Thursday, March 28, 2019


Kids who’re disabled or have trouble in school
Those who don’t like me or call me a sad fool
They just don’t get it; they don’t know the score
They’re but a few things of which I abhor

People with AIDS or some other bad sickness
Those with no money or than me may have less
Of all these creature I ask what they’re for
They’re but a few things of which I abhor

Money that’s spent on the needy or riff-raff
Disloyalty in my party or my staff
That’s when I need a good rally or more
To forget those things that I do abhor

CNN guys
Think they’re so wise
Pointing out my lies
At this point give up boys, it’s really a bore
The TRUTH is what I abhor

Liberals, Progressives and all things Obama
Days without turmoil or traitorous drama
These are the things that I try to ignore
Cause they’re the things that I really abhor

Sessions, McCain and Jim Comey: Disloyal
Causing such grief as they all made my blood boil
I showed them all the quick way out the door
Cause they’re the types that I really abhor

Low IQ Waters and dumb Pocahontas
Go after me with their lies, making big fuss
Calling me racist, a bigot and more
God all these women I really abhor

When the Dems vote
Or I see a note
That reporters wrote
I simply remember the things I abhor
And smile as my fortunes soar!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


I am American, that I am.
An American I am, oh yes I am.
And I’m a pollster, a pollster I am
And for my poll I ask you today

Do you like the leader we have today,
Do you like him sir, what do you say?
I do not like his stench I say
I do not like him, no, no way.

But would you like him in a car?
Would you like him near or far?
I would not like him in a car
Even if it drove real far.

Would you like him on a rail?
Or on a ship that had set sail?
I would not like him, rail or sail
I’d only like him in a jail.

Would you like him in a house?
Sitting quietly as a grouse?
I would not like him as a grouse
He belongs in a cell in the Big House.

Would you like him at Sunday mass?
Or in a park with plush green grass?
I would not like him, mass or grass
He’s just a low-life, completely crass!

Would you like him at a fair?
Or on a pony or large great mare?
I would not like him at a fair
And I do not like his orange hair.

Would you like him on the stage?
Inspiring like an old time sage?
I would not like him on a stage
The very thought instills much rage!

Would you like him on a ranch?
Sitting on a tall tree’s branch
Maybe hanging from that branch
But really no, not on a ranch.

Would you like him on a Manse?
With his beloved at a dance?
I would not like him on a manse
And which beloved at that dance?

So you don’t like our leader, Don?
You say he’s just a two-bit con?
No I don’t like your man, your Don
I'd only like it if he was gone

I do not like him that I say
I rue the day he came our way
And as I said he’s truly crass
And he can truly kiss my ass!

Friday, March 1, 2019


Hate mongering:
While claiming to pray for civility in America the GOP loves to stoke the fires of hate. In order to divide and conquer America they have gone back to their tried and tested tactic of pointing to scape goats to blame them for whatever is wrong in our lives or the country. With the current racist in charge immigrants are the goat du jour even though the jerk in the White House hired them by the hundreds to work in his putrid country clubs.

The party of family values – NOT – is always talking about a war on Christmas. But while there is not any such thing as a war on the holy holiday nor has there ever been such a war in America, they are the ones that constantly go against the teachings of the religion most closely associated with Christmas! If anyone debases the spirit of the season it is the repugnant Repub party!

The current flag bearer of the Repub Party famously called Hillary Clinton a puppet after she pointed out how the man-child was doing the bidding of Putin. It has now become clear that the misogynist’s mouth may have been moving and his arms waving but the strings were definitely being controlled in Moscow.

Republican constantly point to the others claiming they are doing illegal things. But whenever they do it seems they are the ones perpetrating the evil deed. Their constant claim that Dems are committing voter fraud was laughably contradicted when the documented case of voter fraud in a North Carolina congressional race came to light this past November. How come no Repub yelled and screamed about it? Could it be because the fraud was perpetrated by Repubs on behalf of a Repub candidate?

Climate change:
Repubs claim to care about our lives and the lives of our children but refuse to do anything about fossil fuels ruining the environment. It does not take a PhD to figure this one out, THEY ARE PAID BY THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY TO DENY GLOBAL WARMING EXISTS. Of course, they don’t care since most of them are old white guys who will be dead before the Earth kills the rest of us.

Red Lining:
Since they are a minority party in America redistricting or gerrymandering is the only way Repubs can get elected. Then they keep control over areas where the constituents would normally vote for Democratic candidates by tweaking the districts even further as needed. They say they are doing it to keep things fair. Even the courts, which have been stacked by the GOP have disagreed and told them to re-map the areas more correctly. We shall see if they comply.

The most notable members of the GOP have cheated on their then current wives constantly and so many end up with 2 or 3 wives in the long run. I’m talking about you Newt, and you Rudy, and of course you dt! Many Repub voters have fallen for the ‘Family Values’ bull shit and therefore think that Dems are out to kill the family and abort every child they can. But most Dems in the public eye seem to raise wonderful families with just one husband and wife in the picture, such as the Obama family.  GOP = Family values, my ass!

Ever since the days of the GOP God Reagan Repubs have been telling Americans the lie of trickle down economics and the reason so-called job creators must be given tax breaks. They also claim they are giving the middle-class huge tax breaks. It’s funny how after 50 years of tax breaks from the GOP the Middle-Class has almost been taxed out of existence! After viewing what the Repub Party has been doing to nearly 98% of the country their catch phrase should be altered to Tinkle Down!

Many Presidents in the past helped create the wonderful system of National Parks. In fact after becoming president in 1901, Republican Teddy Roosevelt used his authority to protect wildlife and public lands. He started the US Forest Svc, 150 national forests, 51 bird reserves, 4 national game preserves, 5 national parks & 18 national monuments totaling around 230 million acres of public land!  These treasures are continually under attack by the GOP as wastes of money when it is actually the GOP that is a waste of money. So in order to get rid of the wonderful places they insidiously change regulations to allow oil drilling in them or pipelines to go through them or just plain defunding them.

Social Services:
Many years ago the Repub party created the fear of Socialism among the citizens of America. They made the word synonymous with all things that are bad and anti-Democratic. Then they pivoted to vilify all things that help society but naturally cost tax dollars. And since they would rather keep those tax dollars for themselves and their wealthy donors, they used false statistics to show our huge national debt was cause by these social safety nets. The final straw came when they gave those donors and themselves an indefensible humongous tax break that caused the National Debt to soar past $21 TRILLION!! The phony fiscally conservative GOP who claimed they cared about the rising cost of government is now campaigning to do away with Social Security and Medicare in order to pay down the National Debt and fix the catastrophe they caused!

Put all the above together and ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Repub Party: HYPOCRITES!