Friday, July 23, 2010

Deflected Again

In the continuing fight against truth; justice; and the old American way another woman was kicked, soiled and thrown to the curb this week by one of the lowest of the low creatures this country has produced.
By now just about everyone has heard of the story of Ms. Shirley Sherrod so there is no need to reiterate the sordid details herewith.  But one thing is clear the culprit and evil mastermind has for the moment been allowed to slink away back into the shadows he so loves.
And with the media continuing to call this the Sherrod case we do both this woman and the cowardly perpetrator a dis-justice.
We should bring the entire case out into the open and praise Andrew Breitbart for successfully taking the country's attention away from all the real problems we have in America and creating one with his criminal defaming of a good woman.
This man deserves to be brought out into the light and given his due!  And not just by the Fox network which was all too happy to propagate the lies he produced by editing and broadcasting that video.
Fox took the unchecked, untrue, story and made it their top breaking news story on each and every one of their equally phony news shows.
And the orchestrated ballet continued even after the truth was made known.  Fox and cronies did their usual about-face by demanding to know why the Obama administration fired this poor woman!
The evil Breitbart who must be brought to justice and made to pay at the very least with a 'defamation of character' lawsuit knew exactly what he was doing when he pieced together his video and sent it on to the foxes.
But more than just going after another innocent law abiding citizen this low-life and the network that craves his type of handiwork have managed to waste another week that should have been focused on getting America out of the current recession.
While everyone was watching and talking about this phony video Elena Kagan was confirmed as the latest Supreme Court justice; The financial reform bill was passed and signed into law; an extension of the benefits for out of work Americans was passed (without much help by the Republicans or puppets of industry like Ben Nelson.)
These positive stories had to be hidden.
They had to be moved off the front pages.
No one could know that the President was successful in getting another few pieces of his agenda through Congress.  That might show him and his administration in a favorable light and the 'right' cannot have that!
So instead the 'right' driven media focused on the negative story.
Fox and Breitbart knew and expected the media frenzy over the plight of this one woman.  They knew exactly what course of action the story would cause.  After all it was not the first time they had done this type of immoral if not criminal act.
Fox and cronies orchestrated the ACORN take down as well as blocking many individuals who if not for the filibustering Republicans and special interest lobbying efforts would today be working in the Obama administration helping America move forward.
If President Obama does anything good during his first four years in the White House the Republican; Fox; Tea Party; Radical Right plan is to bury it!  This game plan has worked so far and there seems to be no reason it will not continue to do so in the future unless America wakes up to the deception.
Will these creatures of the night win?
Success is in the eye of the beholder.
Every battle has a winner and a loser.
Unfortunately every time the 'radical right' or the cronies at Fox or evil minded morons such as Breitbart win human beings lose!


Mark Surks said...

The first clue that the story stunk should have been that it was broken by Dumbart.

Cousin Bruce said...

Laugh Out Loud - (Your comment deserved the full spelled out phrase.)
Dumb Bart or Breit bart If they are associated with Fox they must be lying idiots.
Thanks for the comment Monsieur Surks!