Tuesday, November 17, 2020


Self proclaimed 'deeply religious' people oppose abortion calling it murder.

They use the supposed 'Pro-Life' stance to vote Repub over Democrats whose 'Pro-Choice' beliefs say women should be allowed to control their own bodies!

Many of these Dems are also religious but realize that forcing women to carry a pregnancy to term may cause far more harm to them and to society in the long run.

And by forcing women in this manner the conservative Repubs are essentially changing their group's name to 'NO CHOICE!'


More than 252K have been killed by a virus THAT dt & THE GOP IGNORED!!!

By the time we have the thing under control the death toll may well be over half a million Americans!

A vaccine is on the way but it will still take time to perfect it, manufacture it, distribute it and get it to all the people in the country.

dt & the GOP actively promoted ignorance and held 'Super Spreader' rallies thus spreading the death wantonly.

The fake President is even threatening to illegally withhold the eventual vaccine from his political opponents as payback for not voting his way.


Hypocrisy is saying one thing but doing the opposite and in this matter and so many more matters the Repub Party should be renamed the GOH - Grand Old Hypocrites!

There is no masking their greedy self absorbed uncaring way of governing. And as long as they are allowed to block progress while sitting back raking in fortunes in bribe money from Big Biz, Big Oil, and Little Putin we are doomed.

For the sake of our economy, our lives and the lives of our children we simply must call on the Democratic Party to turn America around and right the wrongs of the GOH.

The people of Georgia have a chance to be American heroes by saving us from the grim reaper in the U S Senate.

We are counting on them to make GOH stand for Georgia Over Hypocrisy by voting for the two Democrats in the January run off elections!

Let's hire the Democrats to stop the death of America and to do the jobs we need done to save the country from the murderers of the party of hypocrisy!

Thursday, November 12, 2020


“If it’s wrong when they do it, it’s wrong when we do it.”  ― Noam Chomsky

I must disagree with today's QOTD by Noam Chomsky:
“If it’s wrong when they do it, it’s wrong when we do it.”
Repubs do 'it' every time they're in power & Dems are chided if they even think of retaliating when they hold the top spots!
As a result humans continue to get screwed.
Repubs raise the deficit to the sky every time they are in control of government then blame Dems when they take over for trying to fix it, calling them 'tax & spend liberals.'
Repubs continually try to take away rights from humans then blame Dems for costing the economy too much when they (we) try to correct the evil done by the GOP.
Repubs stoke fear about what Dems will do if they win elections every chance they get but all their talking points are things they have done and continue to do while they hold the reins of government!
Yes, Mr Chomsky, it is wrong for either party to do the things the GOP does every chance they get but after 40 years of slaps in the face isn't it time for humans to say ENOUGH?
Reagan (Nancy that is) is no longer President and we have barely survived the dt era with mcconnell & burr & all the rest of the treasonous anti-American criminals that still lurk in the shadows of DC.
Isn't it time for a Teddy Roosevelt (republican I might add) type of government? One where the leaders walk softly but carry that big stick?
And isn't it time for all of us to see who the real enemies of the people of America are and use that big stick to smack the hell out of the Repubs forever?
Yes it will be wrong but for once it will feel SO good!

Wednesday, November 4, 2020


While I write this the 2020 Presidential election has not yet been decided.

It may well turn out that the Democrats have taken back the White House but the path for the other candidate is still open.

No matter which side claims the throne, for that is what it has become, I and many others who call themselves liberals, owe the Repub supporters and voters an apology.

We never really understood the all-powerful love you had for your guy and that you would risk life and limb and the lives of your loved ones in order to prop him up on a pedestal.

We could not fathom that you would throw away over 200 years of progress in America to aid and abet a terribly flawed human being become the leader of the formerly most powerful nation in the world.

But you have shown your faith in your faithless leader and have looked past his obvious hypocrisy to continue following him down whatever rabbit hole or septic tank he chooses.

And with your fervent ardor comes clarity for America.

Confusion and uncertainties are gone and for that we thank you and offer our sincerest apology.

And soon we will be able to say:

·       We no longer worry about women’s rights for they will not have any.

·       We are not upset about voter suppression for that will be the law of the land.

·       We no longer worry about immigration for our borders will be totally shut.

·       We no longer spend hours shopping for healthcare since there will be none.

·       We’re not worried about fixing our infrastructure as it crumbles because it’s too costly.

·       The homeless problem will disappear as the poor die off.

·       Gasoline is cheaper now that we drill in all former National Parks.

·       Fast food is the only way to go and organic has been outlawed as too costly.

·       Fake news is gone, replaced by State Run Fox & Sinclair news networks.

·       Liquor stores will have trouble keeping vodka in stock but will manage.

·       Our nation’s new slogan will be, As American as a Big Mac & Fries.

