Friday, July 30, 2010

Personification of Two-Faced

In a debate or even just a normal conversation we may use many different methods to get our points across.
We could use subtlety; "I'm a little tired right now, I'll wash the dishes later."
We could use sarcasm; "Don't pick up your clothes, I like stepping over them."
Or straightforward talk; "I want you to do the dishes and pick up your crap from the floor!"
Depending on the people involved each method has its place in society.
What shouldn't have a place in society is constant outright lying!  And more importantly it must never be rewarded once it is found out for what it really is!
Congress has deteriorated into a hall of roughly 40% lies.
The first truth is the Republicans are not in the majority for the moment and they don't like it!
In order to change the numbers they have resorted to a clever scheme of bait and switch except the product they are selling is a lie.
Here are a few examples of their latest absurd statements:
1 - Uncertainty is killing small businesses and they need clarity!
2 - They need to know what the government is doing about the deficit.
3 - Government spending is out of control.
4 - You cannot raise taxes in a recession.
5 - Extending unemployment insurance is welfare for the lazy; an incentive to stay home.
6 - Our military heroes and their families must be and taken care of!

Many of the above statements are nothing but rhetorical crap being spewed directly from the Republican talking points memo board.  They are used in response to actual legislation proposed every day by Democrats in Congress hoping to help the people of this country get back on their feet.  Points 1 through 6 and many more are given as reasons to block any and every bill that comes up for a vote in DC.
And since so many Americans get their news from the Fox channel which is a 24/7 propaganda arm of the Republican Party and the Tea Party Armey (not a typo) they have no idea how bad things will get if they vote out the Democrats.

Here is a group answer to the points noted above.  You may take whatever part of the following and match it up against the talking point of your choice.

The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy must be repealed.
This is not a tax increase but rather a wrong being righted!  It is a move back to the fair rate that was in effect before the war mongering team of Bush & Cheney gave the keys to the city, I mean nation to big business and big oil and Saudi Princes and on and on and on…
How can the same people who are using the deficit as fodder for their demands to curtail spending also want to give over one trillion dollars to the wealthy?
When confronted with that fact Republicans and Friends answer - you cannot raise taxes in a recession.
But the recision of the Bush tax cut does not raise taxes on anyone earning under $250K per year!  And on those lucky enough to earn over that amount it is a gradual increase and they know it full well!
And speaking of taxes how about changing the rules on that fake church all the crooks of Congress use for their not so secret liaisons?  The retreat known as C Street is labeled as a religious house so as to shield it from tax.  Start paying your fair share of taxes on that property!
You have to stop spending because government is too large is a great phrase but it does not even begin to tell the story.
The Republicans want to stop spending on the low and middle classes calling anything these people make entitlements.  But they will overwhelmingly vote to increase military spending especially when much of it goes into the pockets of their best friends.  Companies like Halliburton and their famous CIC (Crook in charge) reaped huge rewards in obtaining no bid contracts under the fiscally responsible friends of big oil and lobbies everywhere.
And speaking of entitlements millions of Americans are supposedly sitting on their asses doing nothing to help society.  They have no jobs and want handouts from the Federal Government.
This great campaign speech is as blatant a lie as just about everything else the so-called ‘right’ spews these days.
The same people who are out of work now due to the awful state of our economy worked for most of their adult lives pouring tax money into a system that if the Republicans had their way would ignore them!
And the same people who are benefiting from the Bush tax breaks and the bailouts and the Party of No’s stonewalling tactics are the ones who caused the economic crash with which we are now struggling.
But the best lie of the right was exposed this week by New York Representative Anthony Weiner when he passionately railed at the Republicans for their latest blockage of all things human by voting down aid to the sick and injured volunteers of 9-11.
They wanted to be able to tack on amendments to the bill knowing that they would pass on the coattails of the main item.  But when the Democrats refused to allow any pork to be added to the simple, direct, straightforward bill the Republicans balked.
The original bill was merely and simply aid to the 9-11 workers in need – DONE!
The Republicans basically said to those workers and heroes – DROP DEAD!

The Republicans have followed this path of 'no' with one goal in mind, taking control of Congress.

Why do they want this so desperately?
Because they do not give a rats ass about the people of this country.  All they care about is power, the retention of power, and the money and influence that flows along with that power.

They say the Democrats did only bad things for the country in the two years of the Obama administration.
Like what?
Giving the poor a chance at health care?
Attempting to rein in Wall Street and the bankers who are already scheming to do it again?

