Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baseball Puzzles

What is the highest number of strikeouts a pitcher can record in an inning without allowing a run?    SIX – He strikes out the first batter but a passed ball allows the batter to reach first.  That runner steals second and the same strike out scenario happens with batter number two.  The runners advance on wild pitch and the third batter is struck out but reaches first safely when the catcher flubs the pitch up the third base line.  The ball doesn't go far enough away for the other runners to advance.  The pitcher then strikes out the next 3 batters without mishap.  (The catcher is then taken out and traded or shot.)

Can a pitcher both win and lose the same game? (He does not necessarily have to be a Met.)   Yes with a trade involved and a suspended game.  Pitcher A leaves the game after the fifth inning behind by three runs.  He is traded to current opponent during the suspension.  The game resumes at a later date and pitcher B on his new team who pitched to only one batter before his team took the lead is replaced by the newly acquired pitcher ‘A.’  'A' pitches 4 perfect innings to close out the game.  The official scorer is allowed to award pitcher A the win since he pitched the lion’s share of the game and the starter who did not finish five innings could not enter into the decision.

Can a pitcher be awarded both a win and a save in the same game?     Yes – He pitches into the sixth inning with a large lead and is moved to left field by the manager hoping to save his arm for future use.  But his relief pitcher gives up too many runs and makes the game too close for comfort.  The manager brings the starter back from the outfield to close the one run game out in the ninth thus earning the save.

How many assists can an outfielder record in one inning?  Six – He records three in the top of the inning and then is traded to the opposing team during a rain delay caused suspension of game.  The game is finished at a later date where he again records 3 assists in the bottom of the inning.

How many “caught stealing” can a base runner have in an inning where his team scores only one run?      Three.  He is caught at second base but an error allows him safe passage.   The he is picked off second but is able to arrive safely at third on another errant throw.  The day-dreaming runner is then picked off again but scores on a third error.

Now a question:

If a pitcher is able to pitch both as a righty and a lefty is he allowed to do so during one at bat?  For example if a right handed relief pitcher is brought in to face a right handed batter and the manager of the hitting team puts in a pinch hitting lefty the rules state that the pitcher must pitch to that one batter without being replaced.  But suppose the pitcher merely switches gloves and tosses as a lefty?    I have no answer.
I just thought I’d throw it out there and see if someone could field it for me.

And finally:

How many years can a general manager, manager, and coaching staff of a team stay employed while making stupid move after stupid move?  I’ll let you know since the Mets have yet to make any changes.

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