Sunday, June 9, 2019


Why are there so many
Tweets against rainbows
And flags that are flying high
Rainbows are colorful
They make us happy
So why would you hate them, why?

They are but symbols
Of love and of friendship
And feelings we all should desire

Someday we'll all know
The power of rainbows
And peace love and friendship will grow

Who said majority
Rules a Democracy
Was that a bridge too far
Our Founders thought of it
And voters believed it
Look what has happened thus far

When will division
Be changed to addition
And when will that day set us free?
Wouldn't it be great
If our love could trump hate
And rainbows were for you and me

While you were fast asleep
Some man-child was tweeting
And thinking up nasty nicknames
There are conclusions
That cause his delusions
And push him to make his false claims

But when it comes to
Those beautiful rainbows
And what we all hope to be true
Someday we'll find it
The reason for rainbows
For lovers for dreamers and you!

La di da di da da da
Da di da da do da da roooooooo

Saturday, June 1, 2019


Facebook's new rule to police and possibly remove offensive material, posts, and altered videos etc. may not be the right way to go.
Censorship can be a double edged sword.
To wit: dt's hate speech and hate policies which have been welcomed by the GOP and espoused by the loyal Repub bubbled base has exposed that which was being hidden and sublimated by them in the past.
The solution is staring us in the face if not the Facebook itself!
When a funny, at least as far as I'm concerned, post by Andy Borowitz or Jim Carrey appears it is noted as satire.
If the reader or viewer fails to note it then it's their fault.
And when a post that's aimed at selling something appears, the word "Sponsored" is generally shown below the title.
This practice should not only continue but be expanded to include as many posts as possible.
For example the post that has the Honorable Democratic House Speaker Ms. Nancy Pelosi slurring her speech must include the phrase:
Other posts may prove troublesome such as anything by the dt admin, family, or sycophants but in those cases the 'Truth-O-Meter' can be used or 'Pants on Fire' or Pinocchio noses etc. (🤥🤥🤥)
In this way no censorship would be needed and the public could argue about more important things such as:
Do you agree that Bran should be on the Iron Throne or should Sansa be named the rightful ruler of Westeros?

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


When that apple fell on Sir Isaac Newton's head after he presumably said ouch he asked, "Why?"
It's a uniquely human thing to do.
When we lose the drive to ask why something happened we also lose the ability to fix it if it's bad or replicate it if good.
What caused that apple to fall?
The 'whys' are usually followed by theories, investigations, conclusions and verifications.
This process has no agenda other than finding the cause and effect and getting at the truth.
It is not political, it's science.
And the people who ploy their talents in that field are called scientists.
Scientists DO have an agenda, getting at the truth!
Sir Isaac finally concluded that the Earth had an inherent property that pulled the apple downward.
Gravity caused the apple to fall and gravity keeps us from flying off into space when we jump.
Did the world immediately give Sir Newton the keys to the kingdom.
Of course not.
Many ridiculed him but in the end his shoulders were the platform upon which other scientists stood to reach higher.

That was then but now is now.
Now we have many problems facing us and one of them is causing disasters across the planet.
What causes storms to be strong and get stronger and more frequent?
Storms are caused by many factors but their strength increases when they form or travel over oceans.
And simply put, the warmer the water the stronger the storm.
What is causing the waters to be warmer now than they ever were in recorded history?
There are many factors that are out of our control.
But we may be able to control some. And if so we owe it to ourselves to find ways to reverse the pattern.
It could be hard and take a long time but if we roll up our sleeves and get to work on that which we can control we can slow down the process perhaps long enough for us to find a permanent cure.
But no problem ever got fixed by doing nothing.

Some of our political leaders are talking about a "Green New Deal."
Is this the solution?
Perhaps yes, perhaps no.
Are the proponents of this 'new deal' being ridiculed?
Of course they are.
The reasons for the ridicule include honest skepticism from some and dishonest greed upon the part of the industries that like the status quo.
Their bottom lines will be affected by changes suggested therein.
But even that can be worked out to everyone's satisfaction if we work together intelligently, using science and facts.
Gravity is real, and so is climate change and global warming.
And it doesn't take a sledge hammer to prove it when a simple apple can do the job.

Thursday, April 25, 2019


I was cooking for the Seder on a quiet moonless night
When suddenly I noticed quite a very odd sight
For suddenly I saw this ghostly image arise
And grab a fork a plate some wine and to my surprise
He ate the Brei
He ate the Matzoh Brei
The Matzoh Brei
I cannot tell you a lie
He ate the Brei
Even though it was dry
He ate the Brei
And then flew up to the sky

I was shaken but not stirred by this fabulous sight
And I knew he would return on the very next night
For ghosts with all their obvious limitations and flaws
Simply must adhere to their quite strict dietary laws
And eat the Brei
They eat the Matzoh Brei
The Matzoh Brei
So I did pile it on high
The Matzoh Brei
I added salt to the fry
The Matzoh Brei
And they smiled and said Bye

I crept down to the kitchen as the day lost its light
Expecting to see more of what I saw the last night
But nothing came to dine upon the evening’s dish
I guess they do not like to eat my gefilte fish!
They just eat Brei
They love that Matzoh Brei
My Matzoh Brei
It’s the one thing they try
The Matzoh Brei
And they won’t eat my pie
The Matzoh Brei
You could laugh till you cry

Eight days had passed and I was looking for a nice roll
When I heard such a frightening sound it did shake my soul
My ghostly guest returned with all his gang a ghastly thing
And handed me some boxes of those chocolate jelly rings
And asked for Brei
They wanted Matzoh Brei
But I said why
And they said Matzoh Brei
I’ll have to buy
We want more Matzoh Brei
And make more Brei

So if you wish to visit and partake of my treat
Come to my home and ring the bell and you too can meet
My new found friend and all his other worldly motley crew
But when the door creeks open smile and say that Moishe
sent you!
To have some Brei
You’ll have some Matzoh Brei
My Matzoh Brei
You’ll sit and then you can try
The Matzoh Brei
So good I think you could die
For Matzoh Brei
And add some jelly it’s dry
My Matzoh Brei!!

Thursday, March 28, 2019


Kids who’re disabled or have trouble in school
Those who don’t like me or call me a sad fool
They just don’t get it; they don’t know the score
They’re but a few things of which I abhor

People with AIDS or some other bad sickness
Those with no money or than me may have less
Of all these creature I ask what they’re for
They’re but a few things of which I abhor

Money that’s spent on the needy or riff-raff
Disloyalty in my party or my staff
That’s when I need a good rally or more
To forget those things that I do abhor

CNN guys
Think they’re so wise
Pointing out my lies
At this point give up boys, it’s really a bore
The TRUTH is what I abhor

Liberals, Progressives and all things Obama
Days without turmoil or traitorous drama
These are the things that I try to ignore
Cause they’re the things that I really abhor

Sessions, McCain and Jim Comey: Disloyal
Causing such grief as they all made my blood boil
I showed them all the quick way out the door
Cause they’re the types that I really abhor

Low IQ Waters and dumb Pocahontas
Go after me with their lies, making big fuss
Calling me racist, a bigot and more
God all these women I really abhor

When the Dems vote
Or I see a note
That reporters wrote
I simply remember the things I abhor
And smile as my fortunes soar!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


I am American, that I am.
An American I am, oh yes I am.
And I’m a pollster, a pollster I am
And for my poll I ask you today

Do you like the leader we have today,
Do you like him sir, what do you say?
I do not like his stench I say
I do not like him, no, no way.

But would you like him in a car?
Would you like him near or far?
I would not like him in a car
Even if it drove real far.

Would you like him on a rail?
Or on a ship that had set sail?
I would not like him, rail or sail
I’d only like him in a jail.

Would you like him in a house?
Sitting quietly as a grouse?
I would not like him as a grouse
He belongs in a cell in the Big House.

Would you like him at Sunday mass?
Or in a park with plush green grass?
I would not like him, mass or grass
He’s just a low-life, completely crass!

Would you like him at a fair?
Or on a pony or large great mare?
I would not like him at a fair
And I do not like his orange hair.

Would you like him on the stage?
Inspiring like an old time sage?
I would not like him on a stage
The very thought instills much rage!

Would you like him on a ranch?
Sitting on a tall tree’s branch
Maybe hanging from that branch
But really no, not on a ranch.

Would you like him on a Manse?
With his beloved at a dance?
I would not like him on a manse
And which beloved at that dance?

So you don’t like our leader, Don?
You say he’s just a two-bit con?
No I don’t like your man, your Don
I'd only like it if he was gone

I do not like him that I say
I rue the day he came our way
And as I said he’s truly crass
And he can truly kiss my ass!

Friday, March 1, 2019


Hate mongering:
While claiming to pray for civility in America the GOP loves to stoke the fires of hate. In order to divide and conquer America they have gone back to their tried and tested tactic of pointing to scape goats to blame them for whatever is wrong in our lives or the country. With the current racist in charge immigrants are the goat du jour even though the jerk in the White House hired them by the hundreds to work in his putrid country clubs.

The party of family values – NOT – is always talking about a war on Christmas. But while there is not any such thing as a war on the holy holiday nor has there ever been such a war in America, they are the ones that constantly go against the teachings of the religion most closely associated with Christmas! If anyone debases the spirit of the season it is the repugnant Repub party!

The current flag bearer of the Repub Party famously called Hillary Clinton a puppet after she pointed out how the man-child was doing the bidding of Putin. It has now become clear that the misogynist’s mouth may have been moving and his arms waving but the strings were definitely being controlled in Moscow.

Republican constantly point to the others claiming they are doing illegal things. But whenever they do it seems they are the ones perpetrating the evil deed. Their constant claim that Dems are committing voter fraud was laughably contradicted when the documented case of voter fraud in a North Carolina congressional race came to light this past November. How come no Repub yelled and screamed about it? Could it be because the fraud was perpetrated by Repubs on behalf of a Repub candidate?

Climate change:
Repubs claim to care about our lives and the lives of our children but refuse to do anything about fossil fuels ruining the environment. It does not take a PhD to figure this one out, THEY ARE PAID BY THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY TO DENY GLOBAL WARMING EXISTS. Of course, they don’t care since most of them are old white guys who will be dead before the Earth kills the rest of us.

Red Lining:
Since they are a minority party in America redistricting or gerrymandering is the only way Repubs can get elected. Then they keep control over areas where the constituents would normally vote for Democratic candidates by tweaking the districts even further as needed. They say they are doing it to keep things fair. Even the courts, which have been stacked by the GOP have disagreed and told them to re-map the areas more correctly. We shall see if they comply.

The most notable members of the GOP have cheated on their then current wives constantly and so many end up with 2 or 3 wives in the long run. I’m talking about you Newt, and you Rudy, and of course you dt! Many Repub voters have fallen for the ‘Family Values’ bull shit and therefore think that Dems are out to kill the family and abort every child they can. But most Dems in the public eye seem to raise wonderful families with just one husband and wife in the picture, such as the Obama family.  GOP = Family values, my ass!

Ever since the days of the GOP God Reagan Repubs have been telling Americans the lie of trickle down economics and the reason so-called job creators must be given tax breaks. They also claim they are giving the middle-class huge tax breaks. It’s funny how after 50 years of tax breaks from the GOP the Middle-Class has almost been taxed out of existence! After viewing what the Repub Party has been doing to nearly 98% of the country their catch phrase should be altered to Tinkle Down!

Many Presidents in the past helped create the wonderful system of National Parks. In fact after becoming president in 1901, Republican Teddy Roosevelt used his authority to protect wildlife and public lands. He started the US Forest Svc, 150 national forests, 51 bird reserves, 4 national game preserves, 5 national parks & 18 national monuments totaling around 230 million acres of public land!  These treasures are continually under attack by the GOP as wastes of money when it is actually the GOP that is a waste of money. So in order to get rid of the wonderful places they insidiously change regulations to allow oil drilling in them or pipelines to go through them or just plain defunding them.

Social Services:
Many years ago the Repub party created the fear of Socialism among the citizens of America. They made the word synonymous with all things that are bad and anti-Democratic. Then they pivoted to vilify all things that help society but naturally cost tax dollars. And since they would rather keep those tax dollars for themselves and their wealthy donors, they used false statistics to show our huge national debt was cause by these social safety nets. The final straw came when they gave those donors and themselves an indefensible humongous tax break that caused the National Debt to soar past $21 TRILLION!! The phony fiscally conservative GOP who claimed they cared about the rising cost of government is now campaigning to do away with Social Security and Medicare in order to pay down the National Debt and fix the catastrophe they caused!

Put all the above together and ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Repub Party: HYPOCRITES!

Saturday, February 16, 2019


I believe it is important to look at the big picture, the broad spectrum of what and how things are happening in our country today and when it really started.

He may not have been at the beginning of the movement toward total Conservative control of America but Ronald Reagan, a man revered as a God to the GOP, had the charisma to pull it off.

As a movie star, albeit in “B” movies, the man most associated with a chimpanzee was nevertheless a celebrity. His 1941 marriage to Jane Wyman was a Hollywood dream that ended a mere 4 days after my birth in 1949. I am finally over the fear that I caused their break-up.

He waited 3 years before marrying Nancy Robbins, the lady who eventually took the reins of the Presidency when Ronnie went into his slide toward dementia in the latter days of his second term as President.

But while President he initiated the infamous if not insidious plan to move all the wealth of the country into the pockets of the wealthy. The plan dubbed “Trickle Down Economics” was advertised as a way to get more money into the hands of business owners who would then use it to hire more workers and pay them higher wages.

Looking back it is hard to understand how Americans could be so naïve as to think this money grab would work but Ronnie was not called “The Great Communicator” for nothing.

His clever words and Hollywood training on how to deliver them made him the darling of the Repub Party. And his subtle but unwavering push to take all the money from the middle class and gift it to the richest of America continues to this day.

I will not say that everything he did was evil or even just bad but the hard move toward the right had just begun in full earnest.

Little by little the Repub ground game geared up and America’s minority party started gerrymandering their way into positions of power across the country.

Slowly at first GOP controlled House in every city, town and hamlet would rework their election district maps to gain unfair advantages over the majority of citizens within the area.

The way this works is the party in control of the legislature of the area after every National census, on the tens as in 1980, 1990, 2000, etc. gets to reconfigure the voting maps.  This is why a State with a 60-40 Democratic leaning populace could easily end up represented by 70% or more Repubs in Congress.

Please remember this in 2020!

The problem of gerrymandering has become so evil, awful, and dangerous that the courts, even those stocked with Conservative judges, have ruled against the practice and ordered some to roll back the ridiculously drawn maps!

But it easily could be too little too late.

With the latest election of a man who is clearly unqualified to be anything but a shyster (and frankly he is a good one at that) America has seen the Reagan plan come to wondrous fruition.

The reins were taken up by the richest man in Kentucky who just happens to be the senior Senator of that State, Mitch McConnell.

His hatred, disdain and uncalled for treatment of President Obama coupled with his seemingly prescient knowledge of collusion in the background allowed him to ignore anything put forth by the two time overwhelmingly elected Democrat from Illinois.

This anti-American refused to even meet with or interview Mr. Obama’s choice for the open seat on the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland.

McConnell held out until his gerrymandered districts and some help from outside America could place a useful idiot in the White House.

In the 2 years since this subtle yet insidious coup took place the GOP under the direction of McConnell has filled every possible vacancy on courts across America and placed 2 totally partisan judges on the Supreme Court FOR LIFE!

The party of the 1% has also gifted a huge tax break TO the 1% while running up the country’s deficit so high he conveniently calls for cuts to social services in order to pay it down!

Those social services were the safety nets put in place by Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt some 80 years ago. Since that time they worked beautifully for the Middle Class and workers of the country but are just one more stumbling block toward total domination by the oligarchy of America.

As of the time of this writing the Repub Party appears to be pulling back from the dolt known as trump who sits as a buffoon on the World stage as he shuttles between his executive time in the White House and vacation time in his illegal alien populated Florida country club, Mar A Lago.

Why would they finally and just now be abandoning the current leader of their Party?

Perhaps with the noose closing in around the neck of the Russian controlled operative plants in the current administration McConnell realizes he has gone about as far as he can go. He feels if he can get his cronies to switch gears and slowly pull back his support for trump they may still have a shot at holding onto power in the Senate, even if a Democrat wins the next Presidential election.

Of course if that happens he will snidely refuse to meet with any nominee for a vacant seat on the Supreme Court for as long as it takes to get one of his own back in power.

And while all of the above has been taking place in America most of us veas lost sight of that big picture I mentioned at  the top of this piece.

Social Security is under attack; Medicare is under attack; Climate change is being ignored; Healthcare for citizens of the richest country in the world is under attack; Infrastructure repair, while not sexy is incredibly needed, is being ignored; Clean air and potable water is being polluted and ignored; Our allies in NATO are being ignored and insulted; Our once great educational system is being dismantled and our National Treasure also known as our National Parks are being defiled and ruined.

All of these horrific happenings have one common thread, they will garner more money for the greediest most undeserving among us, the top 1% of the wealthiest in the country unless we the people push back, stand up, and vote for every possible Democratic candidate as if our lives depended on it, BECAUSE IT DOES!