Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let He Who Is Without Sin...

Charlie Rangel must pay for his indiscretions and the audacity of thinking he was above the law!
But his sin, that for which he is being ostracized by Congress is as natural in that august body as breathing.
And yet he is standing trial so to speak and he faces tremendous personal loss should he be found guilty by a jury of his peers.  And peers they be in far more ways than one might think.
According to public record documents and as reported by Michael Sherer of the website Mr. Rangel is one in a crowd!
That crowd includes politicos from both sides of the aisle.  And the practices that have somehow suddenly become awful travesties of justice have been practiced by both sides of that aisle, including by one of the standard bearers of the Republican Party at the moment, one Mitch McConnell!
If these supposedly religious men and women who are always spouting off about family values and 'right and wrong' issues wish to clean out the stables then they must use a very large and all-inclusive broom.
If these doctors of the law wish to cure Congress of all that ails it then I must say, "Physician heal thyself."
Finally and in simple language that even the hypocrites of Congress can understand, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!"
Now cut the crap and work on the economy - Together!!!

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