Thursday, August 10, 2017


In today's world there is so much going on that it's hard to keep abreast of all the important news stories.  So much news, so little time!
Cable news shows generally spend their entire hour or so discussing the latest thing Trump did or said.
The host asks the guests the same questions and with slight variations get the same answers.
By the end of the show they have beaten the horse to death and we are ready for the next hour of more of the same.
And one show, Hardball with Chris Matthews ends each hour with "Trump Watch," in case we zoned out during the first 55 minutes!
So here's a handy dandy suggestion for all real (sorry Fox) cable news shows on how to better spend their time and fully educate the public.
If the host asks, "Why did Trump, yada yada yada-" the answer must be, "Because he's a moron."
Then the host laughs or smiles and says, "But how come he..." The guest should then shake his or her head and again say, "He's a moron!"
And to really save time after the third question they could merely use the acronym: H - A - M!
The show is then free to move on to other news that affects our lives such as floods or climate change or cats stuck in trees.
After a while the hosts on every cable news show (again not you Fox, I did say news) could start their hour with a bullet pointed list of every new thing the moron in chief did since the last show.  The next 45 minutes could be spent as he or she sees fit and we'll all be better off.
Oh, and one last suggestion, can we limit the number of minutes per hour allotted to drug and pharmaceutical ads to let's say 3 minutes?  And stop with ads for drugs that have the nauseating list of side effects during the dinner hour.