Saturday, March 21, 2020


For the most part Repubs in Congress, and in offices around the country, are not stupid or ignorant.
While that should make us happy it most assuredly does not!
Because it means that all the things they have done and are doing are calculated and cause regular Americans pain and suffering.

With that in mind let's try to figure out what motivates them.
Why do they refuse to act in the best interest of, well, humans!
Why do they line up behind the worst President ever in the history of the United States of America?

Clearly they knew what dt was before he was installed in office by a huge minority of voters but they welcomed him with open arms and wallets.

It has been said when a person tells you what they are, BELIEVE THEM!
So why does it appear they did not?

The most obvious reason they held their noses is the miscarriage of justice that put Putin's useful idiot in office allowed McConnell and his crime family operatives to pack America's court system with the least qualified right wing young judges they could find.

And with the puppet judges in place the end game is clearly in sight!
That is the repeal of Roe v Wade.

The GOP is so dead set against allowing abortion as a choice that it's almost laughable, especially since many of them have had to have their girlfriends and prostitutes get them.

The other important item on the 'anti-American citizen' agenda of the GOP is the removal of all safety nets for the middle class such as Social Security and Medicare.

These so-called entitlement programs aimed at helping hundreds of millions of American citizens survive their later years has been a thorn in the side of the GOP ever since the time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
And it costs money that can best be used by the GOP to feater the nests of the incredibly wealthy of the land who in turn send back huge bribes to keep the status quo and to grow it!

Most of us need those programs since there is no way we can close or even slow down the wealth gap promoted and accelerated by Repubs in power.

But now humans of America and the World face an even more deadly enemy than the self centered egoists of the Repub Party, namely the Corona virus.

Some scientists and doctors posit that the disease could end up killing millions of people around the World.

Other countries are working feverishly to stem the tide, but not America!
We have dt at the helm of a ship of fools unlike any ever seen before.

He is the least informed resident of DC and all around him know it but refuse to act!

He spews lies every chance he gets and is far more worried that the numbers of people infected and dying will reflect badly in him and his administration.

This in turn will harm his reelection chances.

And if he is not reelected he will face numerous charges in the courts including and not the least of which should be treason!
And knowing how this lowest of the low creature loves to throw others under the bus you can bet many in DC are worried about the facts that will come out in his trials!

But if we are to survive UNTIL the election it is becoming more and more evident that his removal from office NOW is imperative!

The same Mitch McConnell who has benefited to the point of millions of dollars in bribes while doing nothing for the American citizen could in one fell swoop save our lives by merely having his puppets in the Senate agree to invoke and follow through with the 25th amendment to the U S Constitution and dumping dt on his ass!

(By the way, look into McConnell's record for yourself. And take special care to note how many bi-partisan bills he refuses to allow onto the Senate floor for discussion, let alone a vote!)

And while I realize invoking the 25th amendment will place an equally inept Repub in the office in mike pence he will hopefully only occupy it until November 3rd.

Short of doing that it will be up to the voters who are still alive in November to remove McConnell and the entire repugnant Repub Party from existence in America.



Wednesday, March 18, 2020


The west wing advisors, the liars, the clown
The hangers on who take but never give

The Senate and Fox news that dumb fans way down
And make it hard for them to even live

The taxes that they take from every paycheck
That leaves your life a miserable sad wreck

There’s no bullshit
Like trump bullshit
He owns the GOP

Even when your votes show you are winning
Notice how the other side’s still gay
That’s because behind the scenes they’re spinning
To stop your ‘winning’
And get their way

There’s no liars
Like Repub liars
They just do it for sport

Yesterday they told you it’s a Dem hoax
Nothing to see here so move along
But the truth is every hour more folks
Are listed as croaks
So they were wrong

There’s no Lobby
Like Big Lobby
They bribe to get their way

Even when our futures sang a bright song
Voiced by children, women and each man
Then Corona virus made the song wrong
And then before long
Shit hit the fan

There’s no business
Like dt business
He cheats lies and he steals

His tax return would prove that he is not worth 'Jack'
But of his lies we see there's no lack
Stealing money from us all he won't give back
He goes on with the show

Our votes can tell him NO!


Friday, February 28, 2020


With every step the traitorous bastard in the White House takes or makes America geos further down the toilet!
The following is but a few of the things this bastard has done to kill the America we all love & respect:

Tariffs on China costing Americans hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Stealing money from social programs to build a useless border wall.

Defunding every governmental agency meant to keep Americans safe.

Condoning attacks on individual citizens and calling them out by name!

Interfering in the American justice system at every turn.