·       Pandemic masks are outlawed in public areas as they make people anxious.

·       Former “Blue States” are under Federal control ‘for their own protection.’

·       The draft is reinstated and all ‘straight’ children 18 to 21 must enter the military.

·       Centers open nationwide to cure homosexuality.

·       Books are no longer necessary and ‘burning fairs’ draw huge red hat crowds.

·       The Bible becomes the main textbook in all our schools per Czar devos.

·       Regardless of birth religion all must attend Sunday mass or be fined.

·       Ventilators are in abundance now that the air we breathe causes so many diseases.

·       Insurance companies no longer cover beachfront properties as they are continually wiped out by major hurricanes

·       Elections and campaigns are things of the past as the line of succession is cemented!

·       America evicts the United Nations and turns the buildings into new dt tower condos.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


This list doesn't even crack the surface of all the crap the cretin has done or caused, but it is a start!

And We The People can end his reign of terror and treason and dump his entire crime family out of our lives forever by finally voting for our own best interest!

Each letter can get many more examples of the shit this filth has dumped on America.

I leave it up to you to fill in the ones I left off!!

Asylum denied
Border security on steroids
Covid-19 non-response
Diplomatic failures
Economic distress
Firing anyone not loyal
Global Warming ignored
Hiring Family Members
Imposing sanctions and Tariffs
Loving ALL dictators
Making personal profits off Presidency
Removing all social safety nets
Send Federal troops to stop protests in Dem cities
Treasonous behavior
Undoing all the good Obama did
Vindictive child
Women’s Rights in question
Xenophobic personality
Yokels (as in his supporters)
Zombie followers

Saturday, October 24, 2020


 Wouldn't it be great if America had a Participatory Democracy?

One in which all of us, or at least most voted and made their vote count by participating in the government?

There's an old saying; "You don't play the game, you don't make the rules!"

We must update the saying for our current lazy citizens with big butts and bigger mouths: 'You don't vote, You can't complain!'

The highest turnout of citizens for a Presidential election in the modern era was in 2004 at 42.6%!

The average turnout of eligible voters in a Presidential election year since WWII is 38.6%!


That means 61.4% of our citizens can't bother to get off their lazy asses to participate.

They allow others to choose who runs our country then complain the leaders don't know what the hell they're doing!

The 2020 election is admittedly the most important one this country has ever had.

Wouldn't it be great if at least half of America chose to participate in the American experiment?





Tuesday, October 13, 2020


The most likely outcome of today's faux hearings for SCOTUS & the expected (and righteously hoped for) rout of the GOP from nearly every governmental post across America is the Democrats will control Congress and the White House and Putin, the Nazis and the white supremacists will celebrate their hold on the nation's court system.

Democrats may then start to heal America and pass legislations that could and should disinfect the government in the wake (hopefully a double meaning) of dt and his criminal acts.

There will, of necessity be several strategy meetings on how to block or counter the tremendous number of cases the GOP puppet judges hear and send up to the Supreme Court to overturn humane and just laws.

The majority Dems will also have to get to work immediately on redistricting America, or rather fixing the insane redlined districts of the gerrymandered counties across this once great country.

And speaking of the Country they will have to mend its reputation with the rest of the World and reenter the accords we so foolishly pulled out of.

We will have to start tending to and mending the country's failing infrastructure and reinstating controls over the food we eat and the water we drink and especially the air we breath!

Then in 2024 Americans, who have tremendously short attention spans, will have to be reminded of all the evil done to the country by the Repubs including their insensitive murder of around a half of a million citizens from the dt virus (by then, if not more.)

Those of us still alive will have to work hard to fight the fake news and hacking attempts by Russia, China, Iran and the rest of our enemies foreign and domestic to ensure the Democrats remain in power.

The voters will also have to be reminded that their healthcare is dependent upon returning all the Dems to government and getting rid of the rest, if any, of the GOP/RWNJs still in power.

By 2028, if the Dems have been able to accomplish all or at least most of the above they and us can start working on the future of the newly admired America and reinstall Truth, Justice and the American Dream for all.

Sunday, September 13, 2020


The Sound of Sour Music

(The Sound of Music)

The hills are alive with the sound of violence
With fear and with hate like we’ve never known
The cause of it is all dt and half pence
They worked very hard to get those seeds sown.

They hate all the blacks and the browns and the folks living on only hopes and on dimes
They love seeing mobs running wild with their guns who commit real hate crimes

They stoke and they roil and incite and then claim that it’s all just fake news
They aim to keep power and cheat so that they never lose.

