Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 2012 as of 2008

This is not a normal post but rather a link to one from four years ago.
And while it was personal then it could easily be used universally in that it speaks of graduations.

If you are graduating, or know someone who is about to graduate, or just did graduate (or knows how to spell graduate) let me know if you find anything in this that hits home.
Otherwise just enjoy the quiet but public thoughts of a dad as he approaches his 29th Father's Day; his 32nd anniversary (to the same woman!) and about to hit a somewhat higher number in the age department.
But you are only as old as you feel and when I reread old posts like this I do feel a little younger.
Enjoy and congratulations to all who fit the category!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Act - NOT!

We tend to revere actors and covet their notoriety. Celebrities are placed upon pedestals whether or not they are deserving of such praise.
Occasionally we ourselves listen to their opinions and may even change ours to mirror our celluloid heroes.
But one thing we must always remember, actors act. In fact the act of acting means doing something not essentially real.
The better the actor the more we forget they’re just acting!
We also use the word in many different ways.
For example when a director of a company or manager of a team steps down or is let go the person who succeed is known as an interim or acting manager.
In politics the word is generally used to define a law or at least a ‘sort of law.’ And by that I mean you may not risk jail time should you not agree and follow the act but there may be consequences.
A political act is nevertheless as close to law as you can get without having something written into the constitution.
Sadly in our currently divided divisive political climate words no longer have their usual and customary meanings. And the word ‘acting’ or just plain ‘act’ could in many cases be replaced by the slang expression, NOT as in "I really think you’re great, NOT!"
A prime example of this type of obfuscation and reverse usage of logic and fairness is DOMA.
For anyone who does not read or stay apprised of the world of politics and the conservative push against anything that might make the lives of Americans better DOMA stands for the Defense of Marriage Act.
But as the word 'NOT' implies DOMA is actually against marriage in that it seeks to limit the number of human beings being able to avail themselves of that peaceful union between two loving individuals. (Sorry Mitt but this is my post and therefore I am limiting marriage to two people.)
Seriously ladies, you do
know you married
outside your species!
In the case of DOMA proponents use hyperbole such as claiming to be worried that if they don’t act marriage could deteriorate into unions between people and say pigs.
This creature is far better
our Newtster!
(Some might argue that that has already happened and point to some women who have joined with political figures like Newt but I will not devolve into that herewith.)
Naturally humans are not generally lining up to marry other species and while it might be fun to posit otherwise this particular argument should not be allowed any quarter.
We as humans decide the laws by which we wish to be governed and in America, at least for now the will of the majority is given more weight.
And that brings me to act two.
With a recent, incredibly short-sighted and terribly wrong 'opinion' driven by political expediency and possible bribery the so-called Supreme Court of what used to be The United States of America decided to allow corporations all the rights of individual citizens.
This act is formally known as the Citizens United act or ruling.  And once again the words belie the meaning and 'NOT' could easily be added.
The word ‘Citizens’ implies individuals but in fact describes large multi-national faceless corporations with political agendas and the wherewithal to see to it that they get their way regardless of how many individual lives they ruin in doing so.
One of the first outcomes of what may prove to be our country’s worst era came last week when an entire state of wounded citizens (actual real people, not corporations) from Wisconsin tried to mobilize against the political machinery of the Conservative Koch brother billionaires and their cohorts to oust anti labor, anti-middle class, anti-human rights Governor Walker.
Naturally the people lost and whether or not they actually did lose or the vote was bought as has happened in the past is immaterial. What must be taken away from this debacle is that corporations are well on their way to taking control of the entire country.
How long before we see signs on Ellis Island touting America as a wholly owned subsidiary of Exxon Mobil, or some other obscenely wealthy profitable non-tax paying corporation?
One wonders if the ruling means the census is now incorrect and we must add many more people to the rolls.
Which State would get which corporation and how many more seats would that give them in the House?
I would like to know how an entire corporation gets into one of those tiny voting booths.
When a corporation goes bankrupt does it get on line at the unemployment office?
Of course the answer to those questions is moot since corporations are not people my friend but they do get their votes counted.  And those votes carry far more weight than any individual vote.
Okay, a vote is still a vote but when a corporation decides it wants one candidate or act to be placed into law they have tremendously large wallets from which to draw political capital and see to it that their side is the only side that gets heard.
Clout exists and whether or not we like to believe it money decides elections and elections turn countries around.
These are but two ‘acts’ that are changing life from reality into some irrational bizarro world run of, by, and for the wealthiest few.
But as all actors will say you must wait for the final curtain before understanding what the film was really about.
America has had more than its share of acts during our day on the world stage.
This country’s opening act saw a rather violent morning.
Our early afternoon act was somewhat violent as well but had long stretches of peace and prosperity.
Let’s learn from our yesterdays and not be headed toward dusty death.
This ancient Greek playwright
never met our Congress
As we move into late afternoon and on into evening let’s hope we can survive these actors, these poor players who now strut and fret their hours upon our stage; these idiots telling tales signifying nothing but doom until we can proudly say they will not be heard anymore!
As one who knew a thing or two about acting and actors, Sophocles once said, “One must wait until the evening to see how splendid the day has been.”
So at the end of the day let’s unite and once again make America great for all real citizens!