Opening up our treasured National parks for oil drilling and mining.

Removing consumer protections in favor of large corporations.

Making fortunes for self and family by breaking emoluments law.

Firing life long loyal government employees for not kissing his ring and ass.

Defunding the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and firing it’s doctors.

Committing treason & claiming it was ‘perfect!’

Lying nearly every time it opens it’s mouth.

Handing the least worthy of America, our billionaires, more tax breaks.

Planning to pay for the tax breaks by ending Social Security & Medicare.

Stealing from charities.

Pardoning his convicted criminal friends and threatening judges.

Giving a hate filled turd the Medal of Freedom!

And throughout it all and more being given cover and championed by the entire Repub Party!

Thursday, January 16, 2020


The Hill is alive with impeachment fever
With sounds we've not heard since Bill Clinton's day
The news is ablaze with impeachment fever
The Dems want this guy to be gone they pray

The clues to his guilt and his crimes and his lies and such
Are more clear every hour
His friends and his team soon will turn their backs
As his story starts to sour

To get to the truth we must hope that our leaders
Can work hand in hand
And let freedom ring and bring real justice back to this land

We look to the Hill cause our hearts are heavy
With doubt and with fear of what's now in store
But with faith and hard work and an honest trial now
We will be great once more!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


It ain’t so much a question of not knowing who will win
Dems got more votes in ’16 but still lost!
And when they put that jackass in the White House what a sin
All semblance of Democracy he tossed!!

We know we mustn’t reelect this turd
Cause truth is what most voters haven’t heard!

We’re just a country on the brink
Of starting a new World War
Let’s hope the people finally think
Just what Democracy’s for

When the president’s a total fool
And foreign leaders know this to be true
He becomes their bitch and useful tool
To fix this we must turn the country BLUE

Cause we’re a country on the brink
Of starting a new World War
Let’s hope the people finally think
Just what Democracy’s for

Whatcha gonna do
When the guy commits treason
For no apparent reason
Watcha gonna do

S’posin that he says
That it’s all just fake news
And you can’t believe the news or your eyes
Whatcha gonna do when he spews that crap?
Kiss him goodbye!

Though all the facts we hear are true
Too many still like the guy
No matter how we all try
We gotta change or we’ll fry
We must vote BLUE!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


In the beginning, no not that beginning, the beginning of homo sapien man's history on Earth believed to be around 500,000 years ago, when we were still living, or rather cowering in caves.

We survived by using our advanced, for the time, brains and intelligence.

We were cunning.
We had to be because we were not stronger than most of the animals in our surroundings and certainly not faster than the predators of the time.

We were not more deserving of life than any of the other creatures on Earth and so we both respected and feared them and learned to live with them.

Eventually we even conquered our environment.
We did this by using the resources we found around us and by inventing ways to bend nature to our will.

But the main reason we survived was our ability to work as a team and not by an 'every man for himself' mentality!

Our individual skills were discovered and utilized for the good of all.
Some were 'hunters', others 'gatherers' and the community thrived.

Community is still important and works somewhat unnoticed behind the scenes.
How many of us weave our own clothing?
Who among us can say we built the car in which we get around?
And can any individual boast he or she paved the road upon which we drive?

These skills and so many others have become normal, expected.
The loss of any of them casues much distress and even anger.

Scientists and engineers live by a simple rule: Necessity is the mother of invention.

But that's nothing new.
It started half a million years ago in the caves of winter when the cold threatened our very existence.

No one can say who invented fire or rather how it was found and tamed but it happened.
And suddenly that knowledge spread like a wondrous virus and all mankind was aware of the life saving tool.

The dissemination of knowledge kept and keeps the human race alive!

But imagine if suddenly we lost the ability to invent or the desire to seek out solutions necessary to our very survival.
Imagine becoming that complacent!

Could we live long and prosper in a world where science and fact were no longer revered but rater shunned?

How long would we stay at the top end of the food chain if we reverted to the 'every man for himself' mentality?

In the Spring of 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay became the first two humans to reach the summit of Mount Everest.
Did they set up shop and deny others entry?
Of course not!

Reaching the pinnacle of any endeavor is to be celebrated by all but not held as a personal trophy or private club of one.

Too many have reached their own personal best by employing the labors of others then refusing to acknowledge their input.
They hold onto the bulk of the profits produced by the workers' labors as if they had nothing to do with the success of the venture.

In 1914 Henry Ford paid his workers the unthinkable amount of $5 per day, way over the going rate, claiming that he wanted them to be able to afford a Ford!
Sales of the Model T and others soared.

