Friday, August 15, 2014

Koko is More Human than Cuckoo Rush & Friends

Most of the World was saddened by the passing of Robin Williams.

I say most because it turns out there are always those who for reasons of their own use events like this for publicity or to promote some sick personal agenda.
These sick people are usually considered to be low-life animals by the rational community.

But we must now rethink how we assess these cretins and not call them animals or compare them to creatures of the wild.
And the reason for that is simply Koko!

Koko is the World famous gorilla who understands the spoken word and can use sign language to communicate her thoughts and feelings.

Humans like Rush Limbaugh have shown their small minded hate filled souls by criticizing anyone they disagree with and claiming people like Robin Williams die because of their liberal political views.

Some even picket the funerals of good people in order to promote their hate filled agenda. I am of course speaking of the, uh people (?) of the Westboro Baptist fake church!
Just after learning of his death

But when told of the passing of iconic funnyman Robin Williams Koko's lip quivered!

Trying to put the loss of
her friend into perspective
Then she sat depressed with her head on her chest for hours mourning her lost friend.

Koko must have been remembering her time, 13 years ago when she spent an afternoon with Robin chatting about things.

Maybe we can all learn a little humanity from Koko.  What do you say Rush?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Walgreen's Relents

Good for you Walgreen's - And I apologize, for now!
Obviously I cannot take full credit, or any for that matter for the decision on the part of Walgreen's to keep their headquarters in the States and not hide from US taxes but perhaps I added a small amount of impetus.
They may still hate America but at least for now they have to grin and bear it!
We must be diligent and hold these giant corporations feet to the fire.  They want the profit and prestige of being an American company without giving an ounce of anything back!
When any company pulls the same tactic we should make sure the entire country is aware.  They have grown to their current world renown stature on the backs of the American taxpayer and must contribute just like everyone else here.
After all, they're people aren't they???