Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Kind of Non Profit

How would you like to make millions, no billions and still be called a non-profit organization?
Well for one thing you have to be politically connected and be willing to spread some of your "non profit" profits around in bribes.  But what's a few million dollars when you not only have billions but are assured of making far more than that in the future?
Sounds like a load of crap, right?
The non-profit known as Blue Cross/Blue Shield does just that and wouldn't you know it, they're an insurance company!
According to a Consumer Reports special health investigation (please click & learn) letter requesting action if we - and that means you - do not act it will only get worse.
(The actual report is much longer and while you should read it I know you will not unless you are an attorney with lots of time on your hands. But look at it if you can find it anyway and get a feel for the work Consumer Reports put into the project.)
Ever wonder why you don't really hear all that much about the unbelievably watered down health bill that the puppets in Congress finally passed? Perhaps that's because it was an embarrassing joke.  Unfortunately the joke was and is on us!
Continuing to allow the health insurance industry run amok over our lives is a prescription for disaster.

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