Hasn’t the country seen enough of these phony bastards to understand where they are coming from?
Isn’t it clear that the wealthiest greediest among us are pulling the strings and the Party of No will do everything in their power to help them make more money while we wallow in despair?
If the Republicans take control in November this country may as well replace Old Glory with the corporate flag of the month.  December could be BP month followed by the NRA in January etc.  They’re already lining up!

The Republicans are as hypocritical a group of people as the world has ever seen.  (If you don't believe that Google Senator Grassley and find his speech about Death Panels for one.)  And how they can continue to pull the wool over the eyes of so many in this day and age of the internet and the 24/7 news cycle is beyond me.  In a way they must be commended for their staying power.
One can only hope that they are finally found out for what they truly are by the majority of voters before it's too late.
I hope for the day when some intelligent people not only pull back the curtain on these hypocrites but tear it off its rod and throw it away forever.
They want transparency?
Their evil methods ARE as transparent as they come.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ghouls R Us

I have long known that you don't want to joke with some business owners about the trade in which they work.
Many years ago I had a wonderful but smallish customer who would call once a month like clockwork to place an order for 500 yards of a fine sateen fabric.  The customer was in the casket business and had been with me for years.
I was always impressed with the fact they he used such a nice and expensive cloth to line the inside of his product since it was not going to be seen for long, at least not by the living.
One month he called and ordered 1,000 yards and I was shocked.
"Wow, a double order! What happened?"
"My business really picked up."
"Gee, that's too bad."
Long story short the man had no sense of humor and I had lost a customer due to mine.
But he was a legitimate businessman providing a needed service and making a fair living doing it well.
That brings me to a different type of creature that makes money off the dead, the insurance industry.
While some insurance is needed in our every day lives there is no denying that the industry has become filthy rich preying on our fears and hiding from our claims.
But the latest scam being perpetrated on the families of unsuspecting patriotic men and women who have given their lives to protect America is downright ghoulish!
If a serviceman or woman is killed in action and there is an insurance policy on that soldier the underwriter must make the payout.  But the law does not say they have to actually give the money to the family, merely make it available.  So they hold on to the cash and invest it and collect interest on it and maybe even loan it out at a nice rate while the grieving family sadly sorts out their next move.
Who would do such a disgusting immoral thing?
The Prudential Insurance Company has had the governmental contract for life insurance policies for our military for years and has had plenty of time to hone their skills at making money off the dead.
A law suit to is currently being pursued  states that Pru is making over 5% on the money they cleverly hide and invest while actually handing out less than 1% - on amounts of around $400,000!
Making money on the dearly departed by tricking those left behind is not illegal but it should be.  However based on what we've seen from Congress over the last few years good luck making that one a law.
So if you know anyone in the awful position of having to bury a loved one gently remind them to add policing their insurance carrier to their long list of things to be done.
And sadly in America - That's no joke!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Three For One

Shopping for more than you bargained?

Save your receipts or save your lives?
Seems like a silly choice but it now appears as though chemicals used in the paper receipts handed out at most stores can harm you.
The chemical known as BPA (Bisphenol A) is a plastic that can be found in those ubiquitous water bottles we all carry around.  It has been under attack by scientists and environmentalists for a while as a carcinogen.
Now it has been found in a far more ubiquitous place, cash register receipts!
The tiny piece of plasticized paper we throw into our grocery bags to mingle among our fruits and veggies is imparting on them an additive we could do without.
Either the industry must find a solution to the solution used in manufacturing the receipts or place the receipt's information on the web for me to download if needed later.
So the next time they ask you, "paper or plastic" tell them, "no thanks."

Strike Four?

I hope no one I know ever drives under the influence or while intoxicated.  But if they did I would also hope they didn't hurt anyone including themselves and that they got help!
Unfortunately we the people are not in control of the justice system and someone caught 'driving under the influence' is not brought in front of us for sentencing.
Equally as unfortunate for the rest of us who drive and or walk on the streets of Long Island Christopher Samenga was not brought in front of a judge with the intelligence of a common slug.
Mr. Samenga was arrested this past November for DWI and sentenced last week to merely 5 years probation.
But this was his 3rd arrest under the statute aimed at protecting the public from just such a menace as this and now he's emulating Willie Nelson.
So why the slap on the wrist?
No straight answer was offered by New York Supreme Court justice Meryl Berkowitz but perhaps the driving force behind the leniency was the fact that Christopher is the grandson of a retired NY Supreme Court Justice.
So if you know the umpire you get a couple more strikes?
Hey judge, can we at least know the guy's license number so we can hide?

