Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pope, Female Priests & Pedophilia

Clearly the Pope is speaking the party line when he declares female Priests and pedophilia to be of equal sin.  Unfortunately for him his party line is almost as deaf to his decreasing number of followers as is the Republican Party's.
Both entities espouse a tenet of "just say no" although the political one will change when and if they become a majority.
As for the Vatican they are missing out on a fantastic opportunity of bringing in more members from which to gain power and money.  The World is comprised of more women than men and to summarily close them out because of some old fashioned beliefs not based in fact is so much more than absurd as to border on insanity.
Of course as a happy non-catholic I am on the outside looking in and frankly couldn't care less what the richest man in the entire history of the world wishes to do with his flock.  But really sir, how many rings can you wear at one time?
If he were to seek the council of a few wise men he might open up the doors and the opportunities to women.  We've already seen what a mess the male priests have made of things as they try to alter boys into men.
Singer-songwriter Helen Reddy had a hit single entitled, "I Am Woman" in which she roared her rebirth into society.  I do not profess to have her talent but I can put words together on occasion.  This is one of those occasions and it's dedicated to all people and groups of the world who feel the need to suppress the female of our species, such as the Taliban and many other so-called religious sects.
Your fear is unfounded and your principals are in error. Your demise is written lest you change your incredibly stupid ways.

I am the vessel from which springeth forth
All manner of offspring East West South & North
I quietly nurture, I rear and I train
Our children to grow strong and sing life's refrain
Without me the Planet would sadly go bare
But churches continue as if they don't care
They must soon adapt; they must learn our true worth
For if not heaven help us there's no future for Earth.

It must sound naive but I have one question for women living in or under suppressive leadership - WHY?  Rise up; speak up; revolt or leave!  How can you live under such stupid regimes knowing how superior you are to your supposed masters?  Supplant or replace them and start anew.  The world; your children; and society will thank you for it!

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