I fear that the Hill wants them to keep cover
So crap Repubs do will stay out of view
Then Putin’s DC little puppet lover
Can say US is through.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Donald


His swagger is annoying, but it fits his pompous stare
He speaks on every subject but the truth he tells is rare
And there upon his old head is that really ugly hair
He doesn’t even know our Constitution
He loves to fondle women and then say it wasn’t so
And when it comes to cheating you in business he’s a pro
The man is really dangerous from head down to his toe
He simply should be in an institution
But Ivanka says a word in his defense
His ouster gets us Pence

How do you solve a problem like the Donald?
How do you stop a bigot in his tracks?
How do you dump a loser like the Donald?
Before the GOP entirely cracks
Many a thing the Party tries to tell him
Many a thing the jerk should understand
But how do you make him hear
Impossible I fear
How to his massive ego make a dent?
Oh how can you solve a problem like the Donald?
Vote and make Biden our next President!
When we hear him we’re confused
More disgusted than bemused
And we never know exactly what he’ll say
As predictable as weather
And as smart as pre-tanned leather
He’s a jackass
He’s a moron
He’s Repub
Like a virus he will fester
In real life he’s just a jester
He will put the middle class all out of work
He is evil; he is crass
Has his head way up his ass
He’s a headache
He’s a danger
He’s a jerk!

How do you solve a problem like the Donald?
How do you make him stop and go away?
How do you stop a problem like the Donald?
Before he makes the country go astray!

Many a pol has up and tried to quell him
Many have tried to make of him some sense
But how can we all survive
And live out our peaceful lives?
How can you not see evil with him and Pence?

Oh how can we solve a problem like the Donald

If we all vote America can thrive!

dt's Vice


My main vice
Don’t think twice
Total power is real nice
When I rule
I am cruel
My emotions are like ice
It’s a great thing to be on the top
On the top forever
My main vice
Don’t think twice
Total power is real nice
If you’re in pain I don’t give a shit
I don’t care at all, NO
My main vice
It’s so nice
I’ll be your leader at least twice

dt's Favorite Things

 (A Few of My Favorite Things)

Putie & Kim Jong & all other shitheads

Gunmen & G-Men & young girls in their beds

Lying to masses, the anger it brings

These are a few of his favorite things.


Closing our borders to anyone not white

Pander to needs of the nuts on the far right

Hobnob with rulers, dictators, and kings

These are some more of his favorite things,


When he sounds dumb

He won't be glum

No use feeling sad

He simply remembers those showers of gold

He's happiest when he's bad!

Controlling news cycles with mad rants on Twitter

Staying the course to show he’s no quitter

Making his staff think that they will go nuts

These are the reasons they call him a putz


Seeing his daughter dressed up and quite gorgeous

Making believe that his family’s the Borgias

Knowing all Dems really do hate his guts

These are the reasons they call him a putz


Meeting with spies

Telling big lies

Kayleigh then denies

Reporters are mutts

There’s no ifs ands or buts

And so they call him a putz.


Flying down south playing golf where it’s sunny

Ending entitlements to get your money

Raising the debt with his huge budget cuts

These are the reasons they call him a putz


East to west coast

Biden is toast

So now he doth boast

More gold than King Tut’s

And he still love his sluts

And that’s why he is a putz!

’16 Going on ‘20

 (I Am 16 Going on 17)

I won in ’16
Went to work in ‘17
Baby can I do harm
The shit that you’ve seen
Is cause I am mean
And I’ve got that sewer charm
When my friends spin
And I do win
Then rule for four more years
Vladimir will grin
As will the trump kin
And all the libs shed tears
Evil and uninformed am I
To run a country true
I will destroy any ally
And Dems will cry boo hoo
I have one job
I must still do
You’ll sob
You know it’s true
Cause that one job
Is quite anti-Blue
It’ll destroy all of you!

So Long Farewell


So long farewell
Let’s kiss his ass goodbye
Vote him begone
Or USA will fry
So long farewell
Vote every Democrat in
To live we must
Be sure that Biden does win
So long farewell
Our country’s pride will swell
If we all vote
And send dt to Hell
He just must go
All he can do is lie
Please vote for Joe
If you do so will I
So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen

dt's Least Favorite Things (reprise of sorts)

Kids who’re disabled or have trouble in school
Those who don’t like me or call me a sad fool
They just don’t get it; they don’t know the score
They’re but a few things of which I abhor
People with AIDS or some other bad sickness
Those with no money or than me may have less
Of all these creature I ask what they’re for
They’re but a few things of which I abhor
Money that’s spent on the needy or riff-raff
Disloyalty in my party or my staff
That’s when I need a good rally or more
To forget those things that I do abhor
CNN guys
Think they’re so wise
Pointing out my lies
At this point give up boys, it’s really a bore
The TRUTH is what I abhor
Liberals, Progressives and all things Obama
Days without turmoil or traitorous drama
These are the things that I try to ignore
Cause they’re the things that I really abhor
Sessions, McCain and Jim Comey: Disloyal
Causing such grief as they all made my blood boil
I showed them all the quick way out the door
Cause they’re the types that I really abhor
Low IQ Waters and dumb Pocahontas
Go after me with their lies, making big fuss
Calling me racist, a bigot and more
God all these women I really abhor
When the Dems vote
Or I see a note
That reporters wrote
I simply remember the things I abhor
And smile yes my fortunes soar!

