Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Future Great Sports Writer

So that you may say I knew him when read the following and take note!
For the rest of this week, and hopefully a bit longer you should really read posts by Rich Resch about the Football Giants and New England Patriots as they head to the Super Bowl.
Rich is a very good writer and an excellent analyst.
Don't take my word for it - go ahead and link over to the Giants Football Blog and see for yourself.
I don't always agree with his thoughts since I am a Giants fan and therefore don't like any other team.  But I have never fully disagreed with them either.  He has a way of pointing out the good and bad of a team that makes the reader sit up and take note.  (That also pisses me off when he proves me wrong but don't tell him that.)
One of these days a smart national media corporation will spot this diamond in the rough, or is it raw and snap him up.  But until then you will have to seek his posts out
As of this moment he has analyzed the two teams' Quarterbacks; Offensive Lines; and Running Backs.  I assume that the defense will be up shortly and perhaps special teams.
I am sure by game time he will have finished his total team analysis and given his thoughtful opinion on the outcome.
Naturally I have no idea what that is since he is only my son and therefore hardly tells me anything but...
If you can you should also link on over to his internet radio show which is live on Tuesday evenings at 9pm and archived for your listening pleasure any other time.
Enjoy his writing and enjoy the game.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Response to Continued STUPID Emails!

The rant below is actually an email response by me to a message I received from a woman I used to think had a brain and could analyze rational thought.
I had hoped she would see when some things were out and out lies meant to stir up hatred but sadly she does not dig any deeper than the superficial headline of a story as long as it furthers her and her husband's agenda of getting rid of President Obama.
The unreal hatred of this President by those on the right is out of control.
The last time the right wing was so worked up was when Fox and O'Reilly in particular fanned the flames and caused a crazy person to shoot and kill Dr. Tiller.
After that we hoped things would calm down but an Alaskan loser pumped up her crazies with gun targets on maps and Gabby Giffords is lucky to be alive although many are not as a result of that act.
This rant below was in response to an email telling everyone how awful Michele Obama is and how she had the nerve to spend over $400 at the Waldorf for a room service tab in October 2008!
No notice of the circumstances or if there were 400 people at the meal, just out and out hate!
And no mention of how the $400 was one one thousandth of the amount on Mr. Gingrich's tab at Tiffany.
Not everyone in this world is forever and always a saint, thank goodness.  We would never have any fun if they were.  But not everyone is forever and always as evil as they are made out to be.
I am certain each and every Republican is good sometimes.  I just wish they would show it a little more often and stop fanning the flames of hate.
I for one am tired of this crap and as a result I now have to block emails from a former friend!

My reply:

Let’s take the ni**er b*tch out and lynch her!  Does that fit in with your psyche?
You and your husband have an agenda that revolves solely around Israel and anyone who seems to stand on the side of anything but 110% for that country is to be put to death.
Let’s agree that I too want Israel to survive but I am not so stupid as to believe that the Republicans are asking for power to keep the tiny beautiful country in existence.
The repugnant Republicans realize that they have been able to bamboozle a bunch of you fools into believing they are on your side when in fact they are on nobody’s side but their own!
They want only to keep control and continue to live higher than Michele Obama ever dreamed of living!
And they do so by asking for and keeping bribes they get from the very people who could not care if you live or die!
As for the woman’s food bill at the Waldorf 4 years ago do we really want to go down that road?
Are you willing to tell me that no one else in history has spent cash while in office?
Bush comes to mind and if you add in the lives he threw away on a war for personal gain it runs into the billions, no TRILLIONS!!
Let’s face it if the first lady was mother Theresa you and your group would be vilifying her for paying too much for rosaries!
Get off your high horse and open your eyes to the real sad story of this former great country – We are headed down a dangerous path not because of the policies of the current President or his wife's food bill or even the last President, as unbelievably inept as he was but because of the policies of hate and fear and personal greed of the Congress and the 1% that OWNS them and pollutes your thinking!
Enough with the stupid shit about the Obamas – Physician heal thyself and thy house first then talk to humans!!!

The Rich Envy Us!?!

There are many points of view on the world and these days everyone has a blog that gives voice to them.  One of the many is a blogging duo who go by the name of Lester & Charlie.
I need add nothing to the following poll which comes by way of their collective brain:

Last week, after a national poll showed that two-thirds of the country now sees a strong conflict between the haves and the have-nots, psycho-rich Mitt Romney stated: “You’re all just jealous.”

