Friday, February 23, 2018


Going through my old papers and junk to toss out I came across this poem.
Frankly as I get older I forget stuff from the past, even from MY past and this appears to be a fine example.
I really don't remember writing it but the original is in my handwriting so...
Nevertheless I agree with, well myself and hope you will too.

You don't know my story
You don't know my tale
Don't try to define me
You're certain to fail

We all have our reasons
To do as we do
Those reasons are private
They don't concern you

My dreams are my dreams
They should give you no pause
For as strange as that seems
I'm sure you have yours

So looking at someone
And thinking there's danger
Is fully shortsighted
He's only a stranger

A wise man once said
That you just should not fret
For the stranger is only
A friend you've not met!