Thursday, August 12, 2010

Family Values?

In America these days most families know people who are out of work.  Many if not most of these unemployed people lost their jobs due to an unprecedented economic downturn and greedy owners of companies unwilling to share a touch more of their wealth with the people who helped them get it.
For the most part the greedy wealthy class are also known as Republicans and they claim to be, among other things the 'family values' party.
But are they?
And it's good to use that word when describing the Republican Party since NO has really become their mantra.
With families hurting in America the Republicans in Congress have continually voted against and blocked all votes for aid to the average American.
They have already shown their true colors in last year's dirty fight over a Health Care Reform bill and now they have stopped an extension on COBRA benefits for out of work Americans.
They continue to side with anyone they consider wealthy enough to possibly give them bribes.  They suck up to big business like a child to a teat.
Big oil only has to say AH and the Republicans offer CHOO!
And yet for some reason they still have a following among the very same people they despise, the average American!
Are people so stupid?
Even dogs eventually realize when an owner is only interested in hurting them and run away so why can't the poor and middle class of this country face the fact?
But Americans and especially women line up to support the party that offers candidates who fight an opponent because she may wear high heels!  They line up to get an autographed copy of a supposed autobiographical book from an author so stupid she probably can't even read it.
The polls show that people are frustrated with the lack of positive change in the economy.
The people are right, there has not been a fast enough turnaround.
The poll show the people will therefore vote out the party in power.
The polls are right.
But what the polls do not show is the concerted effort by the Party of No to get where we are today.
Their plan was to keep the economy down long enough to cause more job loss and more housing foreclosures and more people to die due to lack of healthcare.  They wanted to funnel more and more money into the pockets of the wealthiest 2% of the country in the form of the continued Bush Tax gift and it appears as though they will even get that done!
And the undeserved reward they will receive for their actions will be a return to power.
And the families they will help will only be their own.  Those are the only families they value!

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