Saturday, July 10, 2010

Guns and Rosaries

Remember when Mae West chimed in with her famous (infamous) quip, “Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”  She was far more prophetic than she might have believed.
Nowadays the gun lobby that owns a large portion of our government no longer worries about concealing their intentions.  If there is a gun in your pocket that’s cool, but if not then you are at a disadvantage.
The tipping point came when larger than life libertarian-like actor activist Charleton Heston aimed his chariot at gun control.  His rallying cry of, “From my cold head hands” became anthem and the movement has not looked back.
Recently Louisiana Governor and puppet of many corporate interests Bobbie Jindal signed into law House Bill 1272 which is affectionately known as the “Gun in Church” bill.  It effectively allows the carrying of concealed weapons into churches of any faith.
Faith in what you may ask.
Certainly it would seem if you feel compelled to carry concealed killing weapons into the church of your choice then faith is not your utmost concern.
Bobby Jindal is no stranger to hypocrisy as he continues to demand the Federal Government clean up his coast line from the massive oil spill while fervently advocating the continuance of drilling in the same area without demanding implementation of proper safety measures.
All in all those two points are similar.  They are both concealed weapons of mass destruction and they are championed and funded by the totally for profit industries that also fund Mr. Jindal and his party.
The cold hard steel facts are guns do kill.
When children point their fingers and pull a make believe trigger nothing bad happens.  But if you place a gun in their hands they are suddenly spouting second amendment rights.
Unfortunately gun control would hurt many industries including ammunitions manufacturing and funeral parlors.  The unemployment numbers would rise.  Republicans would point to that as counterproductive.  Of course, as they have shown recently once those people were on unemployment they would automatically become lazy good for nothing drug addicts using public money to fornicate.
The bottom line is normal law abiding peace loving citizens of this country are in way over their heads in the fight against the piece loving Neanderthal gun lobby.
Their new slogan should be,
“Is that a gun in your pocket?  Then I’m happy to see you!”

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