Sunday, August 1, 2010

We're Number 12!

Are you religious?
What's your religion?
Are you certain of your views?
If you're agnostic or as some call it atheistic then that is your religion, or lack thereof.
But no matter what you believe this chart should interest you.
It will give some of you joy to be in the majority and others the feeling that you must try harder.  (But please don't.)
You may now see how many others believe, or not the same thing you believe or as some might say are deluded into believing.
But no matter what your belief all religions including atheism (sic) should have one common theme - Live and let live.  The ones that refuse to allow for others' beliefs should not be allowed to exist.
The world is complicated enough without having to worry about what some church says or thinks or what religion wants to spread its message.
Religions tell us what to expect in the afterlife.
How about getting by in this one for crying out loud?
Why is it religions cause such pain here and now?
We have seen what unbridled religious views can do and not just on 9-11 but throughout history.  (Actually 9-11 was not a religious disaster but one cause by total asshole anti-human morons who, if there really was a God would never have even been born!!!)
I am referring to the infamous papal wars when the one true religion demanded that everyone believe in and worship the one true God.
Of course they were wrong if for nothing other than the fact that you cannot demand that someone love you.  I learned that fact during my teen dating years!
Those who insist on proselytizing are evil!!!
I was born Jewish and while I do not practice the religion I still feel a pang of anger when antisemitism rears its ugly head, just as every Black person must be angry about racism.
I am not an activist but if provoked and given the opportunity and the knowledge that I would not be prosecuted I might go after those morons guilty of that particular form of bigotry - Hear that you piece of shit coward Gibson?
As I said I am not religious so why should I care?
Perhaps it is my sense of fairness.
In other words if you wish to believe in a talking snake knock yourself out!  Just don't be a snake oil salesman! (And let's forget about burning Bushes, although...)
If you believe in a God then you should also believe that he or she originally created all of us to live in harmony and prosper.
We are mortal and therefore merely tenants on the planet with an obligation to keep it running.
There is no 'super' to call when things go wrong and no court of appeals to turn to if a so-called "Act of God" disaster strikes.
We must muddle through any puddle nature throws at us and see to it that when we leave the planet to our heirs it still works!
If your religion thinks any of the above is wrong then you and it are sub-human.

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