Friday, July 30, 2010

Personification of Two-Faced

In a debate or even just a normal conversation we may use many different methods to get our points across.
We could use subtlety; "I'm a little tired right now, I'll wash the dishes later."
We could use sarcasm; "Don't pick up your clothes, I like stepping over them."
Or straightforward talk; "I want you to do the dishes and pick up your crap from the floor!"
Depending on the people involved each method has its place in society.
What shouldn't have a place in society is constant outright lying!  And more importantly it must never be rewarded once it is found out for what it really is!
Congress has deteriorated into a hall of roughly 40% lies.
The first truth is the Republicans are not in the majority for the moment and they don't like it!
In order to change the numbers they have resorted to a clever scheme of bait and switch except the product they are selling is a lie.
Here are a few examples of their latest absurd statements:
1 - Uncertainty is killing small businesses and they need clarity!
2 - They need to know what the government is doing about the deficit.
3 - Government spending is out of control.
4 - You cannot raise taxes in a recession.
5 - Extending unemployment insurance is welfare for the lazy; an incentive to stay home.
6 - Our military heroes and their families must be and taken care of!

Many of the above statements are nothing but rhetorical crap being spewed directly from the Republican talking points memo board.  They are used in response to actual legislation proposed every day by Democrats in Congress hoping to help the people of this country get back on their feet.  Points 1 through 6 and many more are given as reasons to block any and every bill that comes up for a vote in DC.
And since so many Americans get their news from the Fox channel which is a 24/7 propaganda arm of the Republican Party and the Tea Party Armey (not a typo) they have no idea how bad things will get if they vote out the Democrats.

Here is a group answer to the points noted above.  You may take whatever part of the following and match it up against the talking point of your choice.

The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy must be repealed.
This is not a tax increase but rather a wrong being righted!  It is a move back to the fair rate that was in effect before the war mongering team of Bush & Cheney gave the keys to the city, I mean nation to big business and big oil and Saudi Princes and on and on and on…
How can the same people who are using the deficit as fodder for their demands to curtail spending also want to give over one trillion dollars to the wealthy?
When confronted with that fact Republicans and Friends answer - you cannot raise taxes in a recession.
But the recision of the Bush tax cut does not raise taxes on anyone earning under $250K per year!  And on those lucky enough to earn over that amount it is a gradual increase and they know it full well!
And speaking of taxes how about changing the rules on that fake church all the crooks of Congress use for their not so secret liaisons?  The retreat known as C Street is labeled as a religious house so as to shield it from tax.  Start paying your fair share of taxes on that property!
You have to stop spending because government is too large is a great phrase but it does not even begin to tell the story.
The Republicans want to stop spending on the low and middle classes calling anything these people make entitlements.  But they will overwhelmingly vote to increase military spending especially when much of it goes into the pockets of their best friends.  Companies like Halliburton and their famous CIC (Crook in charge) reaped huge rewards in obtaining no bid contracts under the fiscally responsible friends of big oil and lobbies everywhere.
And speaking of entitlements millions of Americans are supposedly sitting on their asses doing nothing to help society.  They have no jobs and want handouts from the Federal Government.
This great campaign speech is as blatant a lie as just about everything else the so-called ‘right’ spews these days.
The same people who are out of work now due to the awful state of our economy worked for most of their adult lives pouring tax money into a system that if the Republicans had their way would ignore them!
And the same people who are benefiting from the Bush tax breaks and the bailouts and the Party of No’s stonewalling tactics are the ones who caused the economic crash with which we are now struggling.
But the best lie of the right was exposed this week by New York Representative Anthony Weiner when he passionately railed at the Republicans for their latest blockage of all things human by voting down aid to the sick and injured volunteers of 9-11.
They wanted to be able to tack on amendments to the bill knowing that they would pass on the coattails of the main item.  But when the Democrats refused to allow any pork to be added to the simple, direct, straightforward bill the Republicans balked.
The original bill was merely and simply aid to the 9-11 workers in need – DONE!
The Republicans basically said to those workers and heroes – DROP DEAD!

The Republicans have followed this path of 'no' with one goal in mind, taking control of Congress.

Why do they want this so desperately?
Because they do not give a rats ass about the people of this country.  All they care about is power, the retention of power, and the money and influence that flows along with that power.

They say the Democrats did only bad things for the country in the two years of the Obama administration.
Like what?
Giving the poor a chance at health care?
Attempting to rein in Wall Street and the bankers who are already scheming to do it again?

Hasn’t the country seen enough of these phony bastards to understand where they are coming from?
Isn’t it clear that the wealthiest greediest among us are pulling the strings and the Party of No will do everything in their power to help them make more money while we wallow in despair?
If the Republicans take control in November this country may as well replace Old Glory with the corporate flag of the month.  December could be BP month followed by the NRA in January etc.  They’re already lining up!

The Republicans are as hypocritical a group of people as the world has ever seen.  (If you don't believe that Google Senator Grassley and find his speech about Death Panels for one.)  And how they can continue to pull the wool over the eyes of so many in this day and age of the internet and the 24/7 news cycle is beyond me.  In a way they must be commended for their staying power.
One can only hope that they are finally found out for what they truly are by the majority of voters before it's too late.
I hope for the day when some intelligent people not only pull back the curtain on these hypocrites but tear it off its rod and throw it away forever.
They want transparency?
Their evil methods ARE as transparent as they come.

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