Saturday, November 9, 2013

We Must Fix Stupid

Does anyone remember when our government was “of the people; by the people and for the people?”
Ah the good old days!
Me neither!
We have shrunk not the size of government but rather the number of people the government helps.
And at the same time the people who are elected to govern rail against programs for the masses, which elected them, claiming that to implement any social programs would cause them to stop lowering taxes and actually raise them!
Republicans say they want government out of healthcare but they offer absolutely no alternative other than telling everyone to fend for themselves.
First do harm - Then deny?
Not only is it heartless it is quite hypocritical since they and their families have essentially the best healthcare available paid for by you and me!
A rallying cry from the right, which is invariably wrong is, “Government must not decide my healthcare. They don’t know me and I don’t want someone who doesn't know me making my healthcare decisions!”
Of course that is exactly what we have now with impersonal bean-counting accountants and actuarial nerds in non-windowed rooms deciding how cost effective it would be to allow us to have blood tests that could save our lives.
What if those tests or procedures cost too much?  Will we make back what we pay out with increased premiums? If not then we must deny the claim.
Republicans are for the people but never really state which people that might be.
After years, no decades of giving billionaires, both individuals and corporations tax breaks there is little money left to do half the things America needs to get done.
And of course those non-tax-paying corporations are considered people since the conservative filled Supreme Court handed down one of the worst decisions ever in their ‘Citizens United’ ruling.
No one likes paying higher taxes but it is the price modern societies must pay to to protect their way of life.
We all want:
  • To be able to safely drive on our roads and bridges
  • Have police forces that serve and protect
  • Have watchdog agencies keep an eye on the food industry so the food we eat won’t harm us or worse;
  • Building inspectors ensuring our workplaces are safe and secure;
  • Federal agencies making certain our airlines and railways provide safe travel;
  • An emergency ready agency to aid citizens in times of disaster;
  • And of course our homeland must be kept reasonably safe from real foreign threats of terror.

All these things we as a modern society and arguably the greatest and wealthiest nation in the world hold as entitlements exist and can only be funded by our tax dollars.  And the right wing of our government has made it their second most important job (behind de-funding anything President Obama proposes) to see that those tax dollars come out of the pockets of only the middle class and poor!
Is it Nero or Cruz?
If this absurd path toward oligarchic rule is not altered we as a nation are headed the way of the old Roman Empire.
One wonders which TPOTTY member will take out his fiddle while that happens?
Maybe all of them will join in as the ship of state sinks into fiscal obscurity.
We must remember that the wealthy who have abdicated all responsibility when it comes to helping hundreds of millions of Americans live healthy lives as they head into their so-called golden years can pick up and move anywhere they choose on the globe.
Soon they'll be able to travel even farther. Is that a Lady Gaga concert?
Their money is safe from the IRS and will remain thus as long as the Republicans continue to bamboozle enough voters into thinking they are on their side!
But I ask those of you who keep voting against your own best interest in the hopes of joining the ranks of the idle, evil rich, do you feel lucky, huh, do you punk?
Even Pavlov’s dogs eventually learned!
In the 5 full years since the Democrats won and re-won the White House how many job bills have been passed and sent on to the Senate by the Republican stronghold of the House of Representative?
And just who do those elite and ‘deaf to the cries of the middle class and poor’ House Republicans really represent?
Certainly not me.
And I am certain they do not represent the bulk of the people who continue to vote for them, aka their constituency!
And in those same five years how many times have they voted to overturn a law that was even upheld by THEIR Supreme Court?
FORTY SIX TIMES and counting they have tried to de-fund the Affordable Care Act!  The very same act they proposed before President Obama was in office!  And at the same time they have given no alternative other than the same old tired hypocritical words.
The rhetoric of personal responsibility rings hollow in the ears of anyone with a brain yet they stay the course.
The childish dolts of the TPOTTY even shut down the government and threatened worldwide financial disaster if they didn't get their way costing our economy an estimated $24 Billion!
It is well past time for them to have a permanent ‘time out!’
Up to now they have paid no political price for their anti-American stance.  We as a nation must not allow this to last.
Remember in November and then every November after that and keep shrinking not the size of government but rather the Republican stronghold on it and on our future until they either come back to reality or are gone the way of the Whigs.

We are in a war and unless we defeat the Republican right wing we the people, and I include them, are doomed!