Monday, July 19, 2010

Tower of Power

For all intents and purposes the Lighthouse Project that could have revitalized the area around and including the dilapidated outdated Nassau Coliseum is dead.
Admittedly it was a broad-minded large scaled project that bordered on unrealistic but since when has that stopped us from trying to make the future better than the past or present?
I'll tell you since when - since small-minded power brokers such as Kate Murray got in the way.
It is normal to want to reshape anything we own to fit our needs.  We may then say, "this is mine."
But a politician does not own a town!
A politician is in place to do what's best for the area he or she represents.
And when that politician loses sight of those simple facts it is time for that politician to slink away!
When the smoke from the war over the project clears the Nassau Coliseum may well house a Shinnecock Indian Nation Casino.  And although I doubt there will be, a room should be dedicated to Ms. Murray.  Hopefully it will be one of those housing toilets.
With Hofstra walking distance away from the inevitable Murray Casino I can envision many students being tempted to lose their loan payments on tribal tables of chance.
And using the Atlantic City Boardwalk as an example I can also envision the neighborhoods surrounding the casino turning into slums as money is siphoned out of the area and into the pockets of those few in charge.
Sound bites are the only way to grab the attention of political minds these days.  So here are a few chronological limericks concerning the soon to be former home of the Kansas City Hockey team formerly known as the Islanders.

Developers all have an itch
To invest and thereby get rich
But plan as they will
It may all come to nil
When it's stopped by a small-minded bitch.

Wasted time and potential's a sin
As no side in the battle gives in
For the project Lighthouse
Wang and Murray both grouse
Hempstead's caught in a trap with no win.

Progress has now hit a wall
As Kate Murray has just screwed us all
The Lighthouse is through
A casino is due
Power's blinded this small-minded troll.

I can think of one more limerick.  It starts, There once was a woman named Kate...
I won't continue it but it's a good bet the Shinnecocks will finish it.


1insight said...

Shame is only 18% of TOH residents voted in 2009 and she got 65% of that 18%

Cousin Bruce said...

Thanks for the statistical comment. Good insight!
So only 12% of the residents of the Town of Hempstead voted for her?!?
One eighth of the people who live here elected this woman and now she is screwing 100% of us out of a modern future for the area. Well I guess we get what we deserve!
Now if she would only stop sending out her inane flyers telling us how great she is maybe the town could save some money.