Monday, July 12, 2010

Point - Counter Point

If politics has taught us anything it’s that in order to get elected you must do two main things;
1 - Rail against the current system and whoever is in charge but then flip-flop and;
2 - Kowtow to the same behind the scenes lobbies the incumbent is beholding to or go home.

It is a rare person that makes it to a position of power without selling out at least some of the values the electorate saw as valuable in him or her in the first place.

Often a hopeful will say different things to different groups depending upon their affiliations.  Sadly for these hypocrites the internet with its 24 hour news cycle has exposed their altered states at every turn.  This is why the term flip-flop has been used so often in the past.

But the funny thing is a flip-flop is not generally a bad thing.  Suppose the President or anyone in power is pursuing a dangerous or just basically wrong path, would we want him to continue down the road to ruin?  I would hope not!  We would want him to flip-flop over to the right one.

Every politician does just that except they don’t have the conviction that makes it real.  For example Sharron Angle of Nevada has altered her stance on so many issues that I am surprised she can still stand up.  And even if she tries she doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

‘Privatize social security, wait, no I mean personalize it, uh you know to take it out of the hands of the Harry Reid – Nancy Pelosi liberal Democrats.’  (The previous terribly formed sentence was not an actual quote by Ms. Angle but the inferred scatterbrained insanity is all hers.)  Does she even know what she is saying?

Her rants are typical of a cornered beast gnarling at anyone who comes near.  She is trying to survive by deflecting any and every question about her fuzzy policies to those of the current administration.  This would work or at least have a chance if she would stop saying they stink and start telling us why she doesn’t!

The entire Republican Party of No is trying to deflect everyone’s attention away from their lack of substance by using the old Ronald Reagan tactic from the Jimmy Carter debate.  Every time Mr. Carter would point out something that his opponent was wrong on, and there were many things as history will show the former star of Bedtime for Bonzo would reply, “There you go again.”  For some reason that non-substantive phrase helped Nancy’s puppet win the election.

The new Angle on the Reagan tactic is to whine about the Democrats rightly pointing their fingers at the Bush administration as the cause of our current financial and economic disaster.  “When will they stop and just fix things?  They can’t because they don’t know how.  We know how so elect us!”  Perhaps that’s true but they had the chance for many years and did not even try.  What makes any sane individual think they will now?

But when someone commits a crime what is the proper time period for us to continue calling the ‘perp’ a criminal?  How long are we allowed to point our fingers at the evil doer and claim him to be the one who did the deed?

In our law there is no statute of limitations on murder.  And from the fact that the Los Angeles District Attorney is still trying to extradite Roman Polanski back from France and now Switzerland shows that we continue to point fingers for rape even after 32 years!

The bottom line is the Republican administration under the leadership of Cheney and Bush turned the keys of the kingdom over to the oil industry during the first hours of their terms.  They continued to pursue policies aimed at helping corporations and hurting the lowly middle and lower class workers of America right up until the day they slunk away.  Well Bush did but unfortunately we still see Cheney and his chip off the old block daughter defile everything that was once great about the “for the people” America.

Would that Cheney and Bush had flip flopped on some of their failed policies but I will not point my finger at them.  Even Fox News, that network with the incredibly phony self-given nickname of ‘fair and balanced’ found their own poll of ‘Best Presidents of all time’ showing Obama as number 15 with Bush ranked way down at 39!  One can only hope that the person in charge of instituting that poll likes the weather at the South Pole.  Pack your long johns pal!

Some fringe groups are saying they want to take the country back and I agree!  But we must take it back from the corporations and the big business lobbyists.  The President has to go after the issues that concern us most even if it means flip-flopping on some policies in place right now.  Stop allowing BP to dictate who can see their failed efforts at cleaning up the coastlines they ruined.  Demand that the clean up workers wear protective life saving devices while cleaning up the BP mess and don’t let BP fire them when they do.  Who the hell are they to tell Americans how to run the country???

Recently the Democrats (at least the males) have found that little sac hanging down below their waist and discovered the use of the items inside.  They are starting to fight back.  Will it be too late?  Time will tell but one thing is clear the rhetoric is about to heat up and fingers will be pointing all the way to November.

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