Tuesday, August 3, 2010

If You Must Steal Get Elected First

Why do they say, "Crime doesn't pay?"  How much do our Congressmen and women make?
I understand that crime, no matter where it is committed or by whom should be prosecuted.  What annoys me most is that it is always the little guy who gets the most scrutiny and the largest book thrown at him.
Again, don't get me wrong, I am not on the side of a criminal, assuming he is found to actually be one.
But let's look at our history here.
Anyone remember Michael Milken?
He basically scammed and stole and made BILLIONS. He got caught and served a tiny amount of time in jail and found his own particular Jesus and now he's walking among us - still a billionaire.
But some schmuck in Riverhead, Long Island decided that life sucks so he put a pool in his back yard.  The town spends a fortune to find him and fine him and make sure he pays taxes on the thing.
He is guilty, perhaps of trying to hide the item or not reporting it to the town before building it on his property.  But he will pay.  Oh boy will he pay!
So what is the message?
It is as it always was, Never steal anything small.
If you are considered a small time crook you will be hunted down and thrown in a cell whose key has long since been lost.  But commit a tremendous crime such as, oh I don't know, let's say torturing and water-boarding and God knows what else any prisoner you happen to be able to have fun with, well then you get to retire as a former Vice President and be paid all kinds of money to spew, I mean speak at Republican fund raisers along side such luminaries as Andrew Breitbart et al.
The phrase, "Physician heal thyself" comes to mind when I see people like Democratic leaders Rangel and Walters facing trials in front of the House of Representatives.
With November approaching and this being August may I say I do not think that August body to be a good judge of character!
Our entire Congress is filled with idiots, morons, criminals, and just plain every day immoral hypocrites who feel the need to point their filthy fingers at anyone else lest the spotlight be aimed at them!
I long for the day when clarity in government will demand that anyone caught with their hands in the cookie jar will be forced to pay for their snacks and thereby get their just desserts!

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Anonymous said...

As for dick Cheney he was in on the orders to torture the Gitmo prisoners. In many ways he was more guilty of war crimes than some of the evil creatures we prosecuted at Nuremburg.
When will the Dems grow a pair and start bringing up some of the oh so guilty Republicans?