Saturday, October 5, 2013


Big business has always had many tactics to increase profits.  But little by little they have found a cool way to get blood from a stone and squeeze every last bit of moisture out of a dry sponge.  They don’t want you to notice until it’s too late.  I call this tactic Divide, Separate and Profit!
DSP is a simple thing really and I am surprised it took so long for the greedy bastards to completely espouse its use!  But now that they have it it is de rigueur in the business arena.
Here’s how it works:
Say you are in the home owners’ insurance business and you have maximized your client base.
You may get a few more suckers here and there but frankly the only way to keep making more profit is to expand that which you cover or insure. (I am leaving out the obvious way of merely denying al claims since that is business as usual.)
  •        Step one, have some clever attorney or accountant hide in a room and comb over policies you write, including the tiny almost invisible small print.
  •        Come up with some notable omissions.
  •        Turn them into codicils to be sold as if new coverage.

This was done when suddenly every insurance company started to offer the homeowner flood insurance. Since then the flood of new ways to squeeze consumers hit the market.
It was always included before just not actually written as such.
For example other types of DSP already in existence are “Renters insurance” and coverage for “Off Premises Theft (OPT.)”
OPT makes me laugh because simple analyses will show what a fraud this one is!
Say you live on Long Island and your friend lives in Brooklyn and the two of you vacation TOGETHER in Ohio or anywhere other than New York.
Sadly while you both are out visiting the Rock and Roll HOF a burglar breaks into your hotel room and steals all your stuff.  Geico (personal experience) will not cover the possessions of the Brooklyn-ite but will do so for the Long Islander.
The reasoning behind this dichotomy is that Brooklyn has more crime than does Long Island. BUT NEITHER OF YOU WERE EVEN IN NEW YORK WHEN THE EVENT TOOK PLACE! THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED OFF-PREMISES!!!
However throwing logic out as an argument to corporations or even people and especially those in the T-Potty is a waste of time.
Airlines started using DSP a few years ago.  We all encounter this bit of covert trickery when we check our luggage!
Some airlines now charge more for seats on the aisle; next to a window or near a bulkhead.
Pennies to Pee? S/B E-Z Pass
One brazen bunch of bastards even tried to tax toilet visits by charging you money to pee.
What could possibly be next, “Oh you wish to sit during the flight???”
Luggage may be a bit heavier than it should be and for that I can see a small surcharge.  So what about the man travelling without luggage who weighs in at 400 pounds?
Just Get Me There Alive!
Remember when the ads used to say “Getting there is half the fun?”  Now all we want is to have a tiny bit of comfort and arrive alive and close to on-time!
I fear the time when every single industry has this ala carte mentality for that which used to be bundled.
“What do you mean the shirt doesn't come with buttons?”
“Sir, you only rented a car and you did sign the agreement.  If you note in the small print the steering wheel is extra!”
“Of course you voted for me but now that I am here I must keep my job.  That means kowtowing to wealthy people only. Unless, wait, is that a wad of bribe money in your pocket or are just happy to see me?”
The country has been hi-jacked by big business and being held hostage by its puppets in Congress.  They have been working toward this moment for years and the current important DSP involves removing healthcare insurance FROM YOU!
Your move America.