Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holy Shit!

And I mean that literally!
Since I do not wish to make any reader queasy I will try to leave out most of the gross sounding information about this important story.  You may read all the facts by clicking here. And I suggest you do because it is amazing.
In a nutshell a doctor of gastroenterology, Alexander Khoruts of Minnesota had a patient with an uncontrollable problem that was incapacitating her to the point of near death.
Her disease, normally associated with cholera was caused by a bacterial infection in her intestines that was proving to be resistant to all normal treatments.  She was unable to retain any nutrition and was losing weight at an alarming rate.
As a last resort Dr. Khoruts hit upon the idea of a transplant, but not a usual one.
Rather than remove and replace a possibly damaged part of the patient's body he chose to add something of her healthy husband's, his bacteria!
He did this by mixing some saline solution with, here it comes, her husband's stool.  The good doctor then delivered the resulting mixture directly into the woman's colon.
The result?
Not a trace of bad bacteria in her system.
You can truly say that this couple has got their shit together!!!
And the procedure even has a name.  It is known as bacteriotherapy or the less modest but more descriptive name, 'Fecal Transplantation.'
The cured patient will now be subjected to a lifetime's worth of her husband claiming that not only does his not stink - It's medicinal!
And once again all I can say is Holy Shit!

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