Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not Sieg Gibson

Today I learned that Mel Gibson is doing fine after crashing his car in Malibu.  Oh joy!
The news brings the same feeling I get when I hear that Dick Cheney has been released from hospital after yet another life prolonging procedure.  In the latter's case it is even harder to fathom since it was most likely performed using tax payer dollars.
But I must confess that I have been quite unfair to Mr. Gibson in the past merely because of the sub-human things he has done and continues to do.
Some have even compared the former actor to Hitler but there I must defend him!
You see he is far from the same as that infamous Nazi leader.
On the one hand you have Hitler who proposed and carried out the holocaust and on the other hand you have Mel who along with his father Hutton absolutely denies it ever even happened!

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