Wednesday, July 4, 2018


It's July 4th and it is important to remember all the good this country did for its citizens.
There will be marches, parades and fireworks throughout the land celebrating our birth.
But I'd be remiss if I did not point out what is next for the people of our once great land.
And so with the unsolicited help of a Marvin Hamlisch altered standard I offer this new Line for the Chorus:

Kiss your rights goodbye
You voted for a fascist
Now we’ll watch our country die
Cause he’s got a list
And though Dems are pissed
Freedoms will be missed
Kiss your rights goodbye
New SCOTUS will remove them
And no matter how you try
They will all be lost
That is just one cost
Of your stupid vote!
Women’s rights are gone
Healthcare rights are gone
SCOTUS will ensure that!
Same sex marriage dead
Constitution soon will follow
Get it through your thick-skulled head
We are through
Thanks to you
All our rights are GONE
5-4 voted GONE
All our rights are gone!
Kiss your rights goodbye……