Sunday, July 11, 2010

Had a Nice Vacation Congress?

I try not to post anything too self-serving since I am not asking the world for help.  But I find myself in quite a  quandary these days and it does tend to get annoying so...
The news reports daily on the fact that around 10% of Americans are out of work.  But of course the number is higher if you take into account the discouraged out-of-work people who are fed up with the fed response and are no longer even bothering to waste time looking for employment.  This group is doing the Republican minority a great favor as they are the ones pointed to as being lazy.  They are not but any foothold the 'Party of No' can gain in the upcoming races is fair game.
And it is a game to these set-for-life Cretans.  Our politicians don't know what it's like to be in need.  And frankly for the most part they don't give a rat's ass about those who are in need.
The Democrats say that they are for the people and want to help but when they took control of both houses and the Presidency their balls receded so far up their bellies as to lodge in their throats!
The Democrats allowed the minority Republicans to dictate the terms of the recovery.  And in doing so they ceded power as surely as if they had not won an election since Bill Clinton.
I am in that first group of lookers for jobs so to speak.  I go to job fairs and on interviews even though they appear to be wastes of time.
I am overqualified for many of the positions open but am willing to work at them!  I know my talents can help any company smart enough to take me on.  The fact that my previous company was too stupid to know that is not my fault.  They wanted only 'yes men' with long tongues willing to kiss and lick, well you get the idea.  I hope they are happy.
But while I am searching for my lost youth and a job it would be nice to have some help from those we foolishly elected to lead the country out of this recession.  You know who I am talking about.
As I write this those so-called leaders are on vacation.
That's nice!
With millions of Americans scrounging for food these dilettantes are drumming up more bribes from oil and gun lobbies.
When I was working and about to go on vacation I made sure I did not leave any important business hanging in the balance.  And before these unfeeling sub-human types left for their tax-payer paid vacations they had a chance to vote to help the unemployed masses of the country.
Here is the tally on that vote:
In Favor of extending help by giving back some of the tax money collected from the unemployed citizens of America all the years they worked - 59.
Against giving back some of the money these despicable bastards use as salary - 38
Too chicken shit to even vote but truly against the bill - 3
And the one thing to note in the above is the fact that our high school math and knowledge of logic and fairness are worthless in the face of a 59 to 41 majority LOSING THE VOTE!
Well there is another thing to note - Ben Nelson is an honest man! None of these people in DC want to give any money to anyone other than themselves or their loved ones and Ben broke with the traditional Democratic theme of helping those in need by siding with the Republicans.  I may despise you for betraying so many people but at least you are being honest in your hatred for them!  Bravo Ben.
As I said I don't want anything for nothing but let's not forget that I have been paying into the Federal coffers for over 40 years.  I have paid a far higher percentage of my income than did any of the bastards in Congress who voted against the bill.
Our tax laws are quite a bit bent toward the wealthy and they know it!  Ask Mr. Warren Buffet about the tax laws in this country.  He'll admit they need to be fixed since he noted that his secretary paid more in taxes than he did.
I hereby make this statement which unfortunately I know can never come true but...
If Congress would stop the bullshit and get the economy going - Raise the tax rate on the highest income people in the country in a fair way (progressively increase it) and stop the g-damned lies then I will be happy without unemployment checks!
In other words get the country back on track and you can keep my measly money.  My reward will be seeing the American economy flourish once again.
If that happens I may also be among those getting a job.
And with a job comes consumer confidence.
And with consumer confidence comes consumer spending.
And with consumer spending comes corporate profits.
And with corporate profits comes more bribes for the self-serving bastards of Congress!!!
Hey, it's a win-win-win!

Just to be clear I am still in the Democratic camp. Unfortunately the camp seems to be devoid of any elected politicians these days.
I realize that the Republicans are orchestrating things and the Dems are falling for it but come November unless the Dem camp starts to fill up with incumbents it will end the year with far less and that will be a loss for all American humans.

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