Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ghouls R Us

I have long known that you don't want to joke with some business owners about the trade in which they work.
Many years ago I had a wonderful but smallish customer who would call once a month like clockwork to place an order for 500 yards of a fine sateen fabric.  The customer was in the casket business and had been with me for years.
I was always impressed with the fact they he used such a nice and expensive cloth to line the inside of his product since it was not going to be seen for long, at least not by the living.
One month he called and ordered 1,000 yards and I was shocked.
"Wow, a double order! What happened?"
"My business really picked up."
"Gee, that's too bad."
Long story short the man had no sense of humor and I had lost a customer due to mine.
But he was a legitimate businessman providing a needed service and making a fair living doing it well.
That brings me to a different type of creature that makes money off the dead, the insurance industry.
While some insurance is needed in our every day lives there is no denying that the industry has become filthy rich preying on our fears and hiding from our claims.
But the latest scam being perpetrated on the families of unsuspecting patriotic men and women who have given their lives to protect America is downright ghoulish!
If a serviceman or woman is killed in action and there is an insurance policy on that soldier the underwriter must make the payout.  But the law does not say they have to actually give the money to the family, merely make it available.  So they hold on to the cash and invest it and collect interest on it and maybe even loan it out at a nice rate while the grieving family sadly sorts out their next move.
Who would do such a disgusting immoral thing?
The Prudential Insurance Company has had the governmental contract for life insurance policies for our military for years and has had plenty of time to hone their skills at making money off the dead.
A law suit to is currently being pursued  states that Pru is making over 5% on the money they cleverly hide and invest while actually handing out less than 1% - on amounts of around $400,000!
Making money on the dearly departed by tricking those left behind is not illegal but it should be.  However based on what we've seen from Congress over the last few years good luck making that one a law.
So if you know anyone in the awful position of having to bury a loved one gently remind them to add policing their insurance carrier to their long list of things to be done.
And sadly in America - That's no joke!

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