Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Playing The Game

Some of you may notice there are advertisements on my blog.  I allow Google and some other companies the privilege of placing ads on my page in return for a few pennies here and there.
If an ad is clicked on I may be credited with the huge amount of 3¢.  If an ad is clicked and that person actually ends up using the company behind the ad I could see a few more shekels.
I will not be able to retire on the money but what the heck, every little bit helps.
But the reason for this particular post is to alert you to the fact that nothing has changed with me.  I am liberal in my views and I vote the Democratic line usually.
Unfortunately it seems as though many Google ads are espousing an opposing view.  There is no accounting for taste or stupidity.
Please click on the ads if you like but understand that they appear on my blog for merely mercenary reasons and I do not support their inane insane message.
I understand that there are many types of people out there and basically the ones I don't care to be associated with will likewise not be caught dead on my blog.  But if they take a wrong turn and wind up here I would hope they read and place civil comments accordingly.
I'd love to have a calm debate where each side is heard unlike the new normal found on cable political shows where each side yells at the same time so nobody knows what's being said and then the host breaks for commercials.
Here the commercials are embedded but the forum is open.
Let the games begin!

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