Monday, May 21, 2018


We don't seem to be able to fix some basic problems in our country these days.
But this is not the first time we've had this problem.
I seem to remember some talented and caring folk singers mobilizing a generation of young 'uns (who are now old farts) into voting their minds and conscience and straightening out the country.
Songs like Eve of Destruction by P. F. Sloan & sung by Barry McGuire sadly need no alterations to be current.
So Maybe we all just need a reminder or two.
And with that in mind some of your favorite folk singers of the past have updated some of their old hits.
They hope you enjoy them and understand that:
The Times, They NEED A Changin.

Blowin in the White House
by Dob Bylan

How many lies must a president tell
Before he is just sent on his way
And how many women must swear he's a pig
Before we believe what they say
How many wars can he threaten to wage
Before we can all turn the page
The answer my friend is Dump the GOP
The answer is Dump the GOP!
Where Has All The Caring Gone
by Petey Paulie & Maria

Where have all the students gone
Lone gun massacres
Where have all the students gone
They cower under desks
Where have all the students gone
Run from High Schools everyone
When will they ever learn
When will they ever learn 
When will Congress finally act
Stop gun massacres
When will Congress finally act
Gun lobbies own them all
When will Congress finally act
When voters finally change them out
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn? 
When will parents say enough
Love your children
When will parents say enough
And keep our children safe
When will parents say enough
Shout it loud with every vote
When will WE ever learn?
When will WE ever learn


The Web of Darkness
Saul Pieman

Hello dark web my old friend
I’ll use the fear of you again
Because the breaking news keeps dissing me
And you’re the only thing can set me free
And my followers are way too dumb to know
How low I’ll go
Within my web of darkness.

On restless nights I eat big macs
And think of ways to not pay tax
Neath the covers in my royal suite
I think of lies that I can type and tweet
When my eyes were stabbed by the sun rising in the sky
You all ask why
I have a web of darkness.

And all the naked teens I saw
At my pageants I’m the law
Getting ready without wearing tops
None of my girls ever called the cops
And the crotches the boobs and butts I groped
No girls were doped
No need in my web of darkness.


By Yipton & Larrow

Drumpf the evil man-child lived in DC
And frolicked with his friends on Fox and spoke dishonestly
Little Drumpfy junior feared his daddy so
And brought him deals to seal the fate of each of daddy’s foes
Drumpf the evil man-child lived in DC
And listened only to his friends on Fox & Hannity
But Drumpf the evil man-child only loves his girl
And wishes she was not his kid so he could taste that pearl


Swamp Swamp Swamp
By Pietro Seeker

My cabinet's filled (swamp, swamp, swamp)
With all the worst (swamp, swamp, swamp)
And they’re all doing just what I expected
A time to hire and then say you’re fired
A time to deal and then about face
A time to lie then blame someone else
A time to rally and rile up my base

My cabinet's filled (swamp, swamp, swamp)
With all the worst (swamp, swamp, swamp)
And they’re all doing just what I expected 
A time to build walls and fences and such
A time to not care about harming so much
A time for love that turns into hate
A time to end witch hunts now it’s not too late.

And Finally:

All drumpf Sides Now
By Jojo Michelle

Rows and flows of orange hair
And iced emotions in the air
Illegal doings everywhere
I’ve looked at drumpf that way

But now all things are getting worse
His evil’s known chapter and verse
And on this land he’s brought a curse
That deepens every day

I’ve looked at drumpf from all sides now
How did he win I ask you how
And if the GOP won’t fall
We won’t again be great at all!