Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reiteration of Idiocy

The following is well known but bears repeating lest we forget come November.
The Party of No is proud of their nickname as they continue to claim they are doing what's best for America.
The Republicans say they are stopping the rampant spending of the Democratic Party who only wants to redistribute money from the wealthy to the poor.
Of course whether or not that is true the Republican Party of NO is trying to make sure the wealthiest among us not only keep all their money while we fork over our fair share to the IRS but pay less taxes than the rest of us. (Not a smaller percentage mind you but actually less dollars if possible!)
So in their efforts to keep the wealthy wealthy and make the middle class the Eloi to their Morlock they have blocked every possible Democratic bill and appointment they could.
And here is just a partial list of the evil they have perpetrated on the unsuspecting citizens of America.
It should be repeated every day until election day in November.

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