Monday, September 30, 2013

Must We Reap what the So and Sos Sow?

Throughout history people have understood that we reap that which we sow so is it any wonder that there is more anger in the air, more frustration than ever before?
Little by little this anger can be seen as a creeping weed invading the once plentiful garden of our country.
We see it in the words used in twitter to describe anyone not totally in agreement with our opinion. I have fallen into the trap myself and use so called bad words speaking about the right wing and conservatives of our Nation.
But to be fair and to use a childish refrain, they started it!
Now I realize that is no excuse to join them in the muck and mire of name calling but at some point the frustration of seeing the country and all the good people who deserve better getting less and less
becomes a strain on the walls of civility's dam.
We elect men and women to office that we feel have integrity to do what's the best for America, be it
the entire country or our State or even local county.
But instead of public service the job these people have decided is utmost on their agenda is raking in more money and getting reelected.
When I hear every Republican and especially members of their neo radical right wing aka the Tea Party refer to members of the party on the left side of the aisle as "My Democrat opponent" he or she is doing so from a script that says you must always demean them.
In case you don't know the use of the phrase or word Democrat in place of the correct term, Democratic is a childish attempt to use a word that rhymes with rat.
It is from the same right wing brain that tried to and is still trying to kill the affordable care act when they dubbed it Obamacare. They felt tying it to the one person they so despised that it makes them lose sight of not only the big picture but any picture was a good strategy!
Now we have a new insidious self-serving creature to deal with. A freshman Senator in Congress who fashions himself a new sort of savior for the country. He is using a mixture of McCarthy and (I hesitate to use the name so I will only hint at it) a former evil dictator of Germany to get his way.
And I say his way because that is exactly what it is, HIS WAY!
And those two words are the first part of what has become the Tea Party's mantra, Our Way or the highway!
Sadly their way is the LOW way as it could in fact bring down government. It most certainly will bring the government to a standstill and hurt a majority of people who do not seem to understand or remember the ramifications of what happens when good people don't stop bad people from doing bad things.
One thought looms large when thinking of this group of nay-sayers on the far right and that is, if you really hate government and want to shrink it to the size of a pea so you can flush it down the toilet one would think a job in government might not be your wisest choice!
But once again it is important to realize these people don't care about anyone but themselves so ruining government IS their end game. And in some delusional way they feel once that is accomplished the country will beat a path to their door for guidance on what to do next!
However I do not think anyone is completely evil in every respect, nor do i think anyone is completely without fault, except for me of course. Therefore I know that the junior Senator from Texas and many of his colleagues probably have some good points here and there.
When will we learn from history???
This type of evil maniacal  bastard CANNOT
be allowed to take over America again!!!
But I also know that they are going about it the wrong way.
As anyone with children will tell you temper tantrums rarely work out well for anyone involved but especially not for the one throwing the tantrum! After a while the sane rational thinking parents will push back. In this case we already see the less radical members of the Republican Party basically telling Cruz to shut up and let them do their jobs, such as it were.
As for America in this era of nearly total Tea Party takeover of the terrible Republican Party if things do not change what will be sown will only delight the GRIM reaper.