Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poem by a Lazy Good for Nothing (Per the Republicans)

Just had another interview
I think that it went well
Nice people, place and modern too
To work now would be swell

They ask if you'll work Sundays
I guess I do not mind
It is a job and it pays
One of few that I could find

In six months my home office
Is set up for to use
Commuting then I won't miss
That time I will not lose

I feel I have been punished
And tossed away in haste
My brain is just not finished
It's a terrible thing to waste

So if I get a call back
At this point that's a perk
My life can get back on track
And I get back to work.

Can't wait to make some money
Give the economy what it lacks
Because you know it's funny
They'll take a chunk in tax

Stay tuned to this here website
For news if news there be
And I will shed the true light
Of what's in store for me.

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