We wondered if Mitt and his crowd aren't really jealous of US - so we asked why YOU think the haves might be jealous of the have-nots.

And here's how you answered:

Write-in answers include:
  • Because they get to own a heart
  • They know where to buy the best second-hand clothes
  • Because they've never had the joy of receiving an unemployment check
  • They can't live with the reality of what they have done
  • They want to know what it's like to spend 50% of their income on clothes, just to keep their boss happy
  • They're jealous that we pay for all the roads and bridges and they only get to have their names put on them when they're dead
  • Because life cannot be appreciated without a struggle
  • They suspect that poor people get a discount on the Lester & Charlie newsletter

Friday, January 20, 2012

Republican Music 2012

With one debate after another this season of the Republican Primary has turned into a mass of blurry BS sprinkled with hypocritical hogwash aimed at bamboozling enough un and under educated voters as possible.
Sadly it has worked so far as the candidates who have dropped out of the race are not much worse than the ones remaining.
None of us are without faults but most of us don't lie for a living. Well I just lost any trial lawyers who read my blog.
As human beings many if not all of us have trouble remembering all the facts.
But it is equally true that when long pieces of information or soliloquies are put to music or placed in pleasing rhyme schemes they may become, well, memorable.
I was never in a Shakespeare play nor did I commit any of his works to memory but I can recite the "tomorrow and tomorrow..." piece as well as anyone this side of Richard Burton and friends.
So for the aid and assistance of those of you who's eyes have blurred and ears are aching listening to the phony rhetoric spewing from both sides of the mouths of the Republican Presidential hopefuls I offer four simple poetic (I hope) explanations of their character.
In no special order I give you:

The Song of Romney

I know I was flawed as my bank account soared
But don't expect a straight answer!
I made money hand over fist
And you who have clawed
To pay your room and board
Are surely at me quite pissed

But vote for me now and I'll show you how
To make all your small dreams come true
And this I here vow
if my fortune you allow
Past the tax code unscathed to sneak through

Hey Abbot
Newt's Plaint

I know I was harsh on old Bill
When his Presidency I tried to kill
Sure I too had a fling
But I gave her a ring
And next time and again I will!

Let me think - NOT GOV'TS JOB!
Ron Paul Bearer's Wish

Like Humpty upon his great wall
Should any of our poor people fall
If bones they do break
To the hospital take
Their own money, not mine AT ALL!

And finally:

Please God No!
Notes from the Inner Santorum

A woman's body's her temple
To be worshipped and honored and such
And all must follow MY example
Before marriage you never may touch

As for fetus and zygote and sperm
Between Bible and life there's no chasm
Presidents must decide for their term
When and where you may have your orgasm!

I hope these little ditties make it easier for all voters when they pull that important lever come November.  America's future rests in their hand heaven help us!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hollywood Innards

Earlier, or in the blogger-sphere, lower down from here I wrote about my favorite last lines Hollywood style. 
There must be an addendum to the post and it should include favorite scenes not necessarily at the end or the beginning.
In the future I may post another list but for now I wish to put one such scene and one great flub out there.
In Spielberg's Indiana Jones (#3) - Last Crusade Harrison Ford returns to Germany to recover his dad's diary stolen by the Nazis.  The diary has important information in it about the location of the Holy Grail.  While trying to make his escape a crowd pushes him backwards and he inadvertently ends up face to face with Hitler. The Nazi leader stares at him with a total deadpan, then notices the diary.  He takes the book; calls for a pen; autographs the first page and hands it back.
All this done to the amazement of Ford who sports a boyish grin that adds to the fun.

Ordinarily flubs are cut out before a film is released
Thankfully this one was not and it cracks me up every time I see the following scene.
In 'The Fifth Element' the character Father Cornelius, played by Ian Holm comes to the door of Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) to steal his prize ticket to a hotel, well it's complicated.
But when the door is opened Mr. Holm stutters his worried greeting, "Uh, Mr Willis..."
Without hesitation or change in expression Willis say, "Dallas."
Holm shakes his head and continues, "Dallas..."
And the scene goes on as if nothing had happened.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Don’t Hire the Politically Handicapped

