Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Charlie Brown Never Gets to Kick the Ball!

Like a "B" movie rerun the Democrats are trying to figure out how they fell for another cheap political trick hurled at them by the scum on the 'right' side of the aisle.
Taking an old video with Ms. Shirley Sherrod explaining a key moment in her life's development and editing out some key parts of her speech some low-life criminal type by the name of Andrew Breitbart made it sound as though this caring woman was instead a terrible racist.
Breitbart, who himself is obviously a racist and should not be confused with Bright Bart of the Simpsons since he is not that good had months to work and rework his evil task.
When it was finished he sent it to, who else but Fox News!  They were all too eager to expose anyone associated with the Obama administration and as usual did not bother to fact check.  Facts only get in the way of a story anyway and when you have people like Limbaugh and Beck and oh so many others who don't even know what a fact is the idea of checking is moot.
Of course the Republicans and especially the extreme right wing-nuts are all over the Obama administration for firing the poor lady.  "How could you do such a thing?"
The crocodile tears, make that crock of shit tears by all the righties including Breitbart was to be expected and probably part of the plan should the truth be found out.
But truth be told the real question is why does anyone ever listen to anything these 'chicken little' cry babies on the right say?  When will the grown-ups of the Democratic Party realize that the minority Party of No is just out to get back in power and they care not who they smear in order to do so.
The Democrats should start using the old Reagan tactic and when confronted with such inane stupidity just laugh, snicker and intone, "There you go again."
And if pressed just bring up all the previous bogus scandals they produced from ACORN on and also ask how many of their members are set to travel the old Allegheny Trail using Rent Boy to carry their bags?
And while they are taking off their shoes and socks so they can count past ten bring back Ms. Sherrod!
Hey guys we've all seen this movie before.
How about giving them two thumbs down!  

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