.
If we could get governments to agree on alternative energies it would make drilling for oil in regions such as this totally unnecessary.
Or we could use a trick from big oil's play-book. Bribery!
Ecuador has agreed to ban or at least refrain for the time being any and all drilling for oil in the Amazon region.  In exchange for their magnanimous ecological shift in thinking they will receive the sum of $3.6 billion.
The pact will be in effect for ten years after which one must assume the ante will go up with the cost of living.
The Amazon - nature at its best.  I mean the nature of greed!

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