An Uplifting Story

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension is not considered a major disease and as such anything developed to treat it would be called orphan drug.  This is a drug that could work if it had enough funding to bring it to market and keep it available.
Unfortunately or more accurately fortunately PAH only affects 600 children per year so no drug company would deem it profitable enough to work on a cure.
But what if a drug already on the market could be stroked and tweaked for double use?
Suppose that drug could rise to the occasion?
The drug company owning the patent on that drug would surely sit erect and smile.
Enough hints?
Okay, Pfizer's Viagra contains Sildenafil.  And Sildenafil, in a slightly lower dosage has been shown to help the fight against this debilitating disease in children.
The beauty of the situation for Pfizer is that the new drug will allow the affected children to grow old enough to go back on it!
Move over MasterCard - Pfizer's got a "Priceless" commercial of their own on the way!

I Approved This Message

Suppose someone told you that a certain product was the best there was?  That person then went on to say that to buy a different product would be a waste of money since it was completely inferior to his.  And he further said the manufacturer of that other brand was actually funding terrorist activities.
Basically you would be quite foolish to buy anything else, right?
Now suppose the man touting the original brand was the owner of the company.  Wouldn't that taint his argument just a bit and make you seek out better info?
While it is important to know everything about a product before your purchase it is equally as important to know from what source the analysis on that product came.
The same is true about politics, pending policies, and candidates running for office.
Political ads are naturally biased and in favor of the person who commissioned them.  Their loyalty is easy to figure out even without that annoying disclaimer about who approved the ad.  But equally as important is who funded the ad!
You'll  no doubt have a warm and fuzzy feeling about a candidate after viewing a television ad showing the guy with his loving wife and two small children.  Especially after the voice over tells you the guy wants to help your family find the same peace and contentment, right?
But would your warm glow change if you found out that the man’s first and second wives died during hunting trips and the ad was totally paid for by the National Rifle Association?
Okay that was a little over the top but...
Welcome to the real world.  The Republican Party just blocked a bill (where have I heard that one before?) that would have made it mandatory to disclose the monetary backers of just such an advertisement.
The list of exclusions demanded by the GOBP, sorry, I mean GOP included many large corporations and special interest groups such as the NRA effectively neutering a well intentioned bill.
One wonders what these groups have to hide.  If the product they are backing, after all isn't every politician merely a product these days, is such a good thing for us then why are they hiding in the shadows when they say so?  Why not come out and stand tall behind their convictions.  Proudly pronounce their support.  Perhaps the word ‘convictions’ frightens them?
First the incredibly conservative John Roberts led Supreme Court allowed for the funding of political ads by corporations which could possibly be multi-national in origin and un-American in political leanings.  Now this blockage of transparency by the Party of 'No Freaking Way' could be seen as the final blow to fair elections in the country.
Never have we had a better opportunity to see first hand and within a few short years the power of closed door meetings between high ranking government officials and the special interest groups who pay dearly for their access.  All we must do is think back to the secret energy meetings at the White House between Dick Cheney and the heads of the five oil families and then fast forward to the Gulf of Mexico today!
Like it or not advertising works.  Don’t think so?  Then you are among the best candidates to fall for the spin!  Just ask Jerry Della Famina who some feel is the inspiration behind the Donald Draper character of AMC’s "Mad Men."  He wrote the definitive book on advertising and about how they can sell you anything entitled, “From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor.”
Unfortunately the way it stands now whenever a politician speaks it is a commercial for his sponsor much like the old TV show “Mutual of Omaha’s Natural Kingdom.”  Remember such fun as host Marlin Perkins holding a baby bear cub? “This baby cub is cute and cuddly but still needs momma bear to keep it safe.  You can keep your baby cubs safe with a Mutual of Omaha…”
If we continue moving in this direction it will not be long before congressional speeches will be interrupted by breaks during which we will hear the actual news and weather for a minute before returning to the spin.
At this point the only way to tell one candidate from another would be to force them to wear the uniforms of their owners much like in baseball or NASCAR.  "Now speaking for the current bill, the Senator from Exxon..."
So where do we go from here?
How can we get out from under the control of the corporate thumb?
I would love to travel around the country telling everyone my solution but unfortunately I cannot find a sponsor.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stone's Soul Picnic

