Saturday, July 17, 2010

Absurd But True!

There is an old joke about a woman who lost both her first and second husbands to accidental poisoning.  But when she was arrested for killing her third husband with a vicious blow to the head she claimed as her defense, “He wouldn’t take the poison!”
Kimberly Boone went shopping a few months ago and while she was out her husband, who was sleeping at the time nearly died in a house fire.  Authorities suspected the fire may have been the act of foul play and questioned Ms. Boone.  They let her go without any charges when nothing could be proven.
Now Kimberly is in court again because her husband was shot and almost killed in his garage during a supposed attempted burglary!  At least that is what Ms. Boone told authorities who arrested her for the attempted murder.
Just yesterday a jury of her peers (?) in Winter Springs, Seminole County Florida found her not guilty.  She actually admitted in private to the attempt on his life while publically claiming to have had amnesia during the event.
One can only wonder how the idiot Mr. Boone who knows who shot him will finally meet his maker.
A word to any wise married men out there, do not move to Winter Springs Florida!

In 1989 the award winning Broadway play, “Driving Miss Daisy” hit the big screen.  The original star, Morgan Freeman reprised his role alongside Jessica Tandy who replaced Broadway’s Dana Ivey for the film.  All three of these people were wonderful and Mr. Freeman received critical acclaim for his roll in Daisy.
The original story revolves around an African American male who works as the chauffeur to an old wealthy Jewish woman who can no longer be trusted to drive herself around.  The relationship between the two begins as slightly strained but ends as one of extreme respect and Platonic love.
A story as good as this one deserves retelling.  And a revival can be a welcome event as long as it is done well.  Unfortunately now appearing on Broadway in the role of the aging Jewish woman is the world renowned Israel-hating, Anti-Semite, Marxist piece of human crap known as Vanessa Redgrave. 
I believe this linked article says it all except to ask the geniuses of the Broadway stage and the producers of Hollywood one question, if you decide to do the life story of Elie Wiesel will you morons cast Mel Gibson in the title role?

The great grandson of Alexander Graham Bell, Kendall Myers was convicted of spying for the Cuban Government and sentenced to life in prison this week.  Mr. Myers worked in the U S State Department and had access to classified documents although it is unclear what information if any he compromised.
One wonders if he was caught by using wiretaps.  If so would A. G. Bell have approved?

In California, one of the states hit hardest by the economic downturn it was revealed this week that one of their public universities paid Sarah Palin $75,000 for a 40 minute speech. Universities across the country should get together and pay her more to not speak!
But before there was too much outrage California officials reported that as a fundraiser the school made far more money than they paid out in fees.
It was also assumed that having Ms. Palin speak at a university of higher education may be used as a warning to students of what can happen when you choose to be totally ignorant on all subjects concerning mankind today.
Ms. Palin who has made a personal fortune even though many consider her to be a total idiot unfortunately has a large following but then, as Gump would say, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

And finally to show that Forrest Gump knew of where he spoke a Pew Research Poll shows that most Americans think the Bank Bailout bill was enacted and then signed into law by President Obama.  I guess like Ms. Palin they do not have the time nor the inclination to use the 10 seconds it would take to find out that the bill was totally in place before President Bush left office.
Do these people actually dress themselves?

And heaven help us, that’s just the news from today!

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