Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Fight's Not Over

In any battle there are always two sides.  One side wins when they either physically defeat the other side or get them to see things a different way thus giving in on an argument.
The trick in a nonviolent battle is to baffle your opponent and make him lose faith in his belief or actually win him over.
Our current political environment pits two sides with differing points of view trying to win over the hearts and minds of average Americans.
On the one hand is the Democratic Party who is constantly trying to find a common ground with its opponent to help the largest number of Americans lead a better life.
And on the other hand is the Republican Party who doesn’t care about the welfare of the average citizen of America.  They care only about getting back into power so they can help the wealthiest two to three percent of the country maintain their wealth and spread a little their way in the form of ‘campaign funds.’
Toward that end the Republican Party has used a clever compelling campaign of obfuscation at every turn.  They have told out and out lies about every policy put forward by the Democrats and waste no opportunity to vilify any Obama suggestion as either racist or un-American.
At times I wonder how their lips don’t fall off after some of the whoppers they tell.  And if they truly believe half the crap they spew they need help!  Fortunately this is a country that takes care of the needy, for now.
But sadly they are winning over the weak minded of the country who have little time to delve into the facts or the lack thereof in the claims made by the so-called party of no.  But since this is America and we believe that everyone is entitled to an opinion and a vote these same weak minded individuals can sway an election.
Knowing the value of every vote is what has kept the Republicans so close on the National political stage even though they have no message no plan and no desire to come up with one other than take back the Congress and feed money to the wealthy.
And just as sadly they have controlled the argument and turned the focus away from the real job at hand - getting America through the current economic and jobs crises.  The Party of No follows Nancy Reagan's words to a fault!
So what can be done?
If I were a religious man I would suggest prayer in the hopes that the Democrats would grow a pair – the weak minded would join the Straw Man and the Party of No would grow a conscience.  Well two out of three might work but it is an uphill climb.
But there is still time until this November and while hope indeed springs eternal legwork, elbow grease and grass roots campaigning would work better.  Don’t let up on exposing the lies of the Republicans.  Don’t stop pointing out the absurd contradictions of the Party of No.  And don’t lose faith that in the end truth and justice can and will win out over the evil and dark forces of the other side.

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