Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Whether by design or inadvertently the following creatures have been working to ruin the lives of everyone in America if not the world and must be gone by any means necessary:


Moscow Mitch McConnell

Lindsey dirty knees Graham

Jared (Middles East peace DONE) Kushner

Steve 'Muchkin' Mnuchin

Larry (there's no cud lower) Kudlow

Brett 'Raping' Kavanaugh

Neil (I stole a seat) Gorsuch

Clarence 'Long Dong' Thomas

Sammy (not true) Alito

Betsy Cruella deVos

Elaine (I am getting filthy rich!) Chao

Bill (we should) Barr

Sean 'shit shill' Hannity

Rush 'Limp balls' Limbaugh

Rick (belongs in a) Santorum

Tucker (tighten that bowtie!) Carlson

Steve (Douche bag) Doocy

Lying Laura Ingraham

Tomi useless Lahren

Karl (W's brain) Rove

Steve (pig) Bannon

Dick war mongering Cheney


Kim Un

Mike hypocrite Huckabee

Sarah lying Huckabee Sanders

VP Penis (‘nuff said!)

Mike (Pompous & Useless) Pompeo

Wilbur (died decades ago, rotting before our eyes) Ross

Gina Haspel

Scott Pruitt

Ryan Zinke

Sonny Purdue

Ben (brain surgeon my ass!) Carson

Rick (and his oops!) Perry

Scott (koch sucking Kock puppet) Walker

Kirstjen Nielsen

Mick Mulvaney

Andrew Wheeler

John (thould be thrown out) Thune

Joni (OMG what a moronic fool!) Ernst

Lamar (Utter idiot) Alexander

Marsha lying Blackburn

Tom (I DO NOT) Cotton

Susan (sniveling lying fool) Collins

Mike (appropriately named) Crapo

Ted (Most hated by his own party) Cruz

Mike (end him) Enzi

Chuck (bury under 6’ of) Grassley

Cindy (should) Hyde-Smith

Jim (belongs with Hoffa) Imhofe

John F (Should not be allowed to have the name) Kennedy

Martha McSally

Rand & his Paul bearers

Lisa (murky) Murkowski

Rob (not even in a storm) Portman

Little Marco Rubio

Rick (scary looking lying cheating scum) Scott

Richard (snide) Shelby

Tim (What the hell are you doing in a party that despises you) Scott

Pat (belongs in his) Toomey

Liz (FUCK YOU) Cheney

Kevin (body snatching) McCarthy

Steve (how the hell did the guy miss?) Scalise

Patrick (Skip the ‘Liberty’ part) McHenry

Devil Nunes

Tom (disgusting) Cole

Mo (sadly not Mel) Brooks

Matt (less than useless) Gaetz

Kay (send her home on the) Granger

Tom & Garret (should be in their) Graves

Will (should never again be) Hurd

Jim Jordan

Peter (war mongering shit) King

Steve OMG King


Tom Reed

Martha Roby

Jim ‘no’ Sensenbrenner

Joe (you lie more) Wilson

Lee (a true piece of shit on Long Island) Zeldin

Let me know if I missed any.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Will future analysis of the dt era show him to be a leader of the white supremacist movement of hate and violence or an opportunistic catalyst that exposed it and used it for personal gain? Throughout history men, mostly, have spotted an opening through which they could crawl to gain power by pointing fingers at others. These bullies cared not for any pain or death they caused FOR those others as long as they won. The ends always justified the means. A solar eclipse would trigger the one person not afraid the sun would be gone forever to play on everyone's fears and gain respect and power over the town once it returned as he said it would. Perhaps it was a religious man who told everyone to pray with him for the return of normalcy. A sort of make our community great again charlatan. But the only way those phonies of the past were able to ply their trade was by using the ignorance of their audience. If enough of those who listened to him were, for lack of a better term, idiots he was just about home free. These undereducated ones joined the willing 'rats' and became lemmings in their march toward the cliff of societal suicide. So I guess we could say everything old is new again! There's nothing new under the sun!!