Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lawmakers Pass New York State Budget - NYTimes.com

Yay, New Yorkers finally have a budget to look at and see who will be paying for the failures of our leaders.
Guess who!
Not the wealthy, not the politicians who are telling us how they will get the cash, nope!
Specifically left off the list of those whose taxes will rise are those poor, poor - pass the hat - alms for the poor Hedge Fund workers!
Yup, those wonderful folk who manipulate derivatives and derive more derivatives from the derivatives they derived in the first place! In other words once again the people who work in the industry that in part caused all of our economic woes are shielded from pain.
Perhaps we can raise the tax rate on the rest of us so we can create a fund to bail these poor poor people out in a year or so when they fail and take whatever is left of the economy at that time!
When will our politicians finally treat 'we the people' fairly? After all don't we elect them to do so?
Sorry, a little naivete crept into my old brain and I reverted to la la land for a moment.
Politicians and detectives attempting to solve a crime follow a very similar method - THEY FOLLOW THE MONEY!
The difference is detectives arrest the criminals when they find that money. Politicians just take it home.

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