Thursday, April 25, 2019


I was cooking for the Seder on a quiet moonless night
When suddenly I noticed quite a very odd sight
For suddenly I saw this ghostly image arise
And grab a fork a plate some wine and to my surprise
He ate the Brei
He ate the Matzoh Brei
The Matzoh Brei
I cannot tell you a lie
He ate the Brei
Even though it was dry
He ate the Brei
And then flew up to the sky

I was shaken but not stirred by this fabulous sight
And I knew he would return on the very next night
For ghosts with all their obvious limitations and flaws
Simply must adhere to their quite strict dietary laws
And eat the Brei
They eat the Matzoh Brei
The Matzoh Brei
So I did pile it on high
The Matzoh Brei
I added salt to the fry
The Matzoh Brei
And they smiled and said Bye

I crept down to the kitchen as the day lost its light
Expecting to see more of what I saw the last night
But nothing came to dine upon the evening’s dish
I guess they do not like to eat my gefilte fish!
They just eat Brei
They love that Matzoh Brei
My Matzoh Brei
It’s the one thing they try
The Matzoh Brei
And they won’t eat my pie
The Matzoh Brei
You could laugh till you cry

Eight days had passed and I was looking for a nice roll
When I heard such a frightening sound it did shake my soul
My ghostly guest returned with all his gang a ghastly thing
And handed me some boxes of those chocolate jelly rings
And asked for Brei
They wanted Matzoh Brei
But I said why
And they said Matzoh Brei
I’ll have to buy
We want more Matzoh Brei
And make more Brei

So if you wish to visit and partake of my treat
Come to my home and ring the bell and you too can meet
My new found friend and all his other worldly motley crew
But when the door creeks open smile and say that Moishe
sent you!
To have some Brei
You’ll have some Matzoh Brei
My Matzoh Brei
You’ll sit and then you can try
The Matzoh Brei
So good I think you could die
For Matzoh Brei
And add some jelly it’s dry
My Matzoh Brei!!