According to an article in Slate Magazine Oliver Stone made some stupid remarks and came off sounding antisemitic.  He may well be but the issue is larger than just one jackass.
Mr. Stone is one person and the fact that he is an idiot should not be held against him.  And we should thank him for baring his soul so that we may view his opinions in the light of day.
We cannot change the minds of every living human being to think the way each of us wishes since every living human being thinks differently to begin with!  I say potato - you say potato (it comes off better when spoken.)
There are many people who still think Hitler was okay and should have gone further.
Among that deluded anti-social group you will find for example Hutton and Mel Gibson.  And yet the younger of that Nazi loving duo is still making money in Hollywood, that Jewish hotbed of opinions and puppet master of the  media.
Another person who flits and floats between hate groups and is famous for his stand against 'anyone not him' is currently an MSNBC contributor?!? I generally don't even like to say his name but for the sake of this post it's Pat Buchanan.
I switch stations whenever he is brought into a discussion since it is a waste of time to listen to him spew his hate.  Hey MSNBC - We already know his position so move on.
There are people who seem to truly believe Obama is not an American citizen.  These people still believe themselves to be intelligent and dare I say it human so it's obvious they are delusional!
The bottom line is this is America and we cannot do anything legally to morons who espouse racism, more obvious since the President was sworn in and antisemitism, which never goes away but is on the rise again and a whole slew of other bias based beliefs unless they incite to riot and even then the punishment will not be for the underlying crime to society.
The best we can do is boycott films that these hate mongers have anything to do with.
I have not seen anything Gibson was involved with since he outed himself years ago and will now add Stone to my growing list of glowing idiots.  We can only hurt them in their wallets and allow them to slink away into their bomb shelters to await whatever disaster they feel is coming.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Of Mice and Loopholes

In true "better mousetrap" mode the moment a rule; regulation; or law is passed those who may be adversely affected by it invent a plethora of loopholes to circumvent it.
Actually the above is slightly naive as teams of attorneys and accountants are hard at work weeks before any actionable bill is passed into law.
This group of highly specialized homogeneous heroes of the corporate woirld fire up the old W-O-P-R as soon as a proposal to change things is suggested in congress or even the media.  They secretly 'what if' every conceivable outcome until all bases are covered and they cannot be hurt.
Their next move is to come with talking points to nudge the rule toward the least troublesome outcome.  This is done while bemoaning even that one as though it would hurt them and thereby be good for society.
If Hollywood produced the above it might be enjoyable but this is no War Game.  This is real life and in real life real people are hurt by these faceless groups.  They make it necessary to come up with new laws and rules and regulations.
Loopholes, by definition exist to navigate around the law without getting caught!
The latest example of all this is our Financial Reform bill.
Our nation and the World is still struggling to get out from under the crisis caused by greedy unscrupulous and politically connected people who saw the middle class and the poor as tiny reservoirs of liquidity upon which to binge.
Millions lost their jobs and nest eggs and homes.  When the government finally stepped in it was too late.
Mortgage backed securities had to face the reality that their realty business was a sham.  This reservoir was finite and the drought had begun.
Banks and banking institutions were and still are failing.
To temporarily halt the free fall into the abyss our government pumped more dollars into the dried up well.
Disaster abated - New disaster begins.
Relieved banks and bank boards used bailouts for bonuses and balanced balance sheets by breaking out the bad  from them.  No new loans were to be given out because they had to know what new rules and regulations were going to be put in place (wink - wink.)
Moving at governmental break neck speed proposals were put forth to stop future financial failures that would have far reaching consequences.  But with all the 'no-strings attached' excess tax-payer cash and one political party hell bent on the other's failure the industry once again cranked up the lobbies and turned the W-O-P-R back on.  The loophole express was leaving the station - All Aboard!
How about a nice game of chess?
The final result of this latest in a long line of DC ballets came last week in the form of a 'reform' bill.  This one curiously excludes from scrutiny; regulation; or punishment so many businesses and industries as to render it totally ineffectual.
It has been said that one loophole can neuter a bill.  This one makes eunuchs of us all!
We finally built a better mousetrap unfortunately we needed to catch rats.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Deflected Again