Climb Every Molehill


Climb every molehill
Crawl lower too
Follow every tyrant
Make them all love you
Climb every molehill
Ford every swamp
Kill every nice rainbow
As their dreams you stomp
Destroy all the dreams
Of the people you lead
Every day of your life
Make America bleed!!!!
Climb every molehill
Crawl lower too
Follow every despot

Tuesday, September 1, 2020


After Barack Obama was elected by a large majority of voters in America the GOP performed what was famously called an autopsy to find out what was killing their party.

They realized their base was shrinking. Not because of anything they were doing but rather because the so-called minorities of America were growing and they tended to lean more Democratic.

This scared the leaders of the party because it signaled the end of their reign over the masses in the same way Apartheid had ended in South Africa.

So quietly and insidiously they set out, not to change their agenda or make their party more minority friendly but to make it harder for minorities to vote!

On the face of it this would appear to be quite un-American but desperate times create desperate measures and as far as the Repubs were concerned the ends justified the means.

The GOP franchise was in jeopardy unless they disenfranchised African Americans and any other group they considered unfriendly to their cause.

But truth be told this was not really all that new. Ronald Reagan started the GOP's all out assault on unions, which have been considered to be bastions of Democratic leaning voters back in the 80s.

And his 'trickle-down economics' plan, which handed wealth to the already wealthiest among us in the hopes they would hire more workers and trickle some money down to the more needy, was aimed at keeping the middle class and poor down.

But by 2008 it became clear that this was just not going to be enough for the 'Right Wing' Conservatives to hold onto power.

Most white and affluent people tend to have no trouble voting, even though election day is on a Tuesday which happens to be a work day, because they can take a day off and not incur the wrath of the boss.

But if you worked in the mail room or any other entry level job taking a day off could be the difference between feeding your kids and paying the rent!

And do not expect the GOP to ever allow Election Day to be turned into a National paid holiday.

So the assault on the minorities, which were slowly becoming equal if not a majority in many areas, began in earnest.

Keep the Democratic voter away from the polls and you keep power. And if you keep power you can make it even harder for minorities to vote and you can cement your power for decades to come!

Red-lining and gerrymandering were in full swing across America, which allowed more Repubs to be elected in a state even though there were far more Democratic voters there.

But more and harsher methods were needed to keep the voter turnout down.

Some but not all of these tactics include:

  • End early voting
  • Close polling places, especially in minority areas
  • Close polls at 8pm instead of 9pm.
  • Have 'security guards' visible at minority area polling places
  • Mail-in ballots MUST be received by Election Day &
  • Destroy the ability of the USPS to deliver mail on time
  • Use any method to shrink voter rolls
    • You haven't voted in years
    • We thought you died
      • You can apply again but won't vote till next time
    • We thought you moved
      • Ditto above
    • You need the new enhanced driver's license
      • You don't have a car?
      • How abut a gun license?
    • You're an out of town student?
      • You cannot vote in this State
      • You must travel back to your home State
    • You're a convicted felon in prison (Florida) so you cannot vote
      • You paid your debt to society?
        • So what?
          • Before you can vote you must pay court & legal fees first
This last point is a GOP Rick Scott / Desantis gem since they will grant you your rights back if you can jump through the hoops they set up.
But they know most of the people involved are poor and will not have the cash on hand to pay what amounts to a poll tax.
"Gee, we are truly sorry but rules are rules!"

An even more insidious way of shrinking the Democratic leaning voter rolls was performed by the dt White House earlier this year.
Presidential son-in-law and all around piece of useless shit, Jared, noticed that Covid-19 was killing more people in 'Blue States' and advised dad NOT to act just yet.
In a way this sub human suggestion has backfired as dt has never admitted a mistake and never will.
So now that the deadly virus is affecting more 'Red States' and areas populated by his base he must continue to ignore its danger.
This could lower the turnout of his voting bloc so just in case he has taken to calling the election suspect before it even starts.

His statement that if he loses the election was rigged is reminiscent of every dictator since time began.

But no matter what happens this November the GOP has made the future their bitch by stuffing the nation's courts with the largest group of unqualified & young, very young 'lifetime appointed' conservative judges.
The Supreme Court already has one, if not illegally appointed judge, then certainly immorally appointed one in Kavanaugh.

If the GOP holds power in the upcoming election, and they are working feverishly and as usual insidiously to do so SCOTUS will almost surely become a solid conservative bastion for several decades.

The American dream is on life support and its only cure is a massive voter turnout.