Thursday, February 13, 2014


This winter keeps on going
All the trucks and cars have stopped
Once again the precips falling
Once again New York’s been popped

The people drudge through snow drifts
          That could make a grown man cry
They lift their heads for guidance
          But get snowflakes in their eye

The forecast is horrendous
          I can’t bring myself to look
When it’s time to watch the weather
          I just open up a book

Maybe I should hibernate
          Those bears have got it right
Then let it sleet and snow and rain
          I’ll sleep through day and night

But come next year I’m out of here
          The South is where I’ll go
If Punxsutawney Phil gets up
          And sees his darn shadow!


The children all frolicked the grownups were stunned
They lived in a place in which springtime had shunned
Surely the flowers and warmth would return
Wouldn’t you love to have one more sunburn?
But the cold front refused to move even one bit
In this horrible Winter that just wouldn’t quit.

The view was idyllic with white all around
On houses and trees and of course on the ground
They shoveled their walks and they shoveled their drives
Clearing paths through the snow had become now their lives
Tired and achy they wanted to sit
In this horrible Winter that just wouldn’t quit.

We’re sure that we could like this bright wonderland
If it were on schedule or it had been planned
But it came out of nowhere this soft furry blight
And it’s driving us mad and there’s no end in sight
We pray to the heavens “Please rid us of it.”
“This horrible Winter that just will not quit.”



The sun gave no heat as it rose in the sky
And the people looked upward and said “Why, oh why?”
They all hoped the temperature’s numbers would gain
“Oh rid us of snow and please bring us sweet rain”
But their prayers went unanswered and that’s just the pits
“Our lives are on hold until this winter quits.

The schools are all closed and the kids are about
We love them all dearly but we want them out
Our days are spent plowing in the front, sides and back
And at night we’re exhausted as we hit the sack
Our home is our universe and with warm fire lit
We hide from this Winter that just will not quit.

We’ve given up hope and accepted our fate
We grin and we bear it we just sit and wait
The Jet Stream, El NiƱo, the Ozone and such
Can’t seem to help us and don’t matter much
There’s no use complaining no need for a snit
This horrible Winter? It just will not quit!



The people did walk and did slide and did fall
As they all met together at good old Town Hall
The Mayor announced in a voice loud and clear
“I cannot remember such a terrible year
We must work on a cure to our town’s awful fit
And survive through this Winter which just will not quit.”

And we argued and talked about what could be done
While the children were outside and having such fun
Then the Mayor’s wife offered a thought bold and new
“We’ll put on a show.” She said “That’s what we’ll do.”
And shortly thereafter we all planned a skit
To defy this cruel Winter which just wouldn’t quit.

The town pulled together.  We worked hard and late
We swore that our show would be no less than great
With scenery, dancing, some songs and a band
Our spirits were lifted.  We all felt quite grand
We poured in our hearts and our souls and our wit
And made fun of this Winter which just would not quit.


We did have one fear, an unspoken fright
That we’d be alone here on opening night
But the curtain went up without one empty seat
“We did it” We cried “What a wonderful feat”
We put on a show and that show was a hit
And we laughed at the Winter which just wouldn’t quit.

Our play was rewarded with such a long run
That all failed to note that a thaw had begun
And as winter ebbed over each hill and dale
We all were quite certain that we heard it wail
“You people have shown me you all have true grit
And I won’t stick around in a town that won’t quit.”