In the continuing fight against truth; justice; and the old American way another woman was kicked, soiled and thrown to the curb this week by one of the lowest of the low creatures this country has produced.
By now just about everyone has heard of the story of Ms. Shirley Sherrod so there is no need to reiterate the sordid details herewith.  But one thing is clear the culprit and evil mastermind has for the moment been allowed to slink away back into the shadows he so loves.
And with the media continuing to call this the Sherrod case we do both this woman and the cowardly perpetrator a dis-justice.
We should bring the entire case out into the open and praise Andrew Breitbart for successfully taking the country's attention away from all the real problems we have in America and creating one with his criminal defaming of a good woman.
This man deserves to be brought out into the light and given his due!  And not just by the Fox network which was all too happy to propagate the lies he produced by editing and broadcasting that video.
Fox took the unchecked, untrue, story and made it their top breaking news story on each and every one of their equally phony news shows.
And the orchestrated ballet continued even after the truth was made known.  Fox and cronies did their usual about-face by demanding to know why the Obama administration fired this poor woman!
The evil Breitbart who must be brought to justice and made to pay at the very least with a 'defamation of character' lawsuit knew exactly what he was doing when he pieced together his video and sent it on to the foxes.
But more than just going after another innocent law abiding citizen this low-life and the network that craves his type of handiwork have managed to waste another week that should have been focused on getting America out of the current recession.
While everyone was watching and talking about this phony video Elena Kagan was confirmed as the latest Supreme Court justice; The financial reform bill was passed and signed into law; an extension of the benefits for out of work Americans was passed (without much help by the Republicans or puppets of industry like Ben Nelson.)
These positive stories had to be hidden.
They had to be moved off the front pages.
No one could know that the President was successful in getting another few pieces of his agenda through Congress.  That might show him and his administration in a favorable light and the 'right' cannot have that!
So instead the 'right' driven media focused on the negative story.
Fox and Breitbart knew and expected the media frenzy over the plight of this one woman.  They knew exactly what course of action the story would cause.  After all it was not the first time they had done this type of immoral if not criminal act.
Fox and cronies orchestrated the ACORN take down as well as blocking many individuals who if not for the filibustering Republicans and special interest lobbying efforts would today be working in the Obama administration helping America move forward.
If President Obama does anything good during his first four years in the White House the Republican; Fox; Tea Party; Radical Right plan is to bury it!  This game plan has worked so far and there seems to be no reason it will not continue to do so in the future unless America wakes up to the deception.
Will these creatures of the night win?
Success is in the eye of the beholder.
Every battle has a winner and a loser.
Unfortunately every time the 'radical right' or the cronies at Fox or evil minded morons such as Breitbart win human beings lose!

Not So Grateful Dead

The President today signed into law a bill aimed at stopping improper payments to fugitives, people in jail and the dead.
The savings to the government could amount to $50 billion and is sorely needed although it will only amount to half the $110 billion paid out in error last year.
Fugitives could not be reached for comment and convicted criminals already in jail claimed they had not received any illegal funds.  "We are innocent of any wrongdoings."
As for the dead spokesperson Sookie Stackhouse said, "The government is taking away our life's blood  and we will not take this lying down."  Ms. Stackhouse said she will discuss this travesty of justice with her long-time confidant, Mr. Bill Compton who added, "We will take this fight to our graves!"

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Charlie Brown Never Gets to Kick the Ball!

Like a "B" movie rerun the Democrats are trying to figure out how they fell for another cheap political trick hurled at them by the scum on the 'right' side of the aisle.
Taking an old video with Ms. Shirley Sherrod explaining a key moment in her life's development and editing out some key parts of her speech some low-life criminal type by the name of Andrew Breitbart made it sound as though this caring woman was instead a terrible racist.
Breitbart, who himself is obviously a racist and should not be confused with Bright Bart of the Simpsons since he is not that good had months to work and rework his evil task.
When it was finished he sent it to, who else but Fox News!  They were all too eager to expose anyone associated with the Obama administration and as usual did not bother to fact check.  Facts only get in the way of a story anyway and when you have people like Limbaugh and Beck and oh so many others who don't even know what a fact is the idea of checking is moot.
Of course the Republicans and especially the extreme right wing-nuts are all over the Obama administration for firing the poor lady.  "How could you do such a thing?"
The crocodile tears, make that crock of shit tears by all the righties including Breitbart was to be expected and probably part of the plan should the truth be found out.
But truth be told the real question is why does anyone ever listen to anything these 'chicken little' cry babies on the right say?  When will the grown-ups of the Democratic Party realize that the minority Party of No is just out to get back in power and they care not who they smear in order to do so.
The Democrats should start using the old Reagan tactic and when confronted with such inane stupidity just laugh, snicker and intone, "There you go again."
And if pressed just bring up all the previous bogus scandals they produced from ACORN on and also ask how many of their members are set to travel the old Allegheny Trail using Rent Boy to carry their bags?
And while they are taking off their shoes and socks so they can count past ten bring back Ms. Sherrod!
Hey guys we've all seen this movie before.
How about giving them two thumbs down!  

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tower of Power

For all intents and purposes the Lighthouse Project that could have revitalized the area around and including the dilapidated outdated Nassau Coliseum is dead.
Admittedly it was a broad-minded large scaled project that bordered on unrealistic but since when has that stopped us from trying to make the future better than the past or present?
I'll tell you since when - since small-minded power brokers such as Kate Murray got in the way.
It is normal to want to reshape anything we own to fit our needs.  We may then say, "this is mine."
But a politician does not own a town!
A politician is in place to do what's best for the area he or she represents.
And when that politician loses sight of those simple facts it is time for that politician to slink away!
When the smoke from the war over the project clears the Nassau Coliseum may well house a Shinnecock Indian Nation Casino.  And although I doubt there will be, a room should be dedicated to Ms. Murray.  Hopefully it will be one of those housing toilets.
With Hofstra walking distance away from the inevitable Murray Casino I can envision many students being tempted to lose their loan payments on tribal tables of chance.
And using the Atlantic City Boardwalk as an example I can also envision the neighborhoods surrounding the casino turning into slums as money is siphoned out of the area and into the pockets of those few in charge.
Sound bites are the only way to grab the attention of political minds these days.  So here are a few chronological limericks concerning the soon to be former home of the Kansas City Hockey team formerly known as the Islanders.

Developers all have an itch
To invest and thereby get rich
But plan as they will
It may all come to nil
When it's stopped by a small-minded bitch.

Wasted time and potential's a sin
As no side in the battle gives in
For the project Lighthouse
Wang and Murray both grouse
Hempstead's caught in a trap with no win.

Progress has now hit a wall
As Kate Murray has just screwed us all
The Lighthouse is through
A casino is due
Power's blinded this small-minded troll.

I can think of one more limerick.  It starts, There once was a woman named Kate...
I won't continue it but it's a good bet the Shinnecocks will finish it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pope, Female Priests & Pedophilia

Clearly the Pope is speaking the party line when he declares female Priests and pedophilia to be of equal sin.  Unfortunately for him his party line is almost as deaf to his decreasing number of followers as is the Republican Party's.
Both entities espouse a tenet of "just say no" although the political one will change when and if they become a majority.
As for the Vatican they are missing out on a fantastic opportunity of bringing in more members from which to gain power and money.  The World is comprised of more women than men and to summarily close them out because of some old fashioned beliefs not based in fact is so much more than absurd as to border on insanity.
Of course as a happy non-catholic I am on the outside looking in and frankly couldn't care less what the richest man in the entire history of the world wishes to do with his flock.  But really sir, how many rings can you wear at one time?
If he were to seek the council of a few wise men he might open up the doors and the opportunities to women.  We've already seen what a mess the male priests have made of things as they try to alter boys into men.
Singer-songwriter Helen Reddy had a hit single entitled, "I Am Woman" in which she roared her rebirth into society.  I do not profess to have her talent but I can put words together on occasion.  This is one of those occasions and it's dedicated to all people and groups of the world who feel the need to suppress the female of our species, such as the Taliban and many other so-called religious sects.
Your fear is unfounded and your principals are in error. Your demise is written lest you change your incredibly stupid ways.

I am the vessel from which springeth forth
All manner of offspring East West South & North
I quietly nurture, I rear and I train
Our children to grow strong and sing life's refrain
Without me the Planet would sadly go bare
But churches continue as if they don't care
They must soon adapt; they must learn our true worth
For if not heaven help us there's no future for Earth.

It must sound naive but I have one question for women living in or under suppressive leadership - WHY?  Rise up; speak up; revolt or leave!  How can you live under such stupid regimes knowing how superior you are to your supposed masters?  Supplant or replace them and start anew.  The world; your children; and society will thank you for it!