Forget political parties; forget ideological affiliations; forget political patronage; forget everything you ever learned about right and wrong and ask yourself if you believe there is any job in the world that can only be done by one person and one person alone!
In other words if the person doing that job was suddenly gone would that mean the job would go forever without being done? Should we close up the entire shop when one of the key players leaves?
Of course this is absurd and only vastly egomaniacal people with personality disorders bordering upon insanity would think so.
And yet we hear this kind of talk every day on the political stage. And I call it a stage since we can all see that our leaders are indeed players acting upon it with generally no real idea what their next line is. They are given those lines by the true rulers of the country working behind the scenes in board rooms and proverbial smoke-filled rooms of Wall Street and the like.
But don’t think these anti middle class shenanigans are only played out on the national stage. Pull back the curtain a bit and you will find these acts are as abundant if not more so ‘off-Broadway’ as well as on albeit in a much smaller market affecting smaller numbers of citizens.
This week it came to light that New York’s Suffolk County executive Steve Bellone hired Fred Pollert to fill the role of Chief Fiscal Deputy.
This is good since we all know how badly government is doing these days and a little fiscal responsibility wouldn’t hurt.
But 62 year old Mr. Pollert is already receiving a tax payer funded pension of just under $133,000 per year to twiddle his thumbs. The hiring of this former budget guru will now cost the cash strapped county an additional $175,000 per year. Not to mention increase the man’s future pension higher into the stratosphere.
Of course the county must secure a waiver in order to get Mr. Pollert his extra spending money but since when did a small matter of keeping within the law ever stop a little back room deal from becoming a reality.
But as I said at the beginning of this piece let’s forget all this and focus on one statement made by the man about to dole out more cash from the cash strapped coffers of the county.
“This is a classic definition of why we have a waiver,” Bellone said. "We have a fiscal crisis . . . and there is no one who has Fred's wealth of knowledge or depth of experience to get the job done . . . We cannot afford time for a learning curve."
No one???  Not even Ayn Rand (I shudder to mention that name but for effect what the heck.)
Naturally the arguments will be made showing the mans credentials and the possibility that he can help the county in the long run but my question is simply, if he is the right man for the job then why should we not ask Mr. Bellone to step down and let the real man do the job?
Again let me iterate that Mr. Pollert has performed admirably in his previous positions including his work under Steve Levy, the Demopublican or is it Repubocrat, I forget which former county executive of Suffolk.
Fred Pollert also moved into another high paying position after his last stint in public life to work for LIPA, or as I affectionately call it, LIPA-suction since it tends to remove all the fat from the wallets of Long Islanders.
I understand that when one wins an election and has to start governing it is a good thing to have people you know working alongside you. It is also important to have the right man, or woman for that job. But is it possible that in the end there is only one person that can foot the bill, fill the vacancy and do the job?
We are already paying Mr. Pollert a more than adequate thank you for 27 years of service. Could there be another person with some financial knowledge and skills somewhere out there who may, for reasons not of his or her choosing be unemployed and in need of a job?
Remember what Ben Franklin said when he purportedly proposed choosing an elderly woman to receive his affections over a younger one; (sic) she is much more experienced and far more grateful!
And so too the person hired to do the necessary job of cleaning up the county will not have any party affiliation or be burdened by the need to pay back a favor other than the one to his new employer, Suffolk County!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Get UP! - Early on Weekends

This will seem like an add for a TV show but it's actually a call to arms for all intelligent people who want a talk show that fully covers an issue fairly and without the guests screaming over each other to be heard.
It's called "UP with Chris Hayes" and it airs very early on the East Coast on MSNBC every Saturday & Sunday.  (Check your local listings etc blah blah, yada yada yada.)
I watch the “Up with Chris L Hayes” show all the time and tweet with him (no replies as yet but…) and his supporters regularly because I feel a kinship with concerned individuals with brains.
Having written the last sentence I just lost all Fox viewers!
In my estimation Chris Hayes shares the title of best host/commentator on television by virtue of his understanding of the issues and his fairness toward the other side with Rachel Maddow.  Those two are head and shoulders above anyone I have ever seen on Fox and for the most part better than many of their counterparts on MSNBC.
Mr. Hayes also has a keen awareness of what the viewer is seeing and hearing and often expands upon a guest’s statement so as to bring those less educated on a particular subject into the conversation.
For this reason and the fact that most stations have been afraid to seem too intelligent in the light of attacks from the owner/operators of conservative media Chris L Hayes’ “UP” will most likely never make it to prime time.
This is a terrible shame because the ‘dumbing-down’ of America has got to stop soon or we will all be looking at a Republican controlled government and that is definitely a slippery slope to doom for anyone not in the so-called top 2 or 3% in the country.
As I've always said, an educated electorate is the Republican Party's worst nightmare.
Let's give them restless nights!!!