Wednesday, August 4, 2010

End the Mean

Do the ends justify the mean?
If you are familiar with that saying you probably think I goofed slightly on the last word but I did not.
In my question the 'ends' are republicans taking control of Congress.  It signifies the end of help and in many cases hope for the lower and middle classes of the country at least for a few more years.
The 'end' being sought by the Republican and splinter groups such as the so-called Tea Party comes in the form of an increased burden on the working class of America.  It includes a continuation of the Bush tax cuts meant to ensure the wealthy keep more of what we earn for them.
The 'end' is the privatization of Social Security and a cessation of all other horrible, debt producing entitlement programs needed by the other than wealthy workers of the country.
An 'end' to regulations aimed at reeling in big business and the oil and banking industries so that they may pursue their dreams; our nightmares.
There are many more 'ends' that are being sought but you should have a clear picture of where we are headed if the 'ends' become the norm.
So are they justified?
Obviously that is a very objective question and one that will have a clear and decisive answer based mainly on the bottom line of your last 1099 form.
Here's a quick tell - did the alternative minimum tax ruling cause you grief last year?  If so you are in the group seeking the above 'ends.'
Now for the 'mean.'
In order to get the majority and produce all that extra income out of thin air or the pockets of the middle class (you choose) the Republicans et al are hammering away at every facet of the current administration's policies.
They have a henchman in the form of former CIA Director, Porter Goss who is famous (infamous) for destroying tapes that would have proven people high up, and I mean high up in the Bush Cheney administration to be guilty of war crimes.  This person is co-chair of the bi-partisan group going after ethics violators???
That's like asking Hitler to mind your synagogue while you do some errands!
Since President Obama took the oath of office the Party of NO has done everything they could to be 'mean.'
They have supported groups who are 'mean' to any Obama follower and to Obama himself.
They have taken 'mean' to the highest levels this side of vigilantism and have not distanced themselves when that boundary has been crossed.
They flood the airways with commercial messages of fear that "you may see your taxes go up by as much as 40% in January!"  Aside from being a lie it is just plain 'mean' to trick people into believing the Party of NO line.
Nobody's taxes will go up that much and it is not a tax increase in the first place.  It is the scheduled end of the Bush tax cuts.
When the Party of NO controlled the country Bush gave his wealthy cronies a huge tax break that expires at the end of this year.  They will go back to paying, or at least making believe they are paying their fair share at that time.
So there is no tax increase, just the correction of another Bushie mistake.
And the people who will be affected by the return to normal and slightly more fair tax rates will only be those making over $250,000 per year.  And since it will be a sliding scale the bulk of the money will be owed by people who fart $100 bills!
A few years ago there was a joke that on his way to work Bill Gates wouldn't stop to pick up a one hundred dollar bill on the floor because the time it took to do so would cost him more.  He is in the group benefiting by the Bush Tax Gift. (And he is not happy about getting it!)
Bad behavior must not be rewarded.  Please don't allow anyone to fall for the 'mean' drivel being spewed by the 'ends' driven uncaring minority party.
Some ends may justify their means but no end is justified by just being mean.

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