A few years ago it was reported that the World's wealthiest family and owners of Wal*Mart paid their workers just enough so that they could only afford to shop at Wal*Mart.
While that has since changed it only did so as a result of the public shaming and protests.

Of course the founder of a company or inventor of a 'better mousetrap' should be lauded and allowed to retain the 'lion's share' of the profts generated by his or her endeavor but not to the point of a predatory practice of below poverty wages for their workers.

It is in our nature to push the envelope, to try to do the unthinkable or previously impossible.
Once we attain the summit, we must welcome others, for that is how humanity moves ahead.

This idea was famously voiced in 1675 by Sir Isaac Newton.
After receiving praise for his discovery and explanation of the force of gravity he humbly said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

A rising tide is said to lift all boats, not just luxury yachts!
We must not lose sight of reality lest we fail to see the forest for the trees! And protecting both the tress and the forest should always be a priority.

But now the shoulders we once stood upon are forgotten.
Facts no longer matter or are belittled as fake!
Fire, once our savior, has become the harbinger of doom in many places.

Our planet is warming at an alarming pace and, like the fabled Nero of Rome, we sit idly by and watch it happen.
We heatedly debate its cause while ignoring the steps we could be taking to stem the tide.

What will it take for our leaders to understand the life-threatening nature of the problem and act before it's too late?
Or is it already too late?

For the sake of mankind, the World must join together and take control of our environment back from the captains of industry who seem only to care about their own personal wealth.

But in case they fail, where are those caves again?

Thursday, December 26, 2019


Twas the night after Christmas and in all the towns
People were walking with quite pronounced frowns
You’d think that by now they all would just learn
But alas they were carrying gifts to return

Through cold and through damp
And through snow they would tramp
To follow the signs 
And to wait on long lines

The joy of the holiday seemed but a memory
Of earlier times when they laughed and were merry
But driving to malls in the harsh light of day
Fighting traffic and crowds had wiped all that away

When, pray tell when, would the happy be back
And fill their sad lives with the joy they now lack
Then one at a time as they all seemed to grieve
They realized that next week would bring New Year’s Eve

And a time to forget all the crap of the past
And toss out the garbage and bad thoughts at last
The new year would bring them all fortune and fame
The slate was wiped clean as they start a new game

The future was finally filled with great joy
For every mom, dad, little girl, little boy
Their faces turned bright and their lives lost all fear
And they wished all their friends A FANTASTIC NEW YEAR!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Why is it called “Take Out?”
That puts it in the perspective of the restaurant.
But if I am the one paying for the food to eat shouldn’t it be called “Take In?

When we go to the barber or stylist why don’t we say hair??
You want IT cut?
How should I style IT?
How short do you want IT?
IT looks good. (THEY look good?)
You take off your hat or hood and say it was really humid today. I couldn’t do a thing with it.
No wonder your hair falls out too soon.
How would you like to be referred to as IT all your life?

When a drug commercial spends more time on the scary awful side effects it must immediately be taken off the air. And if one of the side effects noted on that drug commercial is death they’ve lost me. I no longer care what it’s trying to cure!

If police officers are public servants, why do they get mad when I ask them to get me a soda?

I have taken advantage of every cost saving plan the phone company has offered me for 40 years. So how come my bill is now 10 times higher than it was back then?

Medical thought: When one needs to have a colonoscopy, one is required to ‘do the prep’ prior to the procedure. Don’t do the prep and they will not do the procedure! They go hand in hand, sorry. BUT the prep is not covered under any medical insurance coverage. Instead it is placed separately under a drug plan which will naturally NOT cover it! WHY?

If I win a $100 million lottery how come I only get $40 million? $40 million is great and if I won that much, I’d be thrilled so why not just call it a $40 million lottery instead of rubbing the fact that gov’t gets more than I do? And they didn’t even buy the damn ticket in the first place!!!

Why do I have to tell my doctor if I’ve been to a region where fungal disease or parasites exist or if I’m pregnant? He’s the one getting the co-pay, co-insurance, reimbursement from Medicare and supplemental plans. All I’m getting is a damn needle and the bill!

I’ve owned 10 cars and not one of them ever got anywhere near the gas mileage I was promised.

When weathermen/women tell you the temperature, (It’s 38 degrees) they also tell you what it feels like (but it feels like 24.)
Well if it feels like 24, THEN IT IS 24!
(Where are my gloves?)

And speaking of the weather, what’s up with the percentages of precipitation? Instead of saying there’s a 50% chance of rain why not just say, I’ve got no freaking idea about precip today!

After the last 3 or so years can we finally admit